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The Beginning of the End


'Time: 4th January, 3001 ac.

Place: Earth

Project file: #70

Description: The Earth is destroyed. Because of one virus. Kempton's Virus. It was suppose to be the cure of Cancer, but instead, it killed people. The Mankind is destroyed. Only five people survived all around the world. In midst of them was the founder of the new civilisation, Dr. Ferdinand Lawrence.

He found the new world. He created the city. The Lawrence City. The new hope. Huge amount of Plutonium and Radium was gathered for the city. The amount gathered was enough for the power supply until the city is made habitable.

New plants are introduced. Wind Mills and Hydel power sources are generated. We hope for a better future.

Signed: Kepersky Jack.'

The woman, who was reading the file, placed it in her bag. She slowly walked out of the room, crossing the bunch of huge and muscular guards whom she knocked out with a few punches. She squeezed herself in to the air vent and crawled towards the end of the vent. She reached the end. She slowly took out her screw driver and opened the propeller. She slipped through the place, successfully, in one piece. She landed on the ground with a soft thud. She looked up at the quarter she just left and gave a smirk. She gave a small salute before deactivating the bomb she placed in the quarter. She casually climbed down the wall and entered a dark alley.

Three figures were waiting for her. She walked up to them.

"Dragon. Spider. Master" She uttered the names.

"Rise," The figure named Master said. "Angel. You have the file."

"Yes Master," She said. "I do. What next?"

"Burn It." Two words, enough for every one present there understand that the revolution starts with it.

A 19 year old girl slowly opened the door of her house, wishing that her legal guardian, her sister was asleep and be totally unaware of her late night curricular. The lady luck sadly was not on her side. Before she could reach her room, a sandal was thrown at her whom she caught anyway.

"You are late, Kierra Moss" The thrower said.

"So what? I'm sorry that I was late. Won't happen tomorrow." The said girl replied.

"Any way go back to sleep!" The thrower said as she yawned and walked back to her room

Kierra locked herself in her room. She slowly opened her shirt and took a good look at the injury. She slowly bandaged it. It was a deep wound.

"Being a revolutionary is not easy dear" Kierra said to herself before going to sleep.


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