Her first thought had been to struggle. If she could somehow push against this person, she might be able to knock him into the wall but since they were sprawled onto the ground, it was pretty much impossible.

She could feel his breath hot against her neck. Then he whispered calmly.

'Stop. Don't scream. I'm on your side.'

He had clamped one hand on her face while the other locked her hands together behind her. If she groped, she could feel the cold metal of his gun. She wanted to focus, but his empowering scent distracted her.

She nodded. But when he didn't remove his hand immediately, she bit him.

He yelped and waivered for a moment. That moment was enough. Her senses sharpened by the years of self defence training her parents insisted on, she yanked his gun out of his belt and whirled around pointing at him.

His low chuckle threw her off.

'Hello Mirana, feisty as ever, I see.'

Nearly knocking the door of its hinges, Hunter crashed into the room with a baseball bat. Vivienne and Charlotte came behind him.

'What the hell was tha-' He stopped mid-sentence as he took in the scene.

'Who are you?' Mirana asked in a steely voice.

'Really Mirana, I thought that you had a better memory.'

'Answer me.'

'Theatrics apart, I'm agent Miles.'

When she didn't show any signs of recognition, he continued with a sigh and his odd accent that she couldn't seem to place.

'I used to work with your parents, Deinara and Ward Thayer. That's Hunter Bryce, Vivienne Rayne and Charlotte Thayer behind you.
Seriously Mirana, We met at your parents' funeral too. I was the one who shot the first shell.'

Something about the way he said it, so blandly, made her infuriated. As I it had no real importance. But despite that she realized that she believed him. Something about his voice rang with truth.

Reluctantly, she lowered the gun. She had started to remember him and she figured that the best way to figure out this mess was to trust him.

'As glad as I am that you have reached your senses, we have to hurry. I would rather like to leave before our dear friends arrive.' He said with a smile, ' How about I have that back?'

' How about I hang onto that for a while.' She replied and stuffed the gun into her back pocket.

'Ooooh...bad idea. You know how Mad-Eye feels about stuffing your weapons in the back. Wouldn't want you losing some...cargo.' He said with a smirk.

Ignoring him she packed her bags with the sturdiest clothes she could find. Ignoring all the pretty dresses that Charlotte had bought her she packed the album as well on second thought. Might as well she figured.

Then as if by intuition she realized that it may be the last time she saw her home.

This was rather extreme, considering nothing too major had occurred. She wondered if she was just over reacting.

She gave Miles' gun to Hunter, equipped Vivienne with a spare one and grabbed her mother's gun. The gun she hadn't touched in a year because every time she did, she saw her mother lying dead on the ground, her hand loosely wrapped around it.

Miles silently let her turn most of the lights off and even though he knew it wouldn't be much use after 7 minutes to be precise, he let her lock the doors behind her.

When Mirana's parents had been killed in service, she had thought that she had had enough. It had been so impersonal, when the Chief had told her that her parents, who were part of the secret services, had been killed in action. Then he had awkwardly hugged the stiff 17 year old. She had waited patiently for a whole year with her mother's brother as her and her sister's legal guardian.

Then a month later he too had been murdered because of affiliation.

The same routine had been repeated and before she knew it the chief was back again telling her how sorry he was. This time she had walked away before he could try to comfort her.

She had found solace in her friends and had tried not to become too dependant on others. Everyone was right. People left with only a broken soul as their legacy.

Breathing in the suddenly chilly air she pulled her jacket tighter around her.

It felt a little odd to be leaving her home just because she had heard wails and crashes...and because there had been a blackout... and because everyone was missing...

Suddenly on the alert she realized that she hadn't even tried asking Miles what was wrong. And why had he broken into their home? If he really was on their side then hadn't he just said so?

And that was the second time Mirana Thayer drew her weapon towards Miles.

'Haven't we already been over this?' He asked exasperated. There was 5 minutes left.

'Why did you break in? You have to explain what is happening before we come with you.'

'She's right. You still haven't explained what is happening. You cant just expect us to follow you away.' Vivienne said.

'Well then, sweetheart, you are out of luck. I'm afraid that I don't have the right to explain. You're just gonna have to suck it up and trust me.'

He had barely finished when the ground shuddered as a huge explosion destroyed everything within a half mile radius. It was far away but the intense sound and the quake produced knocked them off their feet.

Gravel dug into her face but Mirana quickly got up. Then she saw the huge cut across her arm. It bled profusely and it was absolutely ridiculous since she had treated `so many bloody patients but the blood made her sick.

But ignoring it and the sharp jab she felt in her ankle when she stood up, she moved towards the others. Miles seemed unperturbed and was cursing as he checked something on his...thingy.

But thwarting her curious thoughts, she helped Vivienne up. Hunter had already pulled Charlotte up.

This time they followed Miles without a question.

'Alright, listen to me carefully. We have just less than 2 minutes before this place blows up in a similar way. We have to hurry so you better swallow up your questions.' Miles said as if it had been up to him he would have left them here.

Gulping down her horrified cry she drove the car as fast as she could. The potential of the situation was finally settling on her. Even though she would be lying if she said that she was understanding what was happening, Miles's authority was currently unquestioned...

She was driving and trying to talk to Charlotte both at the same time.

Hunter held Charlotte and Vivienne just ignored everything and cursed.

Whereas Miles acted as the super annoying agent, who kept them up to speed about how many seconds they had before they died. Gee! How bloody nice!

Then the bloody countdown started.

'Cant you drive bloody quicker!? 10...9...8...7...'

Now Mirana knew what it felt like to have your life flash before your eyes.

Ignoring Miles's frantic counting Mirana turned around and grasped Hunter's hand.


Passing a smile that she hoped conveyed how essential he was to her, she turned to Vivienne. Once she had repeated the gesture, she reached back and kissed Charlotte's forehead.

'Loving the "final goodbye" but I would just like to tell you that we have 4 seconds left till we die. How bout you drive the last half kilometre.'

He said after checking his thingie. Pushing the accelerator a final time, she raced away and got the feeling like they just might make it.

Then the whole place exploded and the car was rocketed out of the sky.