The Helix Ion – Epilogue

The she re-awoke, ready for the truth.

"Good of you to return to me Charlotte Hudson. I am patient as time is immaterial to me, however for your sake I will be hasty." She sat there facing her God, and Charlotte couldn't help but lift her stern look. She felt happy, the situation was so bizarre that it was the only way her body could process it. "You would like to know more about this 'Helix Ion' as you have named it, what it has to do with you?" He asked delicately. She nodded vigorously. "Good, your curious nature is why I favour your species; among others…"He drifted slightly before snapping back into focus. "The element with atomic mass 115 is how I am communicating to you. It was the medium in which I reached your father and this patient of yours. I sent it here from deep space, as a scout of sorts. Its purpose was to see the evolution of your race, the current religious situation." The Vietnamese host creased his face and shook his head slightly.

"I was not pleased with what I could see. This poor wolf was a whirlwind of confusion and sin by himself. His selfishness and his fear of the world was amplified by the Helix Ion. It put him in a bad way and I guess", he sighed, "I am partially to blame. It certainly took a lot of work to fix this one"; he flourished his paw at the rest of his body. "And even then there were worse things; your father's experience made me cry and sob. I felt that the love I had given your civilisation had been perverted, turned against itself into hate, greed and ignorance." He sighed deeply, "It was my worst nightmare, these 'sunworshippers' as you call them, those wars of ridiculous ferocity." He restrained an outburst of anger. The he smiled.

"But you gave me hope again Charlotte, your compassion even with such an aggressive wolf was astounding. You proved to me that your race are loving beings, more than just animals, roaming the forests and caves in search of partners or mates. You had evolved beyond your ancestors; no longer did you only rely on primal instincts to survive." He continued to smile, "Charlotte, you reminded me of all the good that had been done, that you learned to cook and to paint and to write. He chuckled, "Even building houses, transportation, economies, skyscrapers, monuments…" He stopped himself as he realised the awkwardness of his rant. "I could finally see the emotion, the inspiration and the expression of the wolves. Even now, you reaction demonstrates to me self-control and discipline."

He leaned back, "Simply put Charlotte, you proved to be worth the matter and effort I used to create you." He laughed once again due to her perplexed expression. "Ha ha child! You did not think that was the only use of the 115 did you?" He continued to cackle, this time it was brimming with happiness, not menace. "It was the heaviest element I could make stable within your laws of physics, and it worked well. As I was saying before you fell unconscious, it was only bit of fission here and there before it was done. Hazar!" He cried with great pride, "And certainly in less than 7 days may I add." That time even Charlotte giggled, he certainly had his charm.

From there the discussion went on. Ranging from Charlotte's perception of him to Drawl's idea about the undiscovered effects Helix Ion. All the while Charlotte was examining him, it was irrelevant really but it gave her purpose besides the occasional question. Did a God even have a distinct thought process? He was meant to be everything anyway. He sensed her dedication and played along. As they talked their muzzle bobbed up and down and jittered between exchanges as they got to understand each other. The feeling in the room was electric. That was until Charlotte inquired about Carlos. The God sighed uneasily; he was not used to disappointing his subjects. "It was terrible Charlotte, I was angry, as was your father, we connected." He scratched the back of his head. "No mortal should be able to reach me beyond when they enter heaven. The Helix Ion he had experimented on, pushed him to the limit, I'm afraid it was fate for him to die. I'm sorry, I felt so responsible. If it was not for my self-pity I would have put an end to that war between America and Vietnam instantly." He grinned at the insanity of it all. "I even started to wonder if I was worthy of being an almighty."

"Thank you, but please do not feel his death on your shoulders", she replied carefully, comforting a God wasn't exactly easy. "Those were dark times, we all suffered." He just nodded. Charlotte felt the need to ask about her future, so she did. "Ah, what an excellent question, I'm glad you reminded me. It is currently 2003, in ten years you will be the most famous wolf on the planet, I want you to spread my wisdom, my existence to the world. You will be the start of The Revelation, your kind will be united behind you and facing me. Advances will follow, great ones, and you will be the first step." She blushed and cried tears of joy and thanks. He beamed.

It did not take long for the golden glow to reach the back of her head. The sun was setting. Charlotte felt the irony in the nostalgia; she turned around to enjoy the sun in all its glory. Seeing his discomfort she posed her final question. "But why him, why this one particular wolf?" She was serious.

He waggled his finger and replied, "Nice try but you won't be able to pull me apart that easily, knowing what I'm thinking is impossible, but it is valuable query so I will answer. I saw this poor, malnourished body faced down in a swamp. I thought it was surely a corpse, yet he was breathing. Barely alive, he was clutching a fragment of my meteor and praying." The God allowed a tear to drop out of his eye; it was one that they shared.

With that, The God departed from the Vietnamese wolf's body. Charlotte could just make out his wolven shape before he metamorphosed into a ball of light that sank into the fragment of Helix Ion. The room returned to normal, the air became still. They looked into one another's eyes and smiled. "Charlotte is very fitting name, you are certainly strong as it suggests." He stated with a smile. "So is…" She paused, had I never asked him his name? "What can I call you?" she asked softly.

"Hien, it means I am peaceful and gentle." She nodded, it was correct, for he was once again at peace.