I'm sorry if my english is not that good! Did the best I could! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy it!

On Top of the World

I'm on top of the world looking down to people, who are desperately trying to get where I am but are not able to: they trip, they fall…

They don't get that there's place for only a few people up here. They also don't get that there's a little secret to get as high as I did, and maybe further up. But I wouldn't suggest that to anyone, because the upper you go, the most likely you'll be to fall.

That's why where I am would be the best place to be: I'm safe on my feet and I know where I am, so nothing will happen to me or anyone, 'cause if I were to fall then it'd be very probable that I would take a few people down with me, with them note ven noticing!

Blind people trying to get to the top of a mountain. How ridiculous does that sound? Very to me.

A few of them have been able to get a little further up than the rest, but they're still blind and they're just a few feet above the ground, so what they have accomplished doesn't reallyy mean anything.

– They'll never know, will they? – I hear someone ask me.

– No, they won't – then there's a silence.

– What took you so long? – I finally ask, turning around to look at him. He laughs quietly.

– I might have been blinder than what you thought. But I'm here now.

– Yes… you are – we hug.