Feet dragging, wings sagging, weapons laid to rest

You've tried so hard to assure them that you really do know best

Nighttime falling, refugees calling, war weary soldiers pass by

The dreams of a thousand restless souls illuminate the sky

In the center of the images, the hunter bends the bow

The creatures painted with starlight gather 'round to watch the show

Refugees, no longer in hiding, emerge from their humble abodes

Galaxies spin in a whirlwind as the nighttime seems to explode

The fiery aurora seems to turn the night to day

Soldiers open their arms so their sins are washed away

You simply stare in wonder, awestruck by the strange event

You never fathomed that this misery could turn to merriment

In a roaring crash of thunder, as quickly as it came,

the spectacle dissolves, and the sky is dark again

The lifted souls, free as a bird, sink down low once more,

and reality sinks in, dismissing redemption as forgotten lore