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The Fayes had made their existence known to the human kind as mere fiction; a perfect illusion to conceal their real form, protect both race and keep the balance in tact. Over the years, they have learned to blend in, yet it was a question to them as to why do humans think that Fayes could harm humans. In a way, it was the truth, but it had always been the ones who do not follow the law. Just like in the human world, there are criminals roaming all over the Fayes' realm. It is the reason why the Council was formed; to purge both worlds of the filth their kind has inflicted.

"Bro, can you not stop blessing every single room in this dorm with your bodily fluids?! You're making a mess!" Kiyome bashed her brother repeatedly, almost breaking the mop she held in her hand.

"Ow, ow- could care less about- OW! SIS IT HURTS!" Kusama complained, raising his arms in defense.

"I will cut off your other head, then." She glared down at him.

"Okay, alright! I'm cleaning up!" He grabbed some doily and scurried to get away.

"You better or I will call Yura to do my statement." It was when his expression turned sour. He knew very well what his sister meant.


The headmaster just cannot bring himself to believe what he heard from the lady."I'm telling you, my child will go to Fullmoon High, not Halfmoon." She stated, her soft voice confident and sure.

"He does not possess weakness or fear and I know that much. Why would you send someone as such to that place?" Disappointment is evident in his tone.

"He needs to learn things. That is the best starting point I can see."

"Please do reconsider what you're saying..!"

"Would you rather him deviate with your good students in his state?" Silence. "No? Good. Then he will start at next week."

"Only if he will attend missions with the Halfmoon students I assign him to-" The condition went ignored as she went on, leaving him not knowing if she agreed or not.

"He's going to descend in six hours. Send your Fayes to get him."

He was supposed to be used to the ship's appearance but everything were all transparent, except for the bodies in the capsules. Of course, this was to be expected since it was made of glass. He can see the space along with the heavenly bodies. His padded right hand touched the glass wall and tried to feel its lukewarm heat.

"Y'know…I might sound crazy…but master didn't named you yet, did she?" he sighed softly. There was a slight movement that he was all too familiar; ones that he notices whenever he talks to himself. He smiled at this saying, "I'm sorry for damaging you every time Sven and Faiv gets out of hand. I never wanted to hurt you, you know?" A part of the glass his hand rested on had liquefied and it began to slither alive, coiling itself around his arm. It was almost like a child hugging its parent, it amused him to no end. "How about I give you a name?" The seemingly melted glass had uncoiled, dancing in the air like splashing water. "You want to have one, huh? Okay..." He began to think of names as he ran his hand on the glass wall, with it reforming. "Aristarchus?" The glass slinked to the floor slowly. "Leticia?" It slinked further. "Sorry. Sounds otherworldly, I know." He sat on the floor in defeat. "How about Scear?" The glass coiled around him gently. "Then Scear is your name from now on."

"Sweetie, it's time to go." A mellow voice called, coming from a woman's silhouette. "Oh." As she approached the child, her form was revealed; wavy indigo tresses complimented her now body in mid-twenties. The eyes she lacked were never a hindrance to take in what was going on, much more about how her 'child' feels.

"You're going to school, sweetie."

"Four years or so, no? It's not going to be as bad as the other worlds I've been in...right?" He looked up to his 'mother'.

"I'm a witness to it. You might even want to stay there forever, for all I know." She caressed his padded hand.

"...I'll go."

The silvernette straightened up his back as he walked towards the spell gate. His twin definitely made him clean the whole dorm entirely. It was exhausting, but the amusement he brought to his friends were more than enough to cheer him up. Four in the morning just had to be the time to meet up a transfer student with Itsuki. Not that he was complaining.

"Hey, bestie. How much do you know about our new fellow?"

"He has a different kind of defect, from what the headmaster told me." The werewolf pondered about it. "And that out of us all, I'm the one who could understand him the most. Maybe he's from some kind of half-race or something."

"He?" That got his interest. The other details went from his one ear out to the other.

"Don't even think about it, Kusama." He slapped his back playfully. "He's a newbie and you know newbies are off-limits." He climbed up the tree near the gate.

"So when a year is over, I can tap his ass?" He grinned, leaning onto the same tree.

"Seriously, is that what you all think about?" Itsuki could only sigh.

Active as Kusama's Incubus side might be, but it was only a little part of him that keeps him going. His vampire blood mixed with it was considered one hell of imbalance; what he thinks as something that should never be awakened. Ever since his father went rouge, he denied his race of the responsibility to take over the throne.

His kind of mix made him good enough to pass off as a human.

A gust of wind caught them off guard, blinding their sight for a second.

'What the-?!' Itsuki fell from the branch he was sitting on but he landed in Kusama's arms just in time.

"At least, that guy could've given us a warning shot." The prince clicked his tongue in annoyance.

As the cloud of dust cleared, the new student revealed himself.

"I'm sorry for the trouble I caused."

It was the moment that time stopped for the silvernette.