Magic Card Tutorial

The Sei Family was a massive family that controlled 80 percent of the casinos, prostitution rings and slave trafficking in Icstington. Since the country was on the coast it was a perfect place for slave trafficking to other continents and countries. They were making millions in gold, enough money to hire soldiers and assassins to protect their businesses.

Currently the head of the Sei Family was at Enishi's funeral, which took place in a private graveyard where the Sei Family buried all their dead. Hundreds upon thousands of men in suits gathered for Enishi's burial for Enishi was going to be the next head of the family when the current head, Sarutobi passed away.

Enishi was the first of the Sei Family to join the Empire and gain their blessing to become Governor General of Icstington. The Sei Family not only ran the country but they owned it by name now, thanks to Enishi. But now that he was dead and the Confederacy had now taken over, the Sei Family was forced back into the shadows from whence they'd come.

Sarutobi's eyes flashed as he spun around to face the men and women of the Sei Family who not only mourned Enishi but found rage in his passing as well. "My son's death will not go unanswered for; the head of that mage who stole away this family's right to rule will be parted from his shoulders and mounted on a spear before the grave of Seiryuu Enishi! We have conquered the underworld and made it ours, it is about time the Sei Family step into the light…we will rip this country from the likes of that damned Confederacy and be our only single nation! This I swear to you my family…"

[At a lake in a forest somewhere]

The crimson wing was parked beside a beautiful lake which was surrounded by a deep forest. The team had decided to stop and take a quick practice lesson on learning how to use the Magic Cards. For Griffin had a few decks on board his ship as well, as a gift from a friend. So he didn't want to waste this opportunity.

"Alright you guys let's get to it, I'm going to explain to you how to use the Magic Card System." Medaka said holding up her personal deck which had a white casing and belt with a blue gem glowing on it.

Kel, Griffin, Rally and Kiara all held their decks in hand awaiting instruction. "Do I have to learn this? I mean I don't really use magic so," Rally shrugged.

"Neither do I and you see me here, don't you? Obviously it's something we can benefit from or she wouldn't bother," Griffin said in snarky tone to Rally who smirked at him.

"Exactly, even non-magic users like you can find use in these cards," Medaka agreed and with that she pointed at her deck. "Alright everyone first things first, before we begin I'll have to ask that everyone sync up with your deck. To do that all you have to do is merge your ki or magic power with the gem stone on the casing."

Kel's body lit up first with his crimson magic aura.

Griffin's second, his body glen with a dark purple aura in the shape of two fox ears.

Rally's aura also emerged from her body, an orange color like fire.

Kiara's aura also roared from the surface of her fur, a light blur aura.

Everyone merged their auras with their decks; it looked like two beams which bounced off the top of their shoulders curved in mid air then came down clashing into the deck. With that the gems turned different colors, Kel and Kiara's gems turned red while Griffin's and Rally's gem turned green signaling the fact that they were merged. Everyone relaxed their auras. "What did we have to do that for?" Kiara asked.

"I assume it's some kind of mechanism that recognizes us as its user so that it won't allow anyone else to just pick up our decks and use our cards." Griffin stated.

"Right again, Griffin-san. The cards themselves are important but the most important piece to the puzzle is the deck holder. The gem that keeps the cards in line and recover them after use. They respond only to the person that manages to sync their energy with the gem first." Medaka explained. With that Medaka moved on, she reached into her deck and pulled out three cards, each were different colors. "There are three card types in each deck with three sub types in each type."

RED TYPES: Magic Cards [SUB TYPES: Spell, Material and Traps]

"Red Cards are Magical cards, they perform spells in a second that would usually take about 5 or 6 depending on the incantation length." Medaka put away the Blue and Green cards then drew two more red cards from her deck. "The sub types for Red Cards are as follows…Spell Types" Medaka grabbed one of the red cards and held it up above her head.

"Exceed" She said and with that the gem on her deck glen as a robotic voice gave word; "[FUSION BOLT]" the deck had a male robotic voice that spoke out the name of the attack as it happened. The card disappeared into particles as a magical seal appeared over her palm, she turned and blasted a bolt of green lightning from her palm which blew up a tree in the background.

"Then there is the Material Types," Medaka said holding up her second red card. "Exceed" she chanted and the robotic voice spoke the name of the card again. "[CALIBURN]" The machine said and with that a massive one edged great sword appeared in her hands, she turned her back on them again and swung it downward hitting the ground and causing the earth in front of her to split into four fissures.

"Then the last type is Traps" Medaka said holding up her next card. "Exceed!" she tossed her card into the ground and it stabbed into the earth like a dagger. "[PIKE TRAP]" the voice said and with that the card morphed into a circle magical rune that only Medaka could see, she picked up a rock and threw it on the seal and suddenly spikes shot up from the ground.

All three genres of the Red Card gave a new look of surprise. "Just like the Red Card, the Green and Blue cards also have their own sub genres. All of them work the same, but trap are a little different. You have to leave the card where you want the trap to be set up at. And you can tell which card is which because at the upper right corner of each card is a little picture of the types. A little flame is spell, the little dagger is a material and the little bear trap is for the trap cards."

While Medaka explained every dug into their decks and sift through their card and choices.

BLUE TYPES: Defense Cards [SUB TYPES: Shield, Barrier and Mental]

GREEN TYPES: Skill Cards [SUB TYPES: Offensive, Defensive and Support]

"Blue Cards are for defense, the three subtypes are shield, barrier and mental." Medaka explained.

Kel stepped up. "And the sub type shield is for a physical shield, barrier is for a magical barrier type and mental is some kind of mind barrier that protects and defense one's psyche of some kind."

"And the Green Cards are used for abilities, offensive, defensive and support type skills!" Rally said raising a fist.

"M-hm, that's the way you guys." Medaka explained clapping her hands together once.

Griffin held up a hand like a kid in class, "What's with my deck having a majority of Green Cards? I have maybe 5 or 6 magic and defense cards and the rest are green."

"Hey yeah, my deck is like that too!" Rally said looking down at her deck.

Medaka held up her deck and pointed at her blue gem. "Oh sorry, I forgot to mention this. When you sync up with your deck, the deck automatically sets your deck up to your ideal fighting style. Since Griffin-san and Rally-chan doesn't use any magic at all, they are Ability Type fighters your deck can sense that through your aura and it's set your cards to be 80 percent ability cards. Kel-san is a Combat Mage and Kiara-tan is a Magic Gunner so they both use magic, which makes them Magic Types," Medaka said pointing at Kiara and Kel's decks. "I'm a Magic Knight whose magic is more physical so I rely a lot on lots of cool downs and defensive magic to help me fight which makes me a Defensive type."

"Okay that makes sense, it's a pretty simple system." Kiara said looking down at her deck.

Kel strapped the belt three times around his right thigh so that the deck holster rested on his thigh like a pistol or a side arm. With that Kel pulled his new wooden staff with bandages wrapped around the handle off of his back then used it to fly off. He shot off of the ground and flew off into the distance leaving everyone dumb founded and lost.

"OI! HEY! KEL-SAN WAIT!" Medaka called out.

He flew off laughing the whole while using his staff as a hover board. "Alright! Let's see how this baby works!" Kel said drawing a card from his thigh holster.

Awesome new card system, check! Like a child with a new toy he forgets his duties then flies off in a random direction to test his new powers, check! Where the hell is Kel going? Find out in the next episode of BMK!