Twelve year old Grim and thirteen year old Berry were coming back from soul fighting. They entered the hotel and were about to enter Grim's room. Then, Grim stopped in his tracks.

"I sense something" Grim said.

"What is it" Berry asked.

"I sense a spirit," Grim replied, "an annoying, self-centered, cocky spirit."

The door to the hotel room opened and a boy walked out. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked about fourteen and wore pair of grey sweatpants, a white t-shirt, and a cocky smirk.

"Hey, bro," the boy greeted, "nice to see you too."

"Life," Grim growled, "why are you here?"

"You don't seem happy to see me" Life laughed.

Grim glared at his older brother. In response, Life just laughed. Grim moved his gaze up to Life's eyes and Life looked away to avoid eye contact.

"So, who are you?" Berry asked.

"I am Life," Life replied, "Grim's older brother"

"Why are you here" Grim asked.

"Aunt Despair sent me to check up on you" Life replied

"Well, I'm fine," Grim said, "you can go."

"I think I'm gonna stay" Life chuckled.

Grim groaned. Sometimes, Life could be so annoying. Life smirked and cockiness just radiated from him. Berry looked at Life. He was kind of cute. Anyway, the trio began to relax and chat.

The next day, Life, Grim, and Berry were out helping souls once more. Grim was fighting a rather obese soul. It was an older woman. She had a cane that she kept hitting him with.

"Quit it," Grim half demanded, half whined.

"You need to eat more" the soul nagged.

Grim grabbed his scythe and cut the woman in half. She disintegrated in a flash of white light. Grim smiled. He loved helping souls. Then, a ghost bullet hit Grim in the back. He fell forward and passed out. Berry looked at Grim, and then exchanged a glance with Life.

"He ok" Life asked.

"He'll be fine," Berry replied, "he does this a lot."

Grim was used to being comfortable and warm when he awoke. Grim yawned and opened his eyes. He saw Life standing over him and sighed.

"You're fine, huh" Life chuckled.

Grim glared at him. Then, Grim grumbled something unintelligible. Life chuckled again. Sometimes, Grim could be such a little kid.

"Fine you can stay" Grim sighed.

Life smirked and helped his younger brother up. Grim accepted his help. Maybe Life being there wouldn't be so bad.