The Suitcase

Mark Lomeren walked through airport security, the metal detector going off in result of his keys. He took them out and stepped through again without incident. He picked up his keys and walked on, placing his suitcase on the conveyor belt. It went through and he picked up the brown case. As he turned to walk back he was stopped by a voice.

"HEY! Wait up. You with the brown suitcase wait." Mark turned around.

"Hey, what do you need?"

"Hi, my name is Pavel Kravchenko." The man said with a strong Russian accent. "What flight are you on?"

"I'm on the next flight to Pasadena, why?"

"I'm on the same flight," Pavel said, "and I was wondering if you could take my suitcase. I can't afford the extra charge for my suitcase. I already have two. Please can you take it for me?" Mark was hesitant to answer as he thought it over.

"Hey," Pavel said, "It's nothing illegal. It has already been through security." Mark thought it over once more.

"Sure, yeah man."

"Thanks man you're a lifesaver. I'm going to get back to my family."

"Alright, seeya on the flight."

Pavel walked off, disappearing into the crowd of people. Mark walked back to the waiting area, and sat, playing Angry Birds on his phone.

As Mark waited, a man in a black suit came up to him.

"James Dorwell, have you seen this man?" James had a signature Russian accent as well and held up a picture of Pavel. "He's my idiot brother."

"Yeah, he went that way." Mark said, pointing in the direction Pavel went.

"Thank you." James walked off, and the smirk he wore made Mark uncomfortable.

Marks wife Anne, approached him next, not questioning the strange suitcase that Mark carried.

"Hey," he said, kissing her hello.

"Hi." She said, a baby in her arms.

"Hello Jordan." Mark said, kissing the baby.

"Flight 307 to Pasadena now boarding. Flight 307 to Pasadena now boarding."

"Well that's us. Let's get going."

Mark and Anne boarded the plane. Mark looked around for Pavel, not seeing him anywhere. He shrugged, assuming the Russian missed his flight.

He sat down on the left row, his window facing the airport terminal. He looked through the window of the plane, and in turn looking through the glass windows of the terminal. As he watched the people move about he saw Pavel, standing with James and another man. They each set down briefcases, opened them, and pulled things out. As they constructed them he realized, Sub-Machine-Guns! They stuck the magazine in and fired into the crowd of average people.

The airport goers fell and blood sprayed. Screaming ensued everywhere, even inside the plane. The aircraft immediately started moving, hoping to escape the bloodshed. As they sped down the runway, the wheels ascended, and they were flying.

Everyone on-board was freaking out, as people screamed and made phone calls. Mark was in a state of complete shock as he stared at the suitcase that lay before him on his lap. He undid the clips, and opened the suitcase.

Mark looked inside, confused by the strange bundle of wires he saw. The shocking realization struck him like a wave, as he realized what was in the suitcase. He looked up and screamed "BOMB!" and was hit with the hot fire of an explosion. In that instant, Mark Lomeren, was no more.