The year is young,

The future is bright,

The old year has taken flight,

The new year's bell has rung.

Past memories settle in our minds,

New memories promise appearance.

Rejoice, peoples of all kinds!

Behold the newborn year's reverence!

The promise of new beginnings

Within the world rings.

The year, like a newborn child,

Shows itself, at times quite wild.

With a loud cry the old year passes into history;

The fresh year calls out in victory.

Time continues its constant play,

The world has lived to see another day.

Celebrations around the globe

Begin in rapid succession.

Time passes on its temporal robe.

Earth begins a new orbit session.

So, unto you all a happy New Year.

May your resolutions remain ever clear.

Blessings be countless upon your dwelling place.

And may God bestow upon you His grace.