J: Baby dolphin entered Walmart and slowly looked through the various flavours of Powerade. You see, blueberry was delicious but Creed found it incredibly moreish, and in this recession, Baby dolphin could not afford daily Powerades.

M: Baby dolphin believed that raspberry would be a good option to go with. It looked like it may have a nice sour kick to it. Baby dolphin collected its PowerAde and stood behind a woman in the queue to pay. Baby dolphin may be a serial killer but Baby dolphin must keep profits going to Powerade companies. At the counter, it picked up a packet of batteries.

J: The neatly dressed woman slowly swivelled around. Baby dolphin politely nodded and continued to stare into space. But Baby dolphin could feel her penetrative gaze on it.

M: The woman's mouth was agape as she stared at Baby dolphin. It felt like she was stealing its soul. The woman on the till called her over. "Next!" She did not stir.

J: Baby dolphin could not deny; the tension was rising and it was increasingly awkward. The woman showed no manners as her eyes (which were behind red glasses) continued to stare. Baby dolphin had had enough.

M: Baby dolphin shoved the woman to the floor and she fell with a magnificent thud. She did not struggle. She did not move. Blood ran down her face. Baby dolphin swaggered past without a second glance. The woman on the till screamed. She stared at the woman, lying still on the floor. She glanced at Baby dolphin, clutching raspberry Powerade and AA batteries. She screamed.

J: Of course, Baby dolphin paid no attention. She was a mere woman who did not deserve any of Baby dolphin's precious time. Basil and Creed's whinnies could be heard from the car-park. They were obviously impatient. Ever since Baby dolphin had bought them a chariot, they were always raring to go. Sometimes Baby dolphin would wonder what would have happened if it wasn't for Tyler.

M: Baby dolphin exited Walmart and entered B&Q. It needed more paint for the chariot. As it browsed the various reds, trying to find a match, it passed a poster on the wall. It read "Wanted, Walking Dolphin. Suspected Of Murder. Call 01189998819991197253." Baby dolphin did not see this. A fellow customer did.

J: With shifting eyes, Baby dolphin picked up a rather large can of … -Maroon Lily. "Wow" Baby dolphin thought. "These people have the weirdest names for paint." Satisfied that the chariot would suit Maroon Lily, Baby dolphin casually walked towards the counter where about a dozen people were lined up. "Gosh people really don't have anything better to do now-a-days." With a tilt of its hips, Baby dolphin leaned against the counter.

M: Baby dolphin clicked and squeaked at the man behind the counter. The man pushed a button under the desk and slowly backed away. "That's odd." Baby dolphin thought and seeing as there was now nobody on the counter to take its money, Baby dolphin left the shop with Maroon Lily paint in its flippers. The alarm went off as Baby dolphin exited B&Q. Police men appeared and caught sight of Baby dolphin. Baby dolphin ran. The Police Men chased it. Baby dolphin ran, still holding tightly onto the Walmart bag and the can of paint.

J: Baby dolphin's confusion set in when upon entering the multi-storey car-park, Basil and Creed were no longer tied to the tall white post adjacent to subway entrance. Sprinting towards the opening of the shopping centre, Baby dolphin passed numerous bicycles and cars who would swerve out of the way. Could they not understand Baby dolphin was in need? Baby dolphin was slowly coming to terms with what humans called "blisters". Its flippers were constantly rubbing against the warm, hard tarmac. The humans had built a weird cross road with several levels. Jumping onto the pavement, Baby dolphin continued sprinting downhill. Maybe there would be a taxi down there? Curiosity overcame Baby dolphin as it took as glance down over the railing, at the road beneath. A grin spread across Baby dolphin's bottlenose face; looking behind at the stampede of Police Men and their vehicles, Baby dolphin lifted itself up over the railings and let gravity do its work. The Police Men let out a collective gasp, as many ran to look over the railing. There, beneath them, was a gleaming chariot pulled by two muscular horses and, on top, their wanted dolphin. (Pink Floyd – Speak To Me) Baby dolphin grinned as the radio crackled to life.