It was a stupid argument. One that shouldn't have happened... We said so many horrible things to each other. I slammed the door and walked away, left him crying on the floor. It was stupid. We loved each other too much to argue like this. I had crossed the street and thought about him. I turned back around, about to run back to the house and tell him that I was sorry... I didn't make it. I opened my eyes a little. There was a crowd around me. He was by my side, more tears falling from his eyes onto my face. I cupped his cheek weakly and smiled. "I know I caused those tears... I'm sorry... Adam..." His sob was the last thing I heard as I slipped away.

It was dark but I somehow knew which direction to walk. My hands were tucked deep into my pockets. I kicked at imaginary rocks... "Eric!" I looked around. It sounded like he was calling me. I saw a small sliver of light. I was able to grip it and pull. I pulled hard until thee was a hole big enough for me to walk through. My funeral. So many people were there. But I only saw him. He was sobbing the most. He was blaming himself. I reached out to him. I wanted to comfort him and tell him that it wasn't his fault. Something wrapped around my out-stretched arm and pulled it back. What was happening? I reached out with my other hand. I was so close to touching his cheek. I only grazed it as something grabbed my other arm. It wrapped around my legs and pulled me back into the darkness. I was on a giant web. I twisted and struggled but I couldn't get out. The web was guilt. It quickly began to wrapped my body. I saw myself standing there watching me struggle.

I reached out, hoping I would help myself but I only stood there, then disappeared. My eyes widened. It felt like I was sinking. I reached ahead of me, hoping to find a hand that would save me. Soon my arm was the only thing sticking out. Then a hand held mine and pulled me out. I landed on a flat surface on my knees. Adam was there looking at me, crying. "Oh thank god!" He hugged me and sobbed. I knew what he did but I hugged him tighter.

"You idiot. Why did you go and can yourself?"

He sniffled then choked out a laugh along with his sobs. "These past years... I couldn't do it Eric. I couldn't do it without you." The web began to wrap around the both of us but we sat there, hugging and sobbing. We sat there until the web consumed us both. But he woke up. And I was alone in that world again.

I know this is really short. It's kinda the ending to the story Bodies. Eric was hit by a car. He went to a place that is like Limbo but not exactly. The web is the web of guilt that takes souls and traps them. Adam overdosed on pills and was revived. He eventually commits suicide again and ends up trapped with Eric. To kinda make it epic, listen to Trouble by Coldplay. That's how I made the story. Hope it wasn't too sad or whatever. Bye~