. . . . .

falling stars

. . . . .

They only come once in a lifetime.



her -

His eyes were so, so bright. Whenever I looked into them, it was like I was seeing an entire galaxy. I should have realized that he was going to move towards bigger things. At the time, I thought I was a lot more than a memory. Sure, I was his and he was mine, but . . . It didn't last. None of it did. We didn't argue, not at all. But the silence, I just hated it. So, I would do little things to grab his attention.

It was all in vain.

If I had known this would happen, I would have kept my distance. Sometimes I wish his arms were still wrapped around me. I would laugh and ask him to sing to me once more. His voice was beautiful—enticing. My hands would glide across the piano, my eyes closed. Those moments are gone now though. I wish I could see his blue eyes smiling at me as we promised to meet up again some time later.

"Meet me at the top of the world, okay?"

I wish.

him -

It was silly to think we would actually last. I want to forget we were ever together because it's just so painful. She was my falling star. I remember how she would play, her hands flying across the keys as I sang along. Sometimes, it almost feels as if she's here with me. I can't believe I was stupid enough to let her go. If I hadn't been so distant, so vague—would we still be in love? Would we still be laughing?

This is all my fault.

"You're so corny! I swear, I'll turn into a tomato sooner or later!"

I was probably a mistake for her. Well, I guess . . . I guess . . . it doesn't matter anymore. I should have cherished all those moments we had. She's gone though, I'll never see her golden hair again or her warm smile. The smile she only gave me. It's not killing me inside. No, it's not that. I'm already dead as it is. Maybe, I've already lost myself in her universe.

I just don't know anymore.



them -

Can memories really last?
Leave it all in the past.
I don't wanna see.
I don't wanna be yours.
It's too hard to know.
So could you just go?
This is the end to our very own show.

Her pale legs dangled off the white porch as she began licking the red popsicle in her hands. The stars shone brightly, as if dancing across the dark blue canvas. She could see her peers dancing around to the latest pop song. A giggle escaped her pink lips as her best friend attempted to flirt with some guys. For such a pretty girl, it was going horribly. You'll find the one, the blonde thought, don't worry.

"Can I sit here?" a boy about her age asked. His dark hair glistened slightly as his blue eyes examined her.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

For the first time, her heart was actually racing.



so, i was listening to
david archuleta and
yeah... this is the
outcome. i hope you guys
like it! :) it was fun
writing it! what do u think
happened between these two?
i honestly don't know...
tell me if you
like it please!
(And yes, I made up those lyrics.)

Best wishes,