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Many had hated him for what he revealed countless of times. He was used to it; the wound heals over time and his existence taught him that. "Don't worry, Itsuki. If you're going to treat me any different, it's fine." Kaze said as he changed into his black sweatshirt. "I can never judge you." Yet the hurt keep piling up in him.

"No, Kaze..." The werewolf could only stare at the floor. "Nothing will change."

A suffering at this level...it wasn't fair.

"Why do you have to do that? You're hurt."

"It's better to hide it rather than to show it and get hated for it. The reason goes two different ways, Itsuki."


"I reveal myself, they think I'm a magnificent creature. It's all admiration but the moment they know about the ability you possess, they hate you." The worst of memories resurfaced...that's what he had all throughout his life in the Midst. "I have so much, it hurts them. Badly." But he wishes nothing for it to be changed. "Some become afraid, some become greedy...most are out to get me." He lets them think what they want.

"Is that why you're here? To be able to control what you have?"

"...it cannot be controlled unless I do that. Or anybody in my stead for that matter. Especially when I'm not the person who you knew any longer."

'How could someone so beautiful think of one's own identity as a bane?'

Dead Oblivion.That name, he was not in origin but where he is now, he is Kaze Hiyorino.

Hopefully, the realm he could remain in might be the Fayes' Realm. He wasn't like anybody who claims to have seen everything. He had seen things, a lot, deeming it that he had traveled and lived for a long time. It wasn't enough, and he didn't want to see anymore of the things he had seen before. For the things he does thought peaceful, he was always the villain.


He cannot be a hero...he cannot be such.

Nobody would understand.

"EH? THE NEWBIE STILL HAS A WEEK BEFORE GOING TO CLASSES?!" The werewolf nodded at Kusama's obvious dismay.

"That's what his mother said. He needs a lot of coping up with everything here. That and he wants to catch up with all lectures and laboratory classes." The silvernette's eye twitched.'Catching up on all that?' They had long began on those and what the kid wishes is definitely going to lead him to a comatose. Lectures were given to those who could understand the information and process effectively wherein Akitori is good at. The term Laboratory is not what it literally stands for. That is what their missions are called, something that is more based on experience type, for someone such as Kusama, Itsuki and Len. It was usual taking both classes to students who are in Halfmoon -Yura and Yurara being the basic exception since they take up both despite being students of Fullmoon- ;there must be something wrong with the transfer information.

The poor kid might not survive.

"I feel sorry for him." It was genuine as he thought of the scary professors. He shuddered at that alone. " I really do, bestie."

"Me too, but I think he can do it." Itsuki said with a cheery tone, thinking positively as always. "We just cheer him up all the way. He definitely wants all the moral support he could get." He pointed out as if it was what the raven really needs.

"I'm trying my best not to be a downer, but a week? It's still harsh. Why not let him attend classes soon?"

"I dunno, could be pride or something." He shrugged.

The sounds of sharp steps putting holes into everything heard reached Kusama's ears. He knew who was approaching, and it pissed him off. The familiar red hair was blown by the wind, and the features of its person showed firm will.

"Yurara." Kusama groaned. "Will you stop wearing heels? It's cutting my eardrums off when you walk with them on. It feels literal already than it originally is." He picked his 'abused' ear with his pinkie.

"You're different." Yurara recoiled from Kusama with an 'Eww don't even' expression.

"Uh, nope. No way. Still flirting here and there. What gave it away?"

"With you behaving, I might believe that you are actually trying to be a good boy. The next thing we know is that you might go to take up Lectures or attend your classes in the human world." She snorted. "Though the thought of you doing that, even if it would do Kiyome a great favor, I can't process it. Too weird for a perv like you."

"聞こえないさっ, 冬桜 。"* Kusama rolled his eyes as he walked on, Itsuki sighing at their exchange. "Behaving? Absurd." He mocked.

"Tch, showoff."

"O-Oi Kusama! Wait for me..!" Itsuki followed Kusama. Kaze was following, only a meter away. For a moment, he thought someone was watching him. 'Just my imagination, I guess.'

A spark of malice was evident somewhere in the Atmosphere.

"All too easy."

Grinding metal matched the grey eyes .

"I'll see you soon, Kitty."

The snapdragons are blooming out again in the Faye spring season. The grasshoppers were still as if they were never alive. Existence in Faye is much like the borderland of most everything. Death. Life. It was pleasant, to live in middle. The Midst is different. It reeks of nothing but utter loss. Death is final, they say.

...the black moon that rose on the very crimson day...

...laughter of insanity rang out throughout the field...

...his beloved fading before his eyes...

...loss of reasons...

…scream of agony…

Nothing ended there. Here, it was more peaceful. Foreign, but it gives him the time to process with how their world flows with so much life. He wanted to learn. He wanted to last.

"Hey, Itsuki!" A cheery voice called out to them. His padded hand was taken by his guide and was led to a green haired teen. Pale skin never looked so pretty until now. All he could see is different shades of green on the boy's clothes -seemingly satin at that- , with small crystals that added to his elegance. The smell was familiar, much like the ones in the Forest Harpys, only more damp earthly. "Who's the kid? Is he the new student?" His topaz eyes looked wide at him, bubbly feeling building up and he doesn't know why.

"Yep, and apparently he's not that used to this environment. I could use a help with helping him." The way they talk made him think of two suns shining.

"O...Oh good! I'll be more than glad to~!" The green haired teen smiled at him with bright mirth. He knew the other hesitated. "I'm Akitori Tsukami. I'm a Faerie." Now he understands why he smells that way. Faeries have wings, and they are the most fluid in flying. It bothered him a little inside, not seeing them present.

"Do you hide your wings as well?" Kaze asked.

"I'm…not that strong enough to have them." To Aki, the question had been always like that, and the answer haven't changed. He wanted to be strong, strong enough for revenge of his family's death. It was the reason why his current refuge is the Black Rose dorm. Its reputation for housing the weakest and most dangerous students was justified. Those two types huddled together; it was a rare occurrence. They proved that they could work together just fine. It wasn't that long ago a memory but even parts as such were cherished. 'But…as well? He hides his wings?' He failed to notice it if it really was present at the moment. "If you have yours, why don't you take it out? It will hurt if you kept them hidden." Aki said, worried. "Hiding them for so long is a bad thing. If he clips them, even worse. He needs to stretch them out every now and then. The blood flow will be cut, and his wings will most likely-"

"You don't need to explain it so detailed, Aki." Itsuki sweatdropped at his babbling. "He'll be alright." He turned to look at Kaze who was still looking up with what could be identified as…curiosity?

"It will not move anymore unless the blood circulates again. Like dying." The raven said. "And the transformation would be forfeited." He added.

Aki's eyes gleamed as if he found a treasure. "The transformation starts from the spine."

"Several rune strings are connected to it and the acceleration in the core-"

"—depends on how slow or fast the fluctuation of energy for full transformation!" Aki hugged the kid tightly in pure excitement. "Oh blessed runes, he's fluffy brains! Thank you for introducing him to me, Icchan!" He cuddled him more, rubbing his cheeks with his own.

"Fluffy…brains?" He blinked, not minding the cuddle. Brains are not fluffy, but slimy gross. "Icchan?"

"He means to say that you're cute and intelligent." It was amusing, how Aki found a friend in Kaze. "And that," Itsuki smiled, "is what he calls me from time to time."

All the raven felt is warmth and he is starting to like it.


"Itsuki, Aki…have you guys seen Kusama?" A deep voice asked. The raven's ears twitched in hearing a new voice. He turned only to see a redhead, probably much older than Aki or Itsuki. His skin was darker and his build strong in form. His senses were flooded by the smell of dry land and sun. Gold, red, brown…all the colors of the apparel he wore blended greatly.

"Yurara dragged him to his Laboratory earlier."

"He won't pass at all if he keeps on cutting classes."

The three of them sighed.

"The sun must love you so much." Kaze could only say, his stare not leaving the man. Their eyes looked at him, and he shifted his foot aback. Did he say something wrong?

"Why do you say so?" He knelt down to be the same level as the raven.

"Because it kissed you so much, you're tan. And it left its smell lingering on you." Honesty is clear, yet how he said the words seemed to be new to them. "Is it a bad thing to say?" he asked.

"No, it's just…"

"Len, your nose is bleeding."

"This is Kusama's fault, that guy."

"You too, Itsuki!"

"Ah! This is embarrassing! Wait—you too Aki!"

"Do you all need to go to the doctor?" Kaze asked out of concern, wiping their noses with a piece of cloth.

"W-We're good!" They said in unison, wailing defensively. The sense of stupidity struck them late but the raven never seemed to mind.

"All of you are weird." He felt that bubbly feeling in his gut again. "Weird…but warm."

Len got nudged by Itsuki a little bit strongly with his elbow. He coughed, "I'm Len Akamori. Sorry about earlier."

"Hiyorino Kaze." His eyes changed color, different hues tainting it.

"You have new playmates. That's nice, kiddo."

"Nice, nice, nice~!"


"What wouldn't I give to touch them?"


"Will you all just behave? You make my head hurt."

"Tame, your head is our head, and our head is our host's own."

"Our stay here will be the nicest, as I deem it be."

They failed to hear what only he can hear...for now.