One cloudy and windy morning, Alan and Scott Presley were at their parents' house. Stephanie Presley, their mother, had today off. Their father, Roger Presley, was bundled up in a medium – sized yellow raincoat. His red hair was recently washed and combed. Alan could tell their father looked like he was going out for a walk.

Roger put his hood on his head as he zipped up his jacket. After zipping the jacket and putting his hood on, Roger grabbed out a flaming type of umbrella. Roger was wearing dark red pants. Like his jacket, his red pants also had a zipper. Roger looked over at Scott and Alan.

"Do you two want to come along?" Roger asked, inviting the boys.

"Where are we going, Dad?" Scott asked with curiosity.

"Just to collect our mail. You boys can take care of the dog when we get back," Roger said.

The two brothers looked at each other. One of their neighbors went to Maine for a vacation and asked if Alan and Scott would like to take care of their yellow lab.

"Well, we guess we'll come along," Alan said.

"Please put your coats on, boys. I don't want you to come back sick," Stephanie told them.

They both were smart enough to remember bringing their jackets along on a cloudy day like this.

Stephanie watched as her husband and sons walked out the house together. Scott did offer to hold the umbrella, but Roger told him it was kind of him to do it, but he would let Scott carry it back home. Today, Alan's hair, which looked like Elvis Presley's was uncombed, so nobody told him he needed to comb his hair.

Alan was wearing a tan and brown T – shirt, blue jeans, Nikes, and socks that matched the jeans. And Scott, who was nine, had on the same type of raincoat their father did. It was the end of summer, so he and alan would need to concentrate on their first day back at school. Alan got trouble in school on and off, but when he did, he would get suspended for a long time.

Scott wasn't like Alan who got into trouble. He was more on the smart side. He'd been told he inherited the smarts from his grandmother, Velma Dinkley. Scott didn't seem to mind he had something that ran in the family. He never cared about that sort of thing.

Father and sons drove quietly in the newly vehicle. The Buick was less than a year of age. The family found it comfortable. Scott and Alan didn't need to walk to their neighbors' house. It started to get colder and it started to pick up by the time Roger got out of the driver's seat.

"I can just drive you over. You know how your mother feels when you boys walk in the rain," Roger told his sons.

At the mailbox, Roger grabbed the newspaper. He got his mail key and put it in the tiny hole. He opened the squeaky door. The door looked like it needed a fixing job. It was losing its color, which was gray. The look of the mailbox felt like it was going to fall off sooner or later.

There was nothing today. The mailman would come later. After closing the mailbox, Roger heard his raincoat brush around today's newspaper with a squeaking sound that was loud enough to have more than one person to hear. That's what happened with Alan and Scott. Both brothers watched as Roger opened the passenger side and throw the paper in the backseat with a thud.

"Any mail, Dad?" Alan asked for the first time that day since leaving the house.

"Not yet," Roger answered, driving away.

Roger headed south and took two left turns to their neighbors' house. Once the three of them made it quickly to a three – story two car door garage. The house had a huge backyard, enough for pets and children.

The yard had a basketball hoop, dog and children toys, a garden, you name it. Their neighbor was mostly in flower gardens than growing a tree for vegetables and fruit for some reason and the attic in the house was in the garage. Roger stayed in the vehicle and watched as Alan pressed the garage door. It opened automatically.

After the garage finished opening, Scott and Alan ducked inside the greasy garage. The four buckets of paint sat on the top of the workbench, but none of the tops had their lids on. The smell of the paint made Alan and Scott gag.

After opening the entrance to the kitchen door, Scott called the dog. The dog rushed over with joy to great the brothers, panting and jumping on them. The dog, whose name was Tiger, also wagged his tail, tongue out of his mouth, and tail wagging in excitement.

"Sorry, Tiger. No walk today," Alan said to the furry animal.

Tiger found his leash and brought it to Alan and Scott. Tiger always brought his own leash when it was time to go out. Scott gave a gentle pat on Tiger's back. The tail continued to thump. Scott clicked the leash on the dog. Tiger's tail kept wagging nonstop once he dragged Alan and Scott out the door.

"Cool it, Tiger," Alan said to the yellow lab.

Of course, animals never understood human language. Alan watched as Tiger made Scott slip on the muddy pile on the ground. Scott looked like he wasn't hurt. Roger watched as Alan helped Scott off up from the filthy ground.

"Thanks," Scott told Alan and brushed a bit of the mud off his pants.

Of course the two brothers would take a bath once they came back home. Alan had a poop bag with him so they would pick up after Tiger. After Tiger finished his business, Scott let Alan take the dog's leash. Once they were back inside, Alan threw the poop bag in the dumpster while Scott changed Tiger's water bowl and gave him an entire bowl of dog food.

The dog chewed fast. Once he finished eating, he gave a loud burp that told Alan and Scott he was satisfied with his meal. Like most animals, Tiger usually had two meals a day plus treats. Scott collected the garage door opener and they returned to the waiting vehicle.

"Was Tiger good?" Roger asked.

"Yes, Dad. He just had breakfast," Alan answered.

"Your mother isn't going to like the sight of you two when we get home. You know how she feels when you two play in the mud like that," Roger said as the three watched as a clap of thunder sounded. They made it home shortly. Once Alan and Scott walked, tracking mud on the carpet, Stephanie panicked.

"Have you two seen what you look like? Take those muddy shoes and clothes off this instant! Go scrub yourselves now!" Roger heard Stephanie scream.

After the two went to take their baths, Stephanie looked in Roger's direction.

"How dare you let them play in the mud at this time of day!" Scott and Alan heard Stephanie scream at the top of her lungs.

"Steph, the dog made it happen. You know how animals get," Roger said truthfully.

"I don't believe you."

In fifteen minutes, both boys came back downstairs, looking fresh.

"That's better. Don't you both feel happier now?" she asked as they both nodded yes.

"Good. Don't let it happen again."