Take me out

You asked where I wanted to go for a date. The question's not where, its what.

Dinner is dull, let's live while we're young. Pick me up in the morning, let's fly kites at sunrise. On the beach we'll find street vendors for juice. Next stop we'll shoot arrows. Longbows of course. I'll beat you but we laugh it all off. You have improved and that makes me proud. It's about noon, take a drive to the forest to shelter from the sun. Surprise me with a picnic lunch spread out on a plaid blanket. Lying in the shade, my head on your chest. Shadows have returned, I'll pull out my camera. Dramatic pictures of each other like we belonged in long-forgotten times. Back on the boardwalk show me a little shop I've not seen before. Meet up with friends and play Cards Against Humanity, trying not to choke on our food as we laugh. Taking our leave, rent out a sailboat. The cool wind blows our hair as we race out to the middle. You on the tiller, I've got the sail. Turn into the wind and anchor. The dropping sun paints the sail orange and we sit with our feet in the water. You reach to put your arm around my shoulders but I slip into the water. The look on your face as I grab your legs and pull you under. Chase each other around the boat. You win and claim your prize. The best underwater kiss I'll ever know. Soaking wet we sail back to the pier. Back at your house grab some popcorn and turn on the playstation. Assassin's Creed 'till dawn.

You asked where I wanted to go for a date. The question's not where, it's with whom.