The Melting Of Thoughts (Jan 7)

Figures that I'd travel the long way
not even caring that the rain's pouring
and not even knowing
that memories behind me are forebodings
of better times gone.

All of them, my images, my thoughts
they melt into unrecognizable blots
only appearing faintly, as if vainly
trying to convey remnants of my soul.

And if I die, just like that
what will be of me?
What will be of what I leave?
What of my memories,
what of my dreams?

Will it just leave the world
or will it stay within?
I can only hope.
I can only hope to God.

Soon, I will finally go back home
not happily, not sadly either
but uncertainly.

Maybe I'll try to leave my thoughts behind
when I hop on the plane and look at the sky
and maybe once, I'll pray.
Yes, yes I will!
I'll pray to whatever it is up there
just in hope... no!
Just in faith, to accept my fate.

And like I said, the road only extends forward.
All we carry, all we shoulder, all we burden
it'll make us and pave the way onwards!

I'll look back, even if my dreams melt
even if my memories I forget
I'll know.
Deep within, I'll know.

That my soul is all I've got.