Chapter 28

"Happy New Year!"

As the countdown ended the chorus broke out among the crowd, and Callie found her stomach sinking.

It was like a car crash. She wanted to look away, but she couldn't. She was unable to tear her eyes from Peter.

Peter, kissing a familiar blonde, Ali, as the party goers cheered to ring in the New Year.

Her eyes were closed, her arms around his neck, holding him close to her as his fingers got tangled in her hair.

Callie's vision started spinning.

Peter was kissing Ali.

Why was he kissing Ali?

It was New Year's Eve, duh, stupid.

But why Ali?

Why did she care?

Something she couldn't put a name on filled her, but it made her feel bitter and angry, like she needed to get one up on him.

She quickly tore her eyes from Peter, glancing around the room.

Why did this bother her so much?

She hated the guy.

Callie grabbed the first person she saw and pulled him close to her, kissing him hard on the mouth.

She let her fingers wind themselves into her hair and when he put his hands on her ass she didn't even protest.

No use, she was still thinking about Peter and Ali.

After a few moments she pulled away breathlessly. "Happy New Year," She breathed, her voice husky as she pushed away from him, trying to wipe the image of Peter kissing Ali from her mind.

Her stomach panged and something in her turned.

She didn't know how to feel. She was furious, bitter, angry, yet at the same time she felt like she had been shattered, broken into a million pieces and thrown around.

She blinked a few times.

She couldn't think, she couldn't see, she couldn't hear anything.

She felt like she'd been submerged in water. Everything was dulled. She felt dull.

Maybe that was the problem.

Maybe she was dull. Maybe that's why someone like Peter would rather go for someone like Ali.

She glanced around the party.

She so desperately wanted to leave, to go home, curl up in bed and never see either of them ever again, but she couldn't.

She wasn't going to leave a party because of that jackass and that bitch.


Her eyes widened and her hand flew to her mouth when a familiar face dragged her from her thoughts.

And she thought this night couldn't get any worse.

He smirked, and before she could look again, he was gone, disappeared into the crowd.

She felt sick. How had he found her?

He wasn't even supposed to know she'd come to Cali, let alone to this party.

Her stomach churned. This was all too much.

It didn't make sense.

Fear rose in her. She wasn't letting him back into her life. Not again. Not after what happened last time. She couldn't live like that again. Especially not now that everything was going so well.

Callie stumbled over to the bar and grabbed herself two shot glasses, downing them in one gulp.

That would help.

She found herself two more, and downed them too.

She stumbled around the party for a while, dancing and singing, before finding her way back to the bar and downing two more shots.

She grabbed herself a partly filled bottle of vodka from behind the bar and snuck it out with her.

She sat on the front step outside, taking swigs from the bottle.

It took a little while to get into her system but it all helped. It numbed the pain, it made the world seem slower and easier to deal with.

It made her feel better, so why shouldn't she have more?

She stumbled drunkenly back into the party. She blinked a few times. Everything was starting to spin around her.

She couldn't trust her legs to walk in a straight line. She started laughing to herself, making her way back over to find herself some more shots.

She couldn't breathe properly.

No matter how many breaths she took, she couldn't get enough air into her lungs. Her breathing was slow and laboured.

She felt cold. She shivered slightly, glancing around the room.

Everything was dulled and slower, she couldn't move as fast, she couldn't think as fast, it was like she was struggling in quicksand.

This was where things went wrong.

They always went wrong.

Why did things always go wrong for her?

Was it her?

Was Callie the one that was wrong?

Wrong about this party.

Wrong about Peter.

Wrong about the texts.

Wrong about everything.

She was the reason everything went wrong.

She always was.

It was her fault.

As usual.

She clapped eyes on Gavin, and grinned, starting to stumble over to him, but nothing was working properly.

Suddenly the ground rushed to meet her.

Everything went black.

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