Chapter 32

"Perfect, just perfect," King William laughed as he entered the throne room with two guards, noticing the carnage done.

"What are your orders, sire?"

"Clean this mess, throw the bodies out," the sovereign said as he snatched the crown lying on the ground.

His servants executed his wishes to the letter, disappearing shortly afterwards and leaving the monarch alone.

The chamber was very cosy, he thought as he placed the crown on his head and seated himself on the cushioning throne. He felt like he was in heaven, closing his eyes in a moment of dreaming.

Flickering lights surrounded him, dispelling the magic he was using all along, revealing none other than the jester. The fool who managed to fool the lords and usurp their positions. He was the true winner of the campaign, his plot finally coming to an end.

Various were his tools he had employed to ascend to his new spot, but he had to admit that the most useful one was Worg.

He merely pulled the strings. Play the weaker in the partnership with Zafario. Pretend to be a clown in front of everyone. Bribe guards. Befriend bandits. Instigate an assassination of a foreign prince. Appeal to Zafario's lust for power. Bring Amania into war. Sow chaos and cause unrest. And, of course, manipulate Worg to succeed where he could not.

Zafario had been right when he had said that he had never issued the command to murder Tadeus. It had been done on the jester's whim. It had been him who had navigated the Silverian by hate.

However, Worg was long since gone now and wasn't coming back. There was no way the Silverian could be told. The gamble was over and the jester had won on all accounts. The Kingdom of Amania was his.

He rested on the throne with glee, feeling invulnerable in his position. Though he couldn't deny that if Worg had learned the truth... He couldn't even finish the thought as he shuddered in a moment of fright.

However, he promptly realized how unbelievable it sounded. Would he ever find out? Absolutely not, the jester silently answered himself. It was unlikely. The game was certainly concluded there.