Katherine gave some thought about coming to Roger and Stephanie's house the same week Georgia and Patti were. She didn't bother calling Georgia and Patti to tell them she was able to show up. Instead, she called Roger.

Stephanie was in town when Roger picked up the receiver.

"Hi, Roger."

She heard her brother sneeze a bit.

"Bless you," Katherine told him.

"Thank you. Have you decided you're going to come over and join us?"

"That's why I'm calling. I had a nice chat with Georgia. She said her and Patti had a little arguement and put you in the middle. Why don't we change the plans around again and have the family here at my place?"

"Are you kidding me? I don't think Steph would want to agree to that after we just agreed to have Georgia and Patti over at my house with the kids."

"We'll keep your plan, I guess. I do understand if we had it here at my place and you and Stephanie decided on that night's meal, I'm busted."

"Darn right you are."

Then they hung up.

Katherine thought now was the right time for her to get ready for her time with her nephews. The boys usually behaved whenever she spent time with them. She had this sneaky suspicion that Roger was hiding something from her. But what was he hiding this time? she wondered. This she would have to find out.