Red, White & Broken

No matter how beautiful, busy, perfect and important a place is it is destined to end up in ruins.

For a long time this moving towards a place being in a state of decay proceeded at a rate slow enough that places ruined in a way that no one noticed as people got used to places being in five percent ruin, then ten then twenty before soon it's slap bang in the middle of deterioration and then people just accept that, that particular place is beyond help and there's no point in trying to help it now as it wouldn't help.

However of course there are people who decide that a particular place is worth protecting from despair, half of these are deemed not worth it by the Government and half succeed, but there efforts, to an extent, are worthless as it does not prevent them from decay, but delays them from that process.

And so it seems that no place is safe from the omnipresent forces of dilapidation.

Also, much like the increase of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, the people on the planet and advances in, well, basically everything it is human habit to increase not only the itself but the rate in which it increases and so this concludes my introduction of 'why everything is almost certainly going to be destroyed' and probably the most educational entry into this journal:

'Red, white and broken'

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- m1sse