Where or When

The story begins in the windy city of Chicago in 1967. Skyscrapers and tall buildings hover over the civilians' heads as gray clouds begin to gather other the city. Men return to their homes after a long day's work. Most of them are white, but in the mix, there are a couple of them are colored. One of these people is Scott. Scott is an African-American in his mid-thirties. By the way he is dressed; he seems to hold a professional career. It wasn't easy, but he's doing well now. Scott just got off the clock and is walking home.

(A man rudely bumps into him.)

Man 1: Hey! Watch it!

(Scott quickly brushes it off. Another man also bumps into Scott with no respect.)

Man 2: Watch where you're walking!

Scott: I'm sorry, sir.

(Scott keeps on walking. When he gets to a street corner, he waits for the walk light to turn on. There is a mother with her child standing next to him. The woman doesn't look at him, but the little girl stares at him curiously. Scott gives her a little wave.)

Scott: Hi.

(Child Giggles)

Mother: Come on, sweetie. We're running late.

(The walk light turns on. The mother grabs her daughter by the hand and walks across the street with her nose in the air.)

(Scott Sighs)

(Once more, Scott walks on down the street. Soon, he's by himself. That is until a group of four boys hanging out in front of a soda fountain. As Scott walks past them, one of them makes a grin to his friends. They start to follow Scott. Scott can hear their footsteps behind him; he starts to walk faster. Suddenly, he hears them cracking their knuckles. These teenagers look like they cause a lot of trouble. Scott starts to run.)

Teen 1: Get him!

Teen 2: Don't let him get away!

(The teenagers chase after Scott. Scott quickly turns into an alleyway, trying to lose them. These kids are quick though, but Scott is quicker. There's a fence blocking the end of the alleyway. Scott has no choice but to climb over it. Scott jumps on the fence and starts climbing over the fence for dear life. He manages to get over, but he gets a bad cut on his right leg. Ignoring the pain, Scott keeps running. The teenagers stop at the fences.)

Teen 1: That's right! Run! That's all you people do!

(Scotts finally stops running to catch his breath. Once able to breathe again, he straightens himself up. He looks down on his leg and sees he's bleeding.)

Scott: Well, what else can go wrong?

(Thunder Rumbles)

Scott: Of course.

(Scott looks up as the rain comes pouring down. He pulls his coat collar up and tilts his hat forward.)

Because of that incident, Scott has to find a place to stay so he can rest and wait for this storm to pass. There is one bar that gets Scott's attention; Henry's House.

(Scott runs across the street, splashing through puddles, over to the bar. He enters the building with no hesitation.)

The building is warm and inviting. The smell of beer and cigars fill the air. It's not a full house; just an estimate of seven customers. Tables and chairs stand on the left side of the room with the bar on the opposite side. An old woman, who appears to be a waitress, walks up to Scott. She seems to be more like a grandmother figure.

Waitress: Table for one?

(When she sees Scott, she stops in her tracks. Scott has a good feeling what's going to happen next.)

Waitress: My goodness!

Scott: If it bothers you, I'll just leave-

Waitress: Why, look at you! You're all wet! Must be raining cats and dogs out there, huh?

Scott: Yes, I-

Waitress: Let's get you a table and some coffee.

Scott: That's not necessary, Ma'am. Really.

Waitress: Oh, here's a table! Come, sit down, sonny.

Scott can't just say no. The old woman is being kind; kinder than anyone else has been to him today. It beats the rain and a cup of coffee sounds good right now.

(Scott takes off his coat and hat. The waitress pulls out a chair.)

Waitress: Now, I'll hang these up to dry and get you a cup of coffee. You just make yourself comfortable, dear.

Scott: Thank you, Ma'am.

(The waitress walks away with his coat and hat. Scott looks at the menu.)

Scott gets a couple of stares from other customers. He is the only black man in the whole place. He can hear them whispering; not sure what, but he has a pretty good guess. Rock n' Roll is playing from the old juke box. Scott's eyes fall back to the menu, but he spots someone; a woman named Elizabeth. His widen at the beauty of the lovely lady. Her long, brown rolls down her red dress. Her emerald green eyes sparkle in the light. Yes, those eyes. He's seen them before, but where? When?

Bartender: One shot of tequila.

(The bartender sets the drink in front of Elizabeth.)

Elizabeth: Thank you.

(Scott then smiles with an idea in mind. He gets up and walks over to the juke box. The waitress comes back with a cup of coffee.)

Waitress: Uh, where did he go?

(Scotts pulls out a coin and inserts it into the machine. He flips through the list of songs until he founds the one he is looking for. He presses a button and jazz music starts playing. He walks over to the bar.)

Scott: Scotch on the rocks, please.

(The bartender nods and prepares the drink. Scott checks his hair, but remembers that he doesn't have any hair. The bartender slides the drink across the table to Scott. Scott takes the drink and walks over to Elizabeth all cool like.)

Scott: Hi.

(Elizabeth looks up at Scott and smiles.)

Elizabeth: Hi.

Scott: May I join you?

Elizabeth: Sure.

(Scott takes a seat next to Elizabeth. She notices the cut on his leg.)

Elizabeth: That's quite a cut you got there.

Scott: Oh! That! Um, that was from . . . my cat.

Elizabeth: A cat or a tiger?

(Scott chuckles slightly. He looks at his drink, feeling a bit embarrassed. He holds out his hand.)

Scott: The name's Scott.

Elizabeth: I'm Elizabeth. It's nice to meet you.

(They shake hands. She examines the black man.)

Scott: Is there something wrong?

Elizabeth: Nothing's wrong. It's just . . . You look so familiar. Have we met before?

Scott: Hmm. Let me think. Were you in that one show, My Fair Lady?

(Elizabeth rolls her eyes.)

Elizabeth: Give me a break.

Scott: All right. Not My Fair Lady. Let's see. Um . . .

Elizabeth: Uhh. Were you at a Beatles concert?

Scott: Oh, no.

Elizabeth: Bob Dylan?

Scott: No, no. I'm more of a jazz person.

Elizabeth: Do you do Pilates?

Scott: No, I work out.

(Elizabeth looks at Scott's muscular arms with a grin.)

Elizabeth: I can see that.

Scott: Okay. I got it. Were you on that one show; I Love Lucy? No? How about that movie; Breakfast at Tiffany's?

Elizabeth: Nope.

Scott: Sound of Music?

Elizabeth: I think you're pushing it. But I'm starting to think that maybe . . . we hooked up one time and I don't remember it.

Scott: Oh, trust me. You would remember.

(The waitress presses a button on the juke box and the song changes.)

Scott: It seems we stood and talked like this, before
We looked at each other in the same way then
But I can't remember where or when

(Elizabeth sets down her glass.)

Elizabeth: The clothes you're wearing are the close, you wore
The smile you are smiling you were smiling then
But I can't remember where or when

Scott: Some things that happened for the first time

Elizabeth: Seem to be happening again

Scott: And so it seems that we have met before

Elizabeth: And that we laughed before

Scott: And loved before but

Both: Who knows where or when

Scott: May I have this dance?

(Elizabeth takes his hand and they all of a sudden fall back into a flash back.)

About twenty years younger and in love, Scott and Elizabeth dance together at a high school dance. Scott is the only African American at the party, but he doesn't care. Elizabeth is wearing a pink, frilly dress while Scott wears a sky blue tuxedo. The crowd watches as the couple dance together; it's not normal for a white girl and a black boy dancing together. Once they finish the crowd applauses. Coming up behind them is a boy name Kevin, who is much bigger than Scott.

Kevin: Hey, Scott! What are you doing with my girl?

Scott: Excuse me, but she-

Kevin: Excuse me? You trying to mess with me?

(Kevin grabs Scott by the shirt. Elizabeth tries to stop her ex.)

Elizabeth: Kevin, stop it!

Kevin: Liz is mine, got it?

Scott: Her name is Elizabeth! Got it?

(Angry, Kevin hits Scott across the face. Scott falls to the ground.)

Elizabeth: Scott!

Kevin: Come on, baby. How about you dance with a real man?

Elizabeth: Let go of me, you pig!

(Scott grabs Kevin and returns a punch. Both boys get into a fight; punching and kicking each other. The students watch in horror. Scott pulls out a pocketknife, which frightens Kevin. The bully backs as Scott holds up his blade.)

Scott: Who the man now?

Principle: What's going on here?

(His glory is cut short when the principle comes through the crowd. He sees Scott pointing his knife at Kevin.)

Kevin: Sir! Scott was about to kill me! He was jealous because Elizabeth was coming to the dance with me.

Elizabeth: What? That is not true!

Principle: Scott? Is this true?

Scott doesn't answer immediately. He looks at Kevin and then at Elizabeth. If he lies, he would get expelled from school. It's his senior year and he wanted to graduate. If he tells the truth, Kevin is going to hurt him and Elizabeth. He couldn't do that to her; that would be something he would regret.

Scott: Yes. It's true.

Principle: My, goodness! Out of all the students at this school! I would never imagine my best student doing something like this! I'm afraid this will be your last dance, Scott. Come!

(Scott follows the principle out of the gym. He looks back at Elizabeth, who has tears rolling down her cheek. The flashback ends.)

After all those years, Scott and Elizabeth have found each other again. They waltz with the music from the juke box. Customers, including the waitress and the bartender, watch in awe.

Elizabeth: You got expelled. I never saw you again.

Scott: If I stayed, you would have gotten hurt.

(Elizabeth looks at him in shock.)

Elizabeth: You were trying to protect me?

(Scott nods)

Scott: I loved you, Elizabeth. I didn't want anything to happen to you because of me.

Elizabeth: You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

(Scott smiles and spins Elizabeth around.)

Elizabeth: Some things that happened for the first time

Scott: Okay.
Seem to be happening again

Both: And so it seems that we have met before
And that we laughed before
And loved before
But who knows where or when

Who knows . . .

Where . . .

Where or when.

(Scott pulls Elizabeth in for a kiss.)

Once separated by hatred and discrimination, but love has brought them together again.


"Where or When" by Frank Sinatra

Inspired by the performance of Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs.

Thank you for reading.

Love from Creepy:)