In the morning I look for the sun because at times it feels like it's still night.

When I'm walking life's tight ope, I get a lil off balance but I still try to get right.

I struggle and I strive but I still try to move that mountain.

So much pressure I take it feels as if my back breaks and I'm sweating a fountain.

I can't stop because then I'll fall behind.

No way can I let that happen, then things won't be fine.

It's a never ending road, forever twisting and turning.

My body is ice cold, but the harshness of this life is forever burning.

Every time I stand or think I am.

I open my eyes to realize I am still lying on my back, such an infuriating mishap.

What it takes to get upright, I'll truly never know.

A place of beauty and peace I know I'll truly never go.

Yet I still make myself imagine it all.

Looking over everyone from a castle that will tomorrow soon fall.

I keep my eyes open and I just let my mind roam.

Lonely I am always, I just let my mind go.