Danny and Kylie werre the second ones there to arrive at Applebee's. Ryan, Keith and Linda were waiting for them outside with jackets on and Ryan waved them over once he saw his friends.

"Hi, Keith, Linda," Kylie told the two young children.

Keith and Linda gave them a silent nod to return the hello.

"They seem to be shy today," Ryan said, "which is not often they're like this."

"We understand. Have you heard anything new about Danny's mother?"

"None," Ryan said when they saw Jessica, Gloria and Frank head their way a few minutes later.

Gloria waved to them.

"Let's go in now before the place gets busy," Frank said as his stomach began to growl.

"When was the last time you ate today?" Gloria asked her brother.

"Twelve o'clock. I don't eat snacks much during the day."

"Dad would eat all the way through the day," Gloria reminded him.

"I know he would. I'm not crazy about eating all day like he and Scooby were. I don't want a doctor to put me on a diet if that happened," Frank said once the gang walked through the doors. Danny opened the door as Kylie, Gloria, and Jessica walked in first. True, women and children were always first. Danny, Frank and Ryan had always acted as perfect gentlemen when it came to girls.

The girls thanked him as they walked up to a redheaded college man in his mid – twenties.

"May I help you?" he asked in a friendly tone of voice.

"We'd like a table for six," Gloria said.

"Name, please?"

"Danny Blake," Danny spoke up.

"It's going to be a fifteen – minute wait."

"All right."

Then he went to seat a couple with a baby in the woman's hand. The baby was a girl, so the man picked up a booth for the baby to sit in. The couple got a window seat not too far away from where the gang were waiting.

Fifteen minutes later, the same man came back and told them their turn was ready. They followed him to a table near the kitchen and added a couple more chairs so the six of them could sit together and conversate.

"Your waiter tonight is Jim," the man said as he handed them their menus and left.

His nametag told the gang he was Tim.

After Tim left, he seated another big party for a family of eight. Wow, the gang thought to themselves as they watched Tim head to the other side of the restaurant. Tonight the place wasn't crowded this time of night but it was starting to be packed. This isn't often the gang ate out at Applebee's. They mostly ate at home since today it can get expensive to eat out a lot. That's the best way to save money on staying home and make your own meals instead of just going out once a week or two and have to pay pricey meals.

When Jim came to their table fifteen minutes later, he said, "What would everyone like to drink? Are we ready to order yet?"

"I'd like to have a glass of water," Jessica spoke up.

"Same here," Frank agreed.

Danny ordered champagne and Kylie ordered a bottle of Merlot and the others stuck with water.

Then Jim took their orders, but most of it was chicken and salad. The gang hadn't decided yet if they should have dessert here or not yet. A bit too early to decide, Ryan thought as he and his friends handed Jim their menus. A minute or two later, Jim returned with the water and poured it all the way to the top.

After he gave the gang their drinks, they watched as he headed for the couple with the baby's table. It looked like they were ready to exit out of this joint. The baby looked like she was about five months old, but she was behaving herself tonight without any cries.

"I think I found some juice on your mother, Danny," Jessica spoke up three minutes later.

"Tell me."

"You're not going to like the results. I was out on the job this morning and found out that your mother was shot with a Smith & Wesson and the guilty person had a stun gun with him. He actually had the stun gun loaded and it headed your mother's direction without paying any attention."

"And what happened next?" Frank asked.

"That's all I know for now."

"This should be shared on facebook and Twitter," Kylie said, always thinking that their fans would want to know what went on with their murder cases.

"Go ahead," Ryan said.

He was as curious as the gang was on this crime. Whenever it came to an ending on their cases, they usually took turns being kidnapped and bait. Kylie had learned to make traps from her father. Her father, Fred, was a huge fan of making traps and had excelled at it.

"I'll write up what I've learned so far in my column for the readers," Jessica suggested.

"You're the writer on all six of us, Jess, and go do what you want to write for your latest piece."

Somehow Frank never really cared much for newspaper reporters but he liked Jessica and he and the gang read her column and find her talented at writing. After the six friends finished eating, Jim came back.

"Would anyone want some dessert tonight?" he asked, grabbing the filthy dishes from the table.

"I think we can share the chocolate meltdown," Ryan said as everyone nodded in agreement.

"I'll be back with a few meltdowns," he said, taking the dirty dishes away.

Danny saw Jim had left them the bill. It was a less pricey than the last time they were here. He saw the check was for forty dollars plus tax. Danny didn't seem to care who would be paying the bill. He thought that since this was Kylie's idea to go out tonight, she should be the one who would pay the bill.

"What's wrong, Danny? You're pretty quiet this evening," Gloria told him.

He still didn't say anything except to bring up the subject of the bill.

"Looks like we're off the hook for paying a pricey bill this time," Danny announced.

"What do you mean by 'less pricey?'" Frank asked.

Danny slide the bill over to him.

Frank picked up the light piece of paper in Jim's handwriting.

"Forty dollars plus tax? This is less than the last time we were here," Frank said, not one bit surprised.

"This was your idea to go out tonight, Kylie, so I think you're the one who is supposed to treat us," Danny told his girlfriend.

"All right. I'll wait to do that when we're done with dessert."

After everybody finished their meltdown, Kylie paid the bill as promised. Then the six friends were ready to go.