Love Letters – A Novelette

Chapter III – Home

Jim knew that it was completely senseless returning to Savannah. There wasn't really anything left for him there. His life was in New York now. He couldn't just pack up his things and head over. What if Bess wasn't even in Georgia anymore? The only reason why she would stay would be for you. A voice in Jim's thoughts exclaimed. He pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration before getting up. He got a large suitcase from underneath his bed and began packing. Something made him stop half way and he sat on the edge of his bed.

"Shit," he groaned. "What am I doing?"

Jim pulled out his phone and began dialing his father's number. Wait…why was he calling his father? The receiver on the other end picked up and Jim felt his throat run dry and the words just disappear all together.

"…the hell? Hello? Who's calling?" Dorian shouted in the phone. "Damn it; tell me who's calling me!"

Jim cleared his throat.

"Uhm, hi…Dad, it's me. Jim," he said, tensely. "I — I, um…"

"Why the hell are you calling me, Jim?" Dorian questioned, nearly losing his temper.

Jim could practically see his father's furious face and a usual bottle of vodka in his hand as he slumped in his wingchair in front of the TV.

"I…I don't know."

There was another pause. Jim sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. Why was this so difficult?

"Have you…um, have you heard from Bess?" Jim inquired, feeling a knot in his throat.

"No, why don't you call her instead…damn it, don't call me again."

The line was dead after Jim's father hung up. There was no way he could go stay with his father now. Maybe Mrs. Warwick would let him stay in one of her guest rooms. She had often done that for him after Jim's father would come home drunk or with a lady friend. There had been a few times when his father ended up beating him while drunk. That was another reason why he and Bess had been such good friends. Both of their fathers had affairs outside their marriage. Jim knew his own mother had been already damaged so much by that point. Her weakened heart had taken her life. Jim knew that his father's affair had made it even worse. That was something he could not change but he wished he could have.

Even Bess had a tough childhood. Jim remembered that her father had had an affair with a rich client from Los Angeles and abandoned Mrs. Warwick and Bess for his client three months later after Mrs. Warwick found out about the affair. She discovered her husband's affair from someone else.

"I can't go back." Jim muttered, annoyed.

He knew it was daft…going back home. Everyone he knew there would want some sort of explanation. And hell, what was he going to tell Bess? How could he explain to her that he ran away because he…well, Jim had been just plain stupid. There would be questions like, "What made you come back to Savannah?" "Why did you leave Bess? You were thick as thieves growing up." "Where have you been for the past five years, Jimmy?"

He continued packing anyway, despite the ongoing war with his heart and his mind. A part of him wanted to go home but the other refused to leave New York.

"Get a grip, man," Jim hissed. "It's just your home."

Once he was packed, he booked his flight to Atlanta and a bus to Savannah from there. He couldn't believe he was actually dropping everything in New York. James Mulligan was going home. He was going home because of Bess. I'm coming, Bess.


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