Arabian Nights Filler

Super Robot Wars

The shark shaped flagship was known as the Calypso and aboard it was Doctor Cornelius the mad scientist. He stood in the main bridge of the ship which looked akin to the bridge of a space ship. There were consoles spread about with many different machines and robots working them according to his design, they all looked like pink haired manikin girls. He sat down on a mechanical thrown stroking his spiky black beard as he leered on through the main projector which showed a series of stats on the Resistance Hideout.

He tapped a few tone sounding buttons on the left arm rest of his chair and a small holographic image appeared of a giant mech in the hanger of the Calypso. It was wrapped with a beige cloth but it's eyes could still be seen glowing in the darkness of the hanger. "Once I have my hands to the Armaethenite, my ultimate creation will be truly born. I will use the Trafalgar to destroy this pathetic kingdom of Agrabah and secure it's mining facility. HOohohoohohohohohooo!" He laughed to himself.

"Approaching enemy base," said an emotionless mechanical feminine voice.

"Deploy all drone units, sky and lander masters." Commanded the Doctor.


The hatches on the deck of the Calypso opened up as runways spread over the top, android girls that looked to be no more than 16 years old. All looking exactly the same with sky blue short hair, in black leotard armor with giant metal wings on their back began to step out onto the runway. Each android had a serial number and bar code plastered over their foreheads as if they were dolls.

Each of them wielding large cannons, chain guns, missile launchers and rifles. These android units were Doctor Cornelius' main air fleet. They stepped out in the thousands with large bomber ships as well which were shaped like piranha, they were a pepper red in color with large fins, jet thrusters and cannons mounted on their undercarriage. It took two android units to pilot them.




Each one of them said before flying off into the air, there were roughly 5,000 flying androids and 500 fish shaped bombers.

Meanwhile at the same time, the ground units were also being deployed. The ground units dropped from the undercarriage of the ship landing down on the sands like bullets. The android units on the ground were more heavily equipped, they were more covered in full body black mech armor, the androids on the ground were different in color as well. They had orange, long hair to their backs. They each wore black goggle like metal gear scanners that covered their eyes; their serial numbers were located on their left shoulder pads.

Each droid unit was equipped with a massive rifle and a large great sword upon their back, also a mounted cannon on their right shoulders. They are also abnormally larger, the flying droids were smaller for aerodynamic reasons, but the ground droids looked older and were taller. They each stood at six feet and had the look of women.

Along with these mechanical monstrosities were tank bipedal tank units with two mounted cannons and a chain gun under the carriage of the cockpit. There were roughly 5,000 ground androids and 500 bipedal tanks as well. And all of them were heading straight for the Resistance Base.

Doctor Cornelius and Sultan Jafar had struck a bargain within the royal chambers of Agrabah. Though Agrabah and the country of Eshdar in general never accepted help from outsiders, Cornelius had managed to talk Jafar into enlisting his help. The war against the Resistance had been a carrying on for months and because of it the fortification of Eshdar from the rest of the world had been put on a halt because of it.

Jafar believed in the country of Eshdar, believing it to be heaven and that no one other than the natives of this land deserve it's bliss. Whereas the Sultan before him, Muzammil wanted peace and allegiances with the other countries surrounding this land. He wanted to share Eshdar's beauty with the rest of the world, which ultimately led to his death by his own Vizier, Jafar.

Using the power of the Seven Djinn, Jafar used their power to cut the entire country off from the rest of the world. The Djinn were in place to stop other militaries from invading and so he began production on a 100 foot wall to further separate Eshdar which he believed to be Heaven, from the rest of the world which he thought to be a Sinful Hell.

The Proud King, Jafar became fed up with this war against the Resistance and decided to allow Doctor Cornelius to procure his Armaethenite with the condition that he also eliminate Aladdin and use his machines to build the wall around Eshdar.

Unbeknowst to Doctor Cornelius and his death fleet, there was another force sent by Jafar to oversee the siege of the Resistance HQ. Two generals leading a force of about 6,000 Agrabah Soldiers. One of them was Jaabir, he was garbed in white robes with golden armor and a white turbine roped with jewels, sitting on the back of a red drake. Along with him was a female sand ninja, she wore gold bikini armor and had ebony skin with dreadlocks that came down to her back. On her back was a gold pike spear.

"Fucking outsiders and their machines," Jaabir narrowed his eyes. "Had I been king this fool would never have set foot in my thrown room…we are more than enough to crush Aladdin, why would father…"

"The Sultan's orders are absolute, Prince Jaabir. We are to witness the fall of Aladdin and provide back up if need be," The girl who was with him, Kaazima said trying to keep him from doing anything irrational. The Prince felt betrayed, he hated his father anyway but this was downright shameful. He thought himself to be more than enough.

[Inside the Resistance HQ]

The soldiers whom were guarding the outside were scared back into the catacombs by the large fleet outside, they all gathered in the main tunnel which led to the several different pockets within the caverns. Here, everyone gathered and Kel was the one giving the orders, Aladdin sort of stood back seat for this one. He'd never faced such odds in his life and the only thing truly saving him right now was Kel and his clan members.

"Alright everyone listen up, me and my crew are going out there. What we want you guys to do is keep the entrance to HQ clear, don't let anyone in. If Aladdin dies, the cause is lost. Keep Aladdin safe at all times, we also have Sinbad and one of my own wounded here. We can't let any harm come to them," Kel announced as he stood up on a boulder overlooking the damp and sweaty faces of the resistance. Just two hundred men were left.

"You are only seven! There are thousands out there, how will you possibly defeat them alone?!"

"We should run while we have the chance!"

"We must use the secret exit!"

"Allah help us!"

The soldiers began to bicker amongst themselves. Aladdin stepped up and just as he was about to say something, Rally screamed. "WILL YOU GUYS SHUT THE FUCK UP?! IT'S NOT LIKE YOU'LL ACTUALLY BE DOING ANY OF THE REAL FIGHTING! YOU'RE JUST ON GUARD DUTY…THE EASIEST FUCKING JOB HERE!" Rally's scream seemed to hush the entire crowd. The soldiers all looked down at their shaking hands and seemed to find the resolve. If this one beast girl was going out into a crowd of thousands to fight, they could at least hold down the fort.

"This cause is not an obligation, it is a choice. If you feel that you cannot go on with us, then you are allowed to take the secret exit to leave, I will not stop you. Before leaving you might want to take some rations with you." Aladdin bowed his head. "I just want to say thank you for your service,"

With that the soldiers found their resolve, even with the chips stacked against him Aladdin refused to run. And with Rally's scream of justice, they all stood in line. Held their weapons fast and raised their fists in the air like Spartans. They were ready. "This battle is crucial and we must win it at ALL costs! Cling to your convictions and remember what the hell you're fighting for, women, children, your future!" Kel shouted clinching his fists so tightly he made a small shockwave.


"Without Aladdin, none of it is possible…so let's keep that entrance clear of any scum not wearing our colors! HUH!?" Kel yelled raising his staff like a sword.


With the soldiers all rhiled up, Kel hopped off of the boulder and with his clan and himself leading the way, the soldiers of the Resistance followed. They marched to the mouth of the catacombs and their eyes adjusted to the flashing light of the sun. The morning had brought forth the winds of battle and it was time to lay it all on the line. The soldiers of the Resistance formed a perimeter outside the entrance to the catacombs; about twenty soldiers stood ontop of each other holding up their long shields forming a dome like barrier.

Kel, Kidd, Drogo, Senhime, Rally, Raven, Gecko and Houki.

As the winds blew across the sands as Kel stood with his arms crossed and his clan mates standing behind him, they stood as equals with the large force of glowing mechanical red eyes on the horizon beneath the battle ship Calypso. "Oh man, I've got goosebumps! This is gonna be a shit ton of fun," Rally said drawing her twin katanas, Freeze and Burn. They were twin katanas except one was a light blue while the other was a bright orange. A fire and ice sword.

"Speak for yourself, this looks annoying," Gecko said as he held up his left and right hands causing six glowing green aura swords to appear orbiting his by some kind of fairy magic.

Raven Blake held up her right hand, she drew a magical circle in the air and a golden seal appeared opening a black hole. She reached in and pulled out an M44 all black sniper rifle and held it with her right hand. She reached in with her left hand and grabbed a black P90 machine gun. "Mission Start,"

Drogo began snapping his neck left and right with his hands on his hips and his left foot scratching the calf of his right leg. "Ora ora ora…" At that moment he took on his werewolf form, an all white wolf with reverse joint legs, furry back and fury body. His full were form was a lot bulkier than he normally was.

"Looks like our enemies are all machiiiiiines, which would meeeean I'm only effective as a cleric this baaaaattle." Houki said as she placed her left palm on her right forearm causing her arm from her elbow to her palm to morph into an oversized syringe.

Senhime got into her judo stance and her body began to exude a deathly killer intent. "It is time we measured the limits of our souls"

And finally Kidd the gakuen boy like boy, his aura raised around him in the form of tiny sky blue cubes. He raised both of his palms and appearing over them were two spinning cubes.

"Alright everybody, it's party time! We're gonna split up into units of two, I want two units on the ground and two units in the air." Kel said gripping his staff and slamming it into the ground in front of him causing his crimson aura to blast up and engulf his body like a flame.

"Roger!" All of his clansmen affirmed.

The Super Robot War is about to begin! Kel and his seven clan members versus Doctor Cornelius and his Robo Fleet! With Jaabir and his own unit on standby can Kel pull a victory out of this seemingly hopeless situation?! UNITS: RallyxKidd, SenhimexGecko, DrogoxRaven and KelxHouki!

Rally: "Alright, Kidd don't you dare slow me down!"

Kidd: "Funny I was about to say the same thing, wolf girl!"

Senhime: "Interesting, you and I are fighting side by side, Gecko-kun"

Gecko: "You seem to be the most competent person here, Senhime-san"

Drogo: "Oi, Raven! Why are you and Gecko here? Aren't you like Fate's lackies?"

Raven: "We are loyal to Fate-sama, but at the end of the day it is Kel-san who is the leader of our Clan."

Houki: "I'll heeeeeal all of your wooooounds, Captain"

Kel: "Alright, Houki you're with me!"