Name : Mirror Image
Genre : Mystery
Length : 1500~ words.
Prompt: Original Idea

Oh no, not again.

I know that wasn't the first thing I should've thought to myself whilst being woken up on a concrete floor by a blinding white light making it too hard to keep my eyes open. But it's what I thought. I started shuffling my hands all over my body, checking my pockets for my phone. Right side, nope. Left side, nope. Back pockets, nope. Wasn't in my bra either. I couldn't think of where I might've put it. Heck, I could barely remember where I was the night before. I didn't feel hungover, I just had a sore neck and back from the hard floor. I must've just passed out somewhere in the house is the only conclusion I could make in the shattered state I was in.

The place I was thinking of was Jan's new-years party. I didn't know Jan that much as I'm fairly sure I was a random girl in her contact book. But I had fun (as evidenced by where I woke up). I didn't remember any real specifics, admittedly, but at the time none of that mattered. I thought it was new-year's day! Time to get drunk and act like a moron so you can forget about how awful the previous year was. I didn't really take into account at the time the logistics of getting home that night or if I was dressed too openly and risked a random drunk coming at me. But I think I'd've remembered that in the morning. The last thing I remembered with perfect clarity was watching my old boyfriend walking away from the party with some random tart as the year changed. He didn't linger in any way I'll tell you that.

After what felt like an hour of feeling around on the floor around my body I decided that the square meter or so that I could reach didn't have my phone, bag, or anything really. I pried my eyes open with what little power the fear of losing my phone could grant me. roof. Oddly unfamiliar roof. Dangerously unfamiliar roof. Rain-drenched wood wilting away. Every bell in my head started ringing at that point when the scope of the situation became apparent. I quickly bolted upright…
...Not taking into account my soreness and was met with sharp, almost electrical pain down my spine. I immediately clasped my hands over my mouth, not wanting to make anymore noise as not not alerts anyone who was around. Then I just sat there: taking in my surroundings.

White painted brick on all four walls. Broken up by boarded-up windows from the inside. The paint was chipping from years of neglect and the anarchists of the youth managed to break their ways in and graffitied all over. Nothing I could decipher. All black and red squiggles dancing on the brickwork. The roof had collapsed in various places and left piles of ancient-seeming timber all over the floor. The sunlight through the holes was whiter than anything I'd ever seen. Sunbeams streaked all over the room, illuminating the thousands of dust particles in the air.

I pulled myself to my feet. Looking around for an obvious way out. The room was relatively large yet there was only a small single-door in the back corner. It was slightly ajar, not letting me have a good look into the room. None of my possessions could be seen.

Thousands of hours of terrible daytime TV shows flooded my head with ideas of how I could've wound up here. Thoughts of kidnapping, drunken nights gone wrong and missing-persons reports all overwhelmed my thoughts. I never thought it was actually real. I mean, I knew it happened - but it's a far cry from what things actually happen in my little bubble of existence. It didn't make sense. What would someone want from me? I don't have enough to my name to justify trying to get rid of me. I didn't try to make enemies. I just tried to get by. But logic can't be used to to decode the kind of person who would do this. I might've just been an easy target that night.

I was interrupted rather violently by the door in the corner creaking open and revealing a very smartly dressed woman with a face that was clearly stunned to have found me, She looked like she'd been there much longer than I had. Her hair was knotted, dirty and in an absolute state. Her dress was ripped down one side almost all the way and seemed to be holding together out of pure magic. There was a large bruise on her neck on the front that looked fresh.

Naturally I let a small yelp of fear when I first saw her causing her to likewise panic. She darted forward and this time I found my mouth being covered by her hand. She put her finger to her lip in a shushing movement and mimed for me to quieten down with her other hands by slowly lowering it. I quickly bit my lip and when she moved her hand away I asked the first thing on my mind.
"Where are we?"
She put her hand on her neck bruise and tapped it lightly then, without saying anything, walked into the other room. I decided trying to get a word out of her was pointless so I just followed slowly. Making sure to only step on the concrete below me and not on any of the rubble piles.

The other room was a near-clone of the previous one. On other doors apart from the one we entered, the roof was broken in different places and one of the windows wasn't covered by more than a rug hung above it. There was also a surprisingly intact and expensive-looking mirror in the opposite corner of the door I couldn't put my finger on how I recognised it. The girl jogged over to it and pointed to it like a child. Clearly trying to get me to look into it. From a far nothing seemed special and as I walked closer it was till just a flashy piece of glass. When I was close-enough to see myself I took a long stare: I was in a good condition, my make-up was still fresh. My dress was in the same condition it had been the previous night and if I didn't know better I would have said it had been cleaned recently. Even my hair didn't seem like I'd spent the night on the floor.

Then, out of the blue, she grabbed my wrist and forced my hand into the mirror. In the split-second I thought I was going to shatter it but instead it remained intact. As sturdy as a block of lead. Like a television lurching into life the image of my gormless expression was stripped away and it cut away to something different. I was still in the frame, still dressed the same as I was now, but it was no reflection. Suddenly how I recognised the mirror made sense. I was staring through the bathroom mirror at Jan's same lay-out, the same teal walls with the dodgy tiling. I remember it from the party. In the picture I was laying over the sink, ragdolled with a large, sharp object sticking out of my back. I was dead. The clock on the back-wall was hard to decipher but it was around the one 'o'clock mark. No one else was around, so either the party was still going on around me or the party had totally cleared because of me.

Lurching forward in some vain attempt to fall through the mirror I slammed both palms against the mirror and this time it did shatter. Completely obliterating my chances of seeing anymore as it cut right back to reflecting normally. None of the shards did any damage as they showered all over my lower arms, in fact they all bounced off like little rubber balls without as much as a graze. There was no way that was possible, something like that should've left my hands in a blooded mess, not as if I'd just pulled it out of a warm bowl of water.

I turned around to look at my, friend? I guess I have no choice in the matter of being stuck with her. I took another look at the bruises on her neck. It was almost a perfect rectangle like something large and heavy impacted it hard. Her resistance to speaking became apparent. She wasn't choosing to ignore me as I can imagine something like that would do a lot of damage to your vocal chords. She looked faintly embarrassed, having just had to watch me have a total freak-out for a moment. My next thought was to check myself for similar - quickly picking up one of the larger shards and positioning it so the reflection can see the center of my back.

There was a decently-sized hole in the back of my dress and presumably the back of my body. I panicked when I saw it and dropped the piece. I'd just about had enough of this at this point and just felt like dropping dead. Again. My friend at this point had pulled aside the window that was only covered by the rug and was sitting on the ledge of the empty window-frame. Outside was void, nothingness. Just plain-white as far as the eye could see. I took a brief instant to take the sight in. This pair of rooms was being suspended by forces that in most circumstances would be surprisingly impossible. I gave up. Sat down next to her, and started making small-talk.