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Demon Destiny.

Anna looked down at the stack of papers her boss had placed on her desk and groaned, she swore he was trying to make her work late on purpose even though it was a Friday and her couch was calling her name. She felt her finger's twitch, the urge to incinerate all of them in a second passing through her mind but instead she brushed a strand of her chocolate brown hair out of her hazel eyes and picked up the paper at the top and read the title. Oh joy she thought sarcastically, another sappy vampire romance that wasn't worth the read, it wasn't even like they existed and she should know considering she herself was a demon. Anna Diavolo was a demon; a royal demon in fact; the daughter of one of the six demon lords of the underworld, banished to the human world until she was ready to return and fulfil her 'duties' as her father said. She let out a low chuckle at the thought, they must be getting pretty bored of waiting around considering it had been 150 years since she had been kicked out. The second she entered the human world she knew she would never want to leave, here she was free to do as she pleased and she would cling to that freedom at any cost. Currently Anna was employed in a mid-levelled publishing firm where she was one of the many editors and in all honesty she was thinking about moving on; the hours we're long and the books that were passed onto her desk only had a few gems once every few months and she also believed her boss had it out for her ever since she had turned him down at the work Christmas party the year before as her work load always seemed to grow closer to the weekend while everyone else's diminished. Humans, such spiteful creatures she thought as she threw the top novel off to the side, already knowing it wasn't worth her time and as she had thought before, her couch was calling. Anna quickly skimmed a few others before reaching the middle of the pile and froze, the authors name staring up at her and she pushed her chair away as if it was diseased. A knock on her door was heard before her boss peaked his head in, a confused look on his face as she continued to stare down at the novel on her desk shaking her head in disbelief.

"Anna, is there something wrong?" the short, mouse like man sounded disinterested as he came to the front of her desk and picked up the novel, his brows furrowing as he read the first few pages and muttering to himself "This is it, the one we've been searching for. Be here early Monday morning Anna we need to get right on this before anyone else does" her palms we're sweating, he hand quivering and she shook her head. It couldn't be, why now, she wasn't ready to go back "Anna did you hear me?"

"S-sorry sir, what did you say" she raised her eyes to his level, the shock slowly starting to lift from her. Her boss frowned at her and shook his head in disapproval.

"Here, 5am Monday morning. I want this…" he looked down at the name before looking back up to her again "Desmond Diablo signed first thing in the morning and organise breakfast as well will you" Her chest tighten and she felt like she couldn't breathe, he was going to be here on Monday, the man who had ripped out her heart at the tender age of 18.

"Y-yes sir, may I go home now?" he grunted at her and she took that as a yes, quickly packing up her things and sweeping past him, she didn't need the couch anymore she needed a bar.


Anna sat up and groaned, her head was pounding and she felt as if a truck had been dropped on her. What had she done last night, she remembered the bar and the first few drinks but after that everything was a blur to her. She grabbed a hair tie of the side of the counter and messily tied up her hair which fell to past her shoulder blades and trudge to the kitchen in search for coffee. It had been a while since the last time she had drunk that way and now she remembered why, hangovers were a bitch. She grabbed her cup and curled up on the couch with her knees to her chest, flicking through the channels until she settled on the news. Reports flooded in of fires breaking out in a nearby park and she sighed, there was no doubt it was him. Anna was conspicuous when she arrived, careful to not draw attention to her gifts but Desmond…he was a whole other story. When he arrived there was guaranteed to be a big show and obviously the park was where he had popped up in. Desmond she thought with a sigh, it had been so long since that day she had almost forgot about it all, had almost convinced herself she was human. Of course a part of her knew it had to end one day but she assumed she had a few hundred years left before they dragged her back down there. She had never thought it was fair, all their laws and customs; why couldn't they function like the humans, they had progressed so why couldn't demons? The whole reason she was banished was because of him, well because of that one custom really. When Anna had turned 18 she had been sent to the oracle like all the royals do at that age, the old women demon had examined her, taken a bit of her blood and looked deep down into a pensive of liquid gold which she had poured her blood into and then Anna waited. She waited all day until the oracle announced who her mate was and that was when all hell broke loose. Anna defied him, she refused to submit so the council decided to banish her until she had calmed down and was ready to accept her fate. Desmond of course fought it, saying that he could break her, make her submit to him which only angered her more. Anna didn't want to be a submissive, she wanted to be an equal. Her phone rang and she gently moved back to the kitchen to retrieve it off the counter and frowned when her bosses number came up what does he want now? She flipped it open and took a deep breath, the last thing she wanted was to give him the satisfaction of hearing her hung over

"Anna?" he sounded excited, a bit too excited for her liking. Dread filled her please god, this one time help me out

"Yes Sir" her voice was shaky, she knew already what he was going to say, luck wasn't on her side right now.

"Desmond Diablo called, he wants to meet tonight" she sucked in her breath, her hand trembling again "Be at that downtown Italian restaurant by 8, you know that high end one" a part of her wanted to laugh, her boss was notoriously cheap so for him to be putting this much effort in only meant Desmond was using his influence and she was going to milk it, heck if she was going to be dragged back down into hell she might as well spend her last night racking up the company card.

"I know the one, but sir is there anyone else you could take along, Ryan perhaps?" please god I'm begging you, her eyes we're squeezed shut, her fingers crossed, maybe just maybe she could swing this "He's a much better editor then me and better at sealing deals"

"No, I want you on this one Anna, a pretty face never hurts, if you want call Ryan and tell him he's to come to" better than nothing, she heard the disconnect of the phone and looked at the screen, glaring at it as if it was an angel. She quickly flicked through the numbers and found the one she wanted. Ryan and her we're a couple of some sorts, they weren't exactly exclusive but they weren't seeing anyone else either. He came around a few nights a week to fool around and just to enjoy each other's company without it getting too complicated, there was no point in forming a relationship he would expect to last long term as she would never age. She was fond of him though, he made her laugh.

"Anna Banana, we still on for tonight?" his playful voice rang through her phone which she had put on speaker and on the kitchen top while she rummaged her draws for food.

"Dinner tonight at 8, boss's request" she heard him groan and laughed, he hated the man as much as she did "Come on, don't let me go by myself"

"Why shouldn't I, the only reason he asks you to go is because he thinks a pretty face will help" she cringed, what was with everyone saying that. She grabbed out a bowl and poured some muesli into it before reaching for the fridge

"Mouse face said the same thing, come on Ry, I really need you on this one…I'll owe you" there was a moment's pause and she stared intently at the phone, picturing his goofy smile on his handsome face

"Anything?" she let out a laugh, he was a goof and a bit of a nerd, his idea of anything was a batman marathon.

"Scouts honour" she replied smiling, taking a bite of her muesli and spitting it back into the bowl, her stomach was against her this morning and it was too soon to try and eat

"So you going to tell me why you want me there so badly and why you sound hung-over?" she wrestled with herself, what should she say? She didn't want to get into too much detail but she also knew how forward Desmond could be at the best of times

"We have history, me and this client and I don't want to give him the chance to turn it personal" a different pause hung in the air and she hoped he wasn't jealous, the last thing she needed was a pissing contest and especially one where Ryan would get hurt

"Ah I see, got it, keep the conversation on track, end the night quickly and come home for a round in the sheets" Anna couldn't help but giggle, even in the most awkward situations he managed to lighten the mood "Pick you up at 7.30?"

"Yip, see you later Ry" she heard the click of the phone again and looked towards her room, today was a good day to sleep.