give it up to me
give it up to me
you say
you say to me
in the most natural way
the most casual way
how can you ask me
to do just that?
when you know how much
my body means to me?
i told you about my dark past...
..the way they used it
abused it
confused it
i thought that i deserved that type of love
and i thought you were another twisted case
but now i know
i deserve much better
after consulting my friend, the only one
that knows what it feels like
to lose it
when you didn't want to
she told me not to waste it
on you
how does that feel?
i bet you don't care
begging for me
begging to fulfill your fantasies
that fill your mind at night
but i'm nothing more to you
would it be so hard to care
about me?
what about what i feel?
i don't want to give it up
give it up
to you
just because you ask
i couldn't see through the compliments
"Very beautiful"
"so damn sexy"
but now i see
they were all tricks
no matter if they were true
you just wanted one thing
and i won't give it to you
i won't give it up to you
give it up to you
give it up to you
give it up to you
you say that it's "no biggie"
but "it's okay"
you "respect that"
like hell you do
you want me
in only one way
i deserve much better
i want to be with someone
who cares
who loves
who wants
i thought i could settle
but my heart got in the way
i thought i could
take you
how i could get you
how could i have been so stupid?
you caught me red handed
you asked me...
"did you hope this would evolve into more?"
i denied it
i compromised it
i compromised me
how could i have been so stupid?
so careless?
so sacrificial?
so masochistic?
i've been living a lie
but i cannot get over you
i'm stuck on you
you have a spell on me
you know how to reel me in
you know how to take me in
to make you win
to fake and sin
but you've always been a terrible liar
i know you've wanted me
since you've met me
you wanted me in the worst way
and now i have to walk away