It started snowing

While your eyes were focused on your messages,

It started snowing

And while you might not have noticed it,

I did.

And it was beautiful.

It started snowing

And I was dancing in it,

My mouth

Wide open,

Ready to catch

Each miracle on my tongue,

It started snowing.

But you were far to be busy to understand.

You had things to do;

Videos to watch,

Pictures to post.

You didn't see the snowfall

Until it was over.

And ever since you've gotten that thing,

Ice has been growing

Inside of you.

And I can't see you clearly anymore,

The only you there is

Is the one on your profile.

And I don't know what to do,


Because it's gotten too cold.

And I don't know if I'd be able

to find you anymore,

Because this is too much for me to handle.

Between updating your status,

And making 'friends',

You've become lost.

There's ice

Blocking your face,

This ice

Is distorting you.

And if I find you,

I don't know if I would be able to

recognize you,

Frozen in time,

Like that picture you took

With that girl,

Just so that you could make it look like

You had so much fun.

But really,

You were too busy

Reading the comments

To even look at me.

It's been cold

For a while now,

And I've been waiting for a spring

That's never going to come,

So this is it,

I'm going inside,

To wash off this freezing winter.

And maybe,

If I wish hard enough,

You will too.

After the snowfall ended,

I ran back inside

And buried myself in a blanket.

I looked over at you,

And saw that you, too,were buried,

far too deep.