You were on top

The Pretty Queen

You thought nothing could touch your

Pretty little life, your

Pretty little friends, your

Pretty little KING

No, no you had it all

You had your own fucking kingdom

{No kingdom is complete without an enemy or two}

You were b/i/n/d/s/i/d/e/d

(By her)

You didn't think he'd ever {dare} leave you

Baby, you were in your own fucking ivy tower

He was t-i-r-e-d of you

But no one gives up a QUEEN

{He just found a Princess to call his own}

So let's recap:

You have your own-

Pretty little kingdom

Pretty little friends

Pretty little KING

(Oops, he's not yours anymore)

Pretty little heartbreak

Your ivy tower was knocked down

By a Princess-sized wreaking ball