i've fallen hard for you

like i've never been before

i felt like i was floating...

but then you suffocated me


you said that you were only

physically attracted to me,

why aren't i good enough to

be your girlfriend?


you said you had 2 glasses of wine

when you asked me

2 many 2 know what the hell you were doing

i thought you liked me


when you just wanted to freak with me

sneak with me

lust with me

hate on me


you long for my touch

but you don't long for my voice

you said to cover it up

like i'm a doll


you think i'm unbreakable

but i'll give you a taste


you'll see what you're missing out on


i can't stand what you've done to me

lowest i've ever seen

i'm not good enough

only good in bed


booty calls are no longer welcome

no longer sending you pictures

or flirty messages

don't you dare call me beautiful


because you don't really mean it

you're just in the moment

you're not in reality

i'm a woman

not an object


you call this BS that you don't want a relationship

how the hell are you not over someone if you want me

every night?

you long for me

but you're not over her


get over yourself

and grow the hell up

you're in denial

and i'm not helping you realize





i'm not a fool

this is not what i deserve

i deserve someone that will love me

not someone that will desert me


you see me like an object, a toy

to be played with

to hurt with

to abuse with


you've had your chance

i've given you plenty

now don't text me anymore

and live with yourself


you say you're attracted to me

but be attracted to this

you'll have to see me for another


and see what you missed