(Streets of Tokyo)

Team Haymond were running away from the giant robot Namiko was piloting, with said robot going after them while unknowingly destroying a lot of buildings as it went after them.

"How are we gonna get out of this one?!" asked Asphodel.

"I don't know, just keep running!" replied Hayden.

They continued to run until they met a dead-end, one which was apparently big enough for the robot to fit in. Hearing some giant footsteps, the team turned to see the giant robot in front of them.

"If you won't become my husband willingly not unwillingly, then you leave me no choice." said Namiko from inside the robot, lifting the foot before continuing. "If I won't have you, then nobody else will! Not that you have any other girls in love with you other than the blonde."

"Well..." uttered Hayden, scratching the back of his head as he blushed a little.

"Oh now you're giving me more reason to squash you!" said Namiko in an angry tone.

Team Haymond screamed and hugged the person near them, with them waiting for the inevitable... and instead hearing some shooting. Opening their eyes, they saw some planes piloted by their parents shooting at the foot, with the robot reacting by the foot and jumping up and down in pain.

The mini-planes then went to the team, their parents getting out and coming to them afterwards. "Mom! Dad!" exclaimed Hayden in joy.

"It's a good thing we managed to arrive here in time." said Clement as the team and parents separated. "Come on, get inside the vehicle so we can kick that girl's robot where it hurts the most."

"Dad, I think she can feel when the robot gets hurt." replied Hayden as he and the rest walked in. "If you hit it, she will also take damage."

"Then we'll kick harder!" replied Clement in a determined tone. "Come on get in, It's time for the last battle."

The team and parents did so and, flying up in the sky, the mini-planes shined a golden color as they shouted "Aspho-Ranger 5000, unite!", transforming into body parts of the robot.

With said parts reassembled, they then united each piece with piece, until they had completed the giant robot itself, which did a pose as a huge explosion happened behind. Inside, the team and the parents had apparently gained new white outfits, with lines of their favorite colors appearing as they walked to the control panel.

"This is gonna be awesome." remarked Diamond.

"Yes Diamond, yes it will." agreed Hayden.

(Random Deserted City)

The robot fell down and then looked around. "Huh? What happened to Tokyo?" asked Hayden in confusion.

"Oh, a girl and boy glowing blue and orange appeared and changed the background to a desert while you were too busy transforming." answered Namiko, taking a battle stance before continuing. "Anyway, are you done yet?"

"Oh yes we are!"

"Just what I wanted!"

The two robots rushed towards each other and engaged in a quick-paced battle, which was ironic considering they were so big. On the side watching the battle was Becky, who looked a little worried.

"Shouldn't we do something about this?" asked Becky, turning to see nobody on her side. "V?"

"Look up Becky."

Doing so Becky spotted V transformed into a jumbotron. "Why didn't I saw that one coming?" asked Becky to the reader, before turning her normal clothes to ones a random announcer would wear, along with a microphone on her hands. "And we're live in 3, 2, 1!"

(Back in Crown Town)

A giant Jumbotron appeared in the Middle of Crown Town, being big enough for everybody to see. "Where did that jumbotron come from?" asked Miss Gabler, who was walking with her daughter when the Jumbotron happened.

The next were most of Crown Town, but specially Bassett, Kusuma, Aisling, Eleazar and the Alpha Girls, with the former three taking care of the latter three. "It's Team Haymond and Asphodel!" said Kusuma in joy.

"So they are okay!" added Bassett.

"But what is that thing they're piloting?" asked Aisling.

"It's the Aspho-Ranger 5000." answered Eleazar.

"The Aspho-what 5000?" asked Aisling, Bassett and Kusuma in response.

"A giant robot designed by Asphodel, though for what reason is unknown." explained Eleazar, turning back to the Jumbotron. "Clement and the other parents went to Tokyo with it for the last battle, and as we can see, It's already starting."

"Go Team Haymond go!" shouted the Alpha Girls in excitement.

(And at Tokyo)

Another jumbotron appeared, this time in various parts. The first one was in the Y.D.C, with a special close up towards Namiko being made as Tomi and Toku came out and spit their coffee at the sight. "Is that, Namiko?" asked Tomi in shock, exchanging looks with his wife.

The next was in the Cybot-Con, the close up once again being done as Team Neganu spotted it. "I sure hope those kids give that girl a good beating." said Hanaru.

And next was the prison, where Lady Pom and the men who kidnapped StarBurst were the only ones to notice and pay attention. "Meh, It's better than do nothing all day." commented Lady Pom, with the men nodding in response.

And finally was the zoo, where the same thing happened while the Zoo Worker and StarBurst watched. "Hey, It's that girl who was a temporary worker here." uttered the worker before noticing Namiko. "What is that girl doing piloting a giant robot?"

(Back at the Random Desert City)

The two robots separated and started to exchange punches and kicks. The Aspho-Ranger 5000 did fine, but Namiko's giant robot did way better; it delivered punches and kicks at such a high-speed that the Aspho-Ranger 5000 could barely keep up with it.

"This has gone, ironically, for long enough!" stated Namiko.

Jumping high in the sky, Namiko pushed a button which made both hands of the robot turn into punches, aiming them at the Aspho-Ranger's 5000 head as it fell down. Once the collision happened, a huge explosion occurred that obscured the view of all the watchers.

Once the smoke dissapeared, everybody saw Namiko's giant robot standing victorious while the Aspho-Ranger 5000 was in pieces. This view shocked all the Crown Town Citizens and Japanese alike.

"Are you ready to accept defeat?" asked Namiko as she saw the weak kids and parents get up, or at least some of them try to get up. "Be honest, how can a robot you barely got to use today is gonna work against my robot? Which I have fixed, updating and testing since I was young?"

Back in japan, Tomi and Toku heard what their daughter said, reacting kinda appropiately. "She has done what?!" said Toku before running to her police car. "We gotta intervene, come on Tomi."

"I don't get it, you said that used a lot of you robot's energy." said Asphodel. "How come your robot isn't stunned or even mildly slowing down?"

"The robot has It's own unique source of power." answered Namiko.

At the core of the robot, Mei was seen running on all four in a giant wheel, which was powering the robot. "Say whatever you want, this training will keep me healthy." told Mei to the viewer without stopping his run.

Back with Namiko and the defeated Aspho-Ranger 5000, the girl opened the cockpit and jumped to the control panel of the Aspho-Ranger 5000, falling in front of Hayden.

"Namiko, you might have done a lot of awful things, but for some reason I can still see good in you!" uttered Hayden. "Stop with this madness and give up, maybe we can talk this out!"

"Or we could at least try to find you a new boyfriend." added Diamond.

"Guys, I'm crazy, reasoning doesn't work on crazy people." replied Namiko. "And besides, even if we discussed the new boyfriend thing, the only boy I want with me is Hayden-Kun."

"But why Namiko? If you wanted to love him, then why did you do all this?" asked Asphodel, with the girl looking shocked for a moment before Asphodel listed the next. "You put the blame on Lucy on everything you and your henchmen did, you manipulated the perspective of things to get her sent to somewhere worse, effectively tried to kill her and Kiki and a lot of other bad stuff I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to know about."

The girl then got a stern look and tone. "I don't care about that!" replied the girl in exasperation, hitting the giant robot with her own as she continued. "Just surrender and give me my Hayden!"

"He doesn't belong to you, Namiko! He's a human person with feelings and emotions, not some furniture you can destroy and replace!" stated Asphodel, restarting the robot before another attack connected. "And after what you did to him and all of us, you don't even deserve our sympathy!"

Having heard enough, Namiko grabbed Hayden and went walking out of the panel control.

"Now Hayden-Kun, let's go back to your home, you new permanent home." said Namiko as she dragged Hayden, with the boy seeing his defeated family and friends as the girl continued. "I have an adorable maid outfit just for you, but if you don't feel comfortable I can make a hybrid with it and a tuxedo."

"I'm, not gonna stay here." uttered Hayden as he got up.

"What?" asked Namiko before turning the robot again, lifting the foot on top of the helpless team and parents before continuing. "I would choose a more careful set of words to repeat, unless you wanna see your family and friends turn into grape juice. Now what is that you said?"

"I'm not staying here!" repeated Hayden, hitting Namiko in the face and throwing her to a wall before taking charge of the controls and initiating the self-destruct sequence. "I'm gonna go back to my real home, Crown Town, as far away from you as possible!"

With the self-destruct sequence activated, Hayden jumped back to the head of the Aspho-Ranger 5000, who restarted and hugged Namiko's giant robot tightly so it would be stunned. With that done, the team went to some escape pods, which left just as the sequence number reached 4, making the robot explode instantly for some reason.

(Streets of Tokyo)

The escape pods hit the ground and everybody came out of them, looking around to see no falling debris of the robots and that Tokyo had returned to normal.

"Hey look, Tokyo returned to normal." remarked Hayden, looking around.

"You think?" asked Diamond.

Just then a giant monster that looked like a certain kaiju appeared out of nowhere, attacking one of the towers in the city before receiving an attack from a giant robot with a Z on the top of It's head. "Yep, pretty much normal." stated Rodney in a matter-of-fact tone.

Then Namiko and Mei hit the ground nearby the team, gathering enough strength to stand up and seeing a familiar boy and girl flying down to the team. "It's the duo who changed Tokyo into a wasteland!" exclaimed Namiko.

"We showed the footage to all of Crown Town and Japan." answered V, the girl and Mei reacting with panic.

"And even if it was a little anti-climatic, I think everybody is satisfied with the results, specially with what's coming next." added Becky before pointing at the streets.

Everybody turned and saw a bunch of police cars arriving at the scene, with many officers coming out and taking out some ray guns, aiming at Namiko and Mei.

"Namiko Kaneko, you're arrested for collateral damage to the city buildings on your walk here, the destruction of a castle that was in civilian property of the living proof of dinosaurs, manipulating the police officers to arrest an innocent, A good deal of destruction towards the forest near a hotel and illegally building a giant robot in the basement of your house." said a random police officer as Officer Wong, Officer Chang, Tomi and Toku came out of a random police car.

"Building a giant robot is illegal in Tokyo?" asked Rodney in surprise.

"Duh, unless It's authorized by the cops and scientists, but that happens rarely." answered Officer Chan, taking out kid-sized handcuffs. "It's absolutely illegal for a child to build it, let alone test it. Adults don't have to worry as long as they have an idea of what they're doing."

"Before you arrest me, I request something." said Namiko, getting up and turning to Hayden. "I just wanna know one thing."

Namiko walked to Hayden, giving him a stern look before hitting his face with her fist, getting handcuffed before things intensified. "Why did you played with my feelings and emotions, Hayden?!" asked Namiko as tears.

"I didn't play with anything, I just said I liked you as a friend and you simply misunderstood that as me saying I was in love with you." replied Hayden, looking down with a sad look before continuing. "I am mostly on the blame, seeing that I never specified, but YOU were the one who did the interpretation. I never wanted this to happen, I just wanted to make a new friend, but I got off-the-rails and fell in love instead."

"Look Namiko, I'm not really that experienced with romance-"

"No kidding!" uttered Lucy in irritation.

"But if I had meant that I loved you when I said that I liked you, there Isn't really anything you have done so far that would not have disturbed me." continued Hayden. "You could have gained a little more closer to me if you hadn't taken this to the extreme."

"You're scolding me for something that was your fault?!" complained Namiko, trying to break free.

"Hey he already said that you exaggerated what he told you before!" replied Lucy, walking to the girl with a stern look. "Don't you go try to put the blame on him for this whole mess!"

"Okay stop it already, we gotta take this kids to the Y.D.C and you have to go back to your home." said Tomi as his daughter as taken away. "Have a good day."

With nothing else to say Tomi and Toku left, the police officers returning to their police cars and taking Namiko and Mei with them before leaving the scene, the rest of the team going to the airport to get their plane.

(At the Airplane)

"Okay everybody and new passengers, the plane was upgraded, now it will only take us 3 hours to get to Crown Town instead of 3 days." informed Hayato to the passengers before leaving, returning to say "Thanks for listening." before leaving again.

The plane then flew up, initiating the flight back home. "Well, this adventure has finally ended." uttered Asphodel, who was with the rest of the adults. "Now we can go back to our house and enjoy the rest of summer like all the families that are here."

"You mean having crazy adventures after crazy adventures?" asked Clement in curiosity.

"...Probably." replied Asphodel in a quick tone before turning away.

Meanwhile with the the kids, everybody was talking about something or simply taking a nap. Everybody except Hayden, who was getting ready to do the latter when Lucy arrived and sat nearby him.

"Hi Hayden, how's it going?" greeted and asked Lucy.

"Just here, relaxing because all of this mess is finally over." answered Hayden, closing his eyes.


"Yes Lucy?"

"I need to tell you something." said Lucy, getting the boy's attention and opening his eyes. "After what you went through and all of this mess, I don't really think I should but if I keep it inside me any longer...I don't know what I will be able to do."

"I...I..." stuttered Lucy, blushing as she said "I love you." in a nervous tone.

"Pardon me? I'm pretty sure you're supposed to explode at this point." asked and said Hayden, thinking as he didn't noticed Lucy's blush intensifying. "Or maybe you're supposed to repeat it, I'm having a bit of trouble remembering stuff."

"I have a crush on you! Alright?" exclaimed Lucy, slightly startling the boy before she changed to a more serious tone. "I have loved you since we met in kindergarten. I don't know if it was your appearance, your personality, the way how you managed to hold me down like I had gone out of control...but I fell in love with you, and I have hidden it for all of these years...I just thought that in this adventure I could tell you about this but then everything went out of control and...I had to say it here."

"...Lucy, after everything I have been through, I don't really wanna get involved in romances until I'm at least a teenager." replied Hayden, with Lucy looking slightly saddened about the fact. "But that doesn't mean we can't go on dates or act slightly more than friends, if only a little."


"Just as long as you don't make me remember this adventure, I'm fine with it."

In extreme joy, Lucy hugged Hayden tightly, making the boy panic a little. "That is what I mean! Don't do that again."

"Sorry, I got carried away."

Looking far away, Diamond got a happy look before getting off her seat and going to the place where Asphodel was; with the rest of the adults. Being skillfully ignored by the adults, Diamond managed to get to Asphodel and get her attention.

"What is it Diamond?" asked Asphodel.

"Lucy finally confessed her love for Hayden to the boy himself!" told Diamond to her older sister, apparently loud enough to.

Asphodel remained silent with a surprised look, taking a deep breath before breaking said silence. "Saki! I think the peanuts you gave Diamond had too much salt in them!"

"Sorry! I'll bring you peanuts without salt in a minute!" replied Saki.

"There's no way my daughter would have a crush on that Hayden boy." refuted Mrs. Wayne, crossing her arms.

"Well I think It's rather cute, if a bit sudden." commented Wilbur, earning an angry glare from his wife in response. "Oh come on, don't act like you were the dominant in our relationship."

"I didn't hallucinate it from the way too salty peanuts they gave me, I saw her confess her love to Hayden just a moment ago." assured Diamond. "You need to believe me."

"I believe her." stated Wilbur.

"But Wilbur-!" the woman immediately shut up when her husband gave her an angry glare.

(3 Hours Later, Back in Crown Town)

The family had arrived back at their home, immediately going to their houses afterwards.

"Well, we're back home." commented Clement in a relaxed tone, exchanging looks with Margaret and Asphodel before turning to the twins. "How about we go to the backyard?"

"Yeah!" said Diamond in joy.

"Good idea, spending sometime outdoors is gonna be a lot of help for the stress I'm going through now." agreed Hayden, grabbing his head and groaning in slight pain.

The team went to the backyard, where they were greeted almost immediately by a bunch of confetti raining down on them and a lot of their friends coming out of the hiding place, shouting "Welcome back!" before applauding.

"Umm, what's going on?" asked Hayden in confusion.

"While you were away we made this party to greet you when you came back to Crown Town." explained Eleazar, who walked to the team with confetti on his head. "Do you like it?"

"Of course we like it! We love being back in Crown Town!" said Diamond, everybody cheering afterwards. "You know what they say, Home Sweet Home."

Some music started to play as Hayden started to sing.

Home, sweet home,
That's how the saying goes!

Home, sweet home,
Let it take you, let it flow!

'Cause we're back, and we're here to stay!
Back to mischief and days of play!

Home, sweet home
How we missed you~


Where the heart is,
That's where your true home lies!

Where the heart is,
When you fail all your tries!

You can always come here when you're down,
Just remember to turn around!

Where the heart is,
Will be with you~


Arms wide open, always with you!

Always strong, will always stay true!

Whether you're related or not,
Family's the truest home that you've got!

What's in family,
Stays with you~


Roof above your head,
That's your house, your home, your sanctity,
Roof above your head,
The safest place in humanity!

But when it comes crashing down,
It makes you want to frown!

But the roof above your head,
Will stay on top of you!

Everyone started to stare at Asphodel awkwardly.



"Nothing...Brett, solo, go!"

Just then Brett Johann poped out of a random bush, randomly carrying a guitar. He stood up and simply uttered "Okay." before playing said guitar and singing along.

(Brett Johann)

Near and far,
That's where you home will be

Near and far,
Whether or not you can see

It's something more than walls and some windows,
It's more than neighbors or weirdos,
Near and far,
You're still you~!


Home, sweet home,
That's how the saying goes.

Home, sweet home
Let it take you, let it flow!

'Cause we're here, and we know why
We either drop, or we fly!

Home, sweet home
How we love you~

(Hayden and Diamond)

Home, sweet home
How we love...you~

The End