"Sorry doesn't cut it."

Yeah, I know it doesn't. It's the first thing I remember... I know that's something you tell me a lot, isn't it? And you'll never know how much it hurts to hear that, over and over and over... I can forgive it, but I can't get it out of my head to forget it.

"Don't say 'nevermind'..."

I don't understand why you don't like this word! You say it all the time! And yet, I can't! It's amazing how that works... and for all those times I said it and you got mad, there was no other word to use. I've forgiven it, every time, but your reactions are so imbedded in my head that I can't forget that, either.

"Really? You had to say THAT?!"

Gee... didn't know life was all about saying every single word right! It wasn't an insult or anything- I was just stating something and one word wasn't descriptive enough for you, or eloquent enough for you... Now I get to watch to make sure every word is right around you. Forgiven? Yes. Forgotten? As much as I wish I could, no.

"You should see your face when we ask you to do stuff... you're just spoiled!"

Oh yes, the whole "you don't always get what you want" speech wasn't repeated enough, I see. I've told you before- I want to help! But I'm scared to, because whenever I do, you get mad at something because it's not done just the way you want it. You told me that was stupid... that I needed to get tougher, get thicker skin. It's easy to forgive... but...

"You don't do anything!"

Yeah, yeah... heard that one since I was five... Forgive and forget- I know... the latter though, is impossible.

"You know everything."

No, no, no, no! No I don't! I don't! Why... why do you have to say that?! WHY?! Forgive... forget... been over this...

"Yeah, you listen all right! Your ears are painted on! Just do what I tell you! And- no! I don't want to hear it! Listen when I speak! I swear, you never listen!"

Sure, I never listen. That's what you wanna hear, so... there. I said it. But if you'd listen, you'd know that I do listen, and I try to do what you tell me, but... you always get mad... I'll never be what you wanted... will I? I can forgive you, but... it hurts so much... you don't know how much I want to forget.

-kinda choppy, i know... but some of this just needed to be said :'(

have a good day, awesome peoples, and God bless! :)