On the Eastern Continent of Gale, a land divided by many large military countries and provinces. When the lords of these provinces stood against one another for land, power and wealth. This became known as the Maho Sengoku Period. A time of social upheaval, political intrigue and near constant military conflict between the 34 states of Gale.

Elven countries that valued magic over machine.

Human countries that valued machines over magic.

Beastmen who wanted to enslave all of the other races.

Alliances that wanted to unify the entire continent.

All of these ideals clashing all at once at the cost of millions of lives being taken from the world. It was in this bloody period in time, a legend had arisen. A young mage, whose name will go down forever in history.

BADASS MAGE KEL: Come at me Bro!

Written by: SUPAHKJUMP!

"A mage with black hair and red eyes? Oh yeah, there has been talk of that guy around here lately. Sorry miss, I don't know anything about where he is though."


"Mage with dark hair and eyes that be red as blood eh? Aye, I've seen that bloke. He was at the pub earlier; guy looked like he was in pretty bad mood though, lass."

"Yeah, there was a mage that came in here who fits yer' bill. He looked pissed off. He said he was going into the forest north of town to punch dragons in the face. The poor fool, he'll get his drunk ass killed out there. The dragons in the forest north of town are all A-Class level. He'll be ripped to shreds in seconds."

With the massive rural looking castle city at their backs two girls trek along the brown dirt road towards a massive gradation forest north of the walled city. Excitedly skipping to the right was a jiggly catgirl with round blue eyes, pale skin and light sky blue hair fixed up in high pigtails.

To her left was a more serious red haired woman in silver armor with a long royal blue cape and four katanas, two strapped to each hip.

The two seemed to be complete opposites, while the bubbly catgirl on the right was cheerful and optimistic. The girl on the right was more serious, down toned and frustrated.

"O-M-G! I can't believe we're gonna meet him! The legendary Kel fon Grantz-sama," the catgirl, Ichiko Satake squealed as she threw her hands about.

The red haired woman, Kiyomi Yasuda was a little more realistic in her thoughts. She lowered her head into her collar as it covered her mouth ominously. "Stay focused, Ichiko. Though he may have fought in many wars and is indeed a legend…we cannot forget that he is still a mercenary. He's a maverick with little to no honor and will fight for any country with a notable sum."

"Hai, Hai! I'm gonna get his autograph!" Ichiko giggled showing Kiyomi a peace sign, dramatically.

Ichiko and Kiyomi followed the stone path through a tall grass valley until they'd reached the forest. The red wood trees were covered in green moss and fought for the skies in height. Looking up, one could only see dismal pieces of the azure blue skies.

The forest was dark but not pitch black, the girls proceeded with caution carefully cutting through each bush or stepping carefully over each oversized unearthed vine. "Kiyomi-chan, I hear something," Ichiko whispered hopping over her comrade's head and landing on all fours like a cat. Her white rounded ears and fluffy white tail all stood at attention.

"Up ahead," she bolted off running on all fours with Kiyomi following.

They both made it to a clearing where a few trees were ripped out of the ground, earth scorched to the dirt leaving behind nearly no grassland. Lying on its back was a crimson scaled dragon with six horns, its eyes were rolled to the back of its head and it's tongue like a serpent, hanging from his snout.

There was a spiraling bruise on its belly that looked like the mark of a fist but it was too big to be a human's.

Kiyomi's golden topaz colored eyes widened almost losing their color in shock. 'That's a Ruby Dragon, six horns…it's an elder wyrm…no way can a single man floor such a celestial beast.'


Like a bolt of lightning, the cracked whip of thunder followed. Both Kiyomi and Ichiko exchanged glances once before darting off to follow the noise. They hopped over a few more dragon carcasses and dodged some ruined forest terrain to reach another wide open clearing of grass where a large dark dragon with two massive tusks stood before a boy in a beige cloak.

From the shadows of the trees, the girls watched patiently. 'That's a Black Dragon.' Kiyomi thought.

Standing tall just a few feet in front of the large dragon was a boy with ebony colored skin, he wore a black turtleneck with matching black slacks and a beige mage's cloak with a wooden staff. His spiky black hair waved in the wind as his crimson eyes glen with rage.


The dragon roared before thrusting it's massive right paw with a raking slash at the young mage. He performed a one hand back flip backwards effortlessly dodging the strike. (WOOSH!)The dragon was quick following up with another rake swipe through the air, the mage just as effortlessly as before performed a ballet spin diagonally dodging the rake again. MISS!

"Way too slow," said the grinning mage as his body glen with a crimson aura like his body had suddenly caught on fire. His aura blazed around him as he prepared a spell. "Ruptis fornacibus…"

As the mage prepared his spell, the Dragon opened its snout. A small orb of darkness appeared at the back of its throat.

An orb of fire appeared spiraling above the mage's right palm. "….ignis."

The Dragon whipped it's head back then forward hurling a beam of darkness from it's open snout at the same time the mage finished his incantation. "…spiritus!" He pressed his palm forward and the orb of fire burst into a beam of fire which collided with the dark beam of the dragon. BOOOM!

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kiyomi-chaaaan!" Ichiko screamed as the explosion engulfed all of the clearing causing the trees and gradation surrounding it to lean back as a powerful and hot wind faded everything back.

When the explosion finally passed and the dust cleared the mage appeared standing with his hands crossed to his chest standing on top of the Black Dragon which laid on its side. Blood dripping from it's throat and eyes.

Witnessing the mage of legend's power for themselves, Kiyomi and Ichiko took a moment to breath. Their eyes were wide, their minds were blown and their mouths hung open like caves. "You guys can come out now…I know you're there." He said turning around to face the exact place they were hiding.

After the battle with the dragon and he'd caught them, the legendary mage, Kiyomi and Ichiko sat down around a war campfire pitched by the mage. He had a huge chunk of dragon meat slow roasting over the open flame as he ate a chunk of it off of a stick.

He offered piece to the girls but they declined. Ichiko was star struck while Kiyomi was appalled by his age.

"The name's Kel fon Grantz," the mage introduced himself.

"Excuse my rudeness, Kel-san. But how old are you?" Kiyomi asked rubbing her chin.

Before Kel could answer Ichiko raised her head as if she was the one asked, her eyes sparkled and her mouth turned up. "Kel-san is fifteen years old, he started mercenary work when he was ten and mastered 5 S-class spells by the time he was twelve!"

Kel bit off another piece of the roasted meat then pointed the stick at Ichiko as if to say 'there ya go'.

"Mercenary work at ten years of age," Kiyomi repeated as if to try and figure out the logic behind it all.

The stories surrounding Kel fon Grantz were many that spread across the warring states. A young mage mercenary who would win battles and wars for generals many times over. Anyone who managed to hire the mage was guaranteed a victory and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Many campaigns with lords and generals vouching for his combat capabilities and fearlessness on the battlefield.

So it was remarkable to see that this, Kel fon Grantz. Was nothing more than a fifteen year old boy.

"Kel-san! I'm such a fan! I um…erm…I have all of your trading cards, I'm also in your fan club and I…CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?," the fangirl, Ichiko cried holding up a note pad as she dropped her head out of respect.

Kel simply laughed at her. "So you guys wanna tell me what you want? You said you were looking for me but never got around to telling me, why?"

"Yes, right. We're denizens of the newly formed Southern Confederate Army. I am Yasuda Kiyomi," the red haired female knight bowed her head.

"And I am Satake Ichiko! About that autograph-"

Ichiko tried to say but Kiyomi stamped on her foot causing her to hop up in pain and squeal allowing Kiyomi to cut straight to the business. "The Confederacy has sent us to retrieve you. We want you, Kel fon Grantz, to fight for the Confederate Army."

"Hmm…The New Southern Confederacy huh? That's the south three states along the coastline right?" Kel asked looking at the meat on his stick.

"Tirosana, Austrus and Cesibul," Kiyomi added.

Kel shook his head. "Sorry, can't help you guys."

"What?" Kiyomi and Ichiko said at the same time. "But why?"

"Simple, it's a losing battle. The Confederacy is up against the Drachma Empire that's slowly taking over the north, they've already taken like six countries already. Then there is the Beast Tribes to the west which is also shredding through the west and central countries. Pretty soon this whole damn continent is gonna be run by those two. My bet is those guys are gonna wrap this warring states period up and duke it out in the end. But I wanna throw my lot in with the Empire. I mean…atleast they don't wanna enslave humanity." Kel explained sounding more like a tactician than a teenager.

Kiyomi narrowed her eyes angrily. "That may ring true, but there are still the eastern countries tha-"

"Nope, been there. The Eastern Countries are throwing in their lot with Drachma. They're afew days of paperwork away to signing their fields over to the Emperor," Kel cut her off. He was done eating his roast and was now using a self-made toothpick. "Maybe if the Confederacy would have formed about three years ago they would have had a fighting chance, but these wars have gone on too long and some people are ready to fuckin' settle."

Kiyomi stood up. "We did not come here for your prognosis on this war! We came to recruit you…will you fight with us or not?"

Kel stuck the toothpick in his mouth and crossed his arms. "Hmmm…what is your leader like?"

"What does that have to do with—" Kiyomi started before Ichiko cut her completely off. "The elected Leader of the Confederacy is the Warrior Princess Beatrix von Celest of Austrus. Though she's young, she believes in the unification of Gale. She wants to unite this entire continent as brothers and sisters…not rule or dictate them or enslave them. She fights for total peace."

Kel closed his eyes. "The Emperor of the North wants to rule with martial law and an iron fist. The Beast Tribes believe all other races are below them and wants to enslave us all. Peace over all that crap sounds good…aw-right, ladies. I'm interested."

The chronicles of the Badass Mage begins! COME GET SOME, BRO!