d e lus i on a l

. . . . .

"Too perfect,

too calm."

. . . . .

In the midst of all the people, stood a fountain. One with a stature that told an onlooker of its value. The translucent water dance gallantly as the people threw coins into it. Small chatter erupted from the crowd, the sound resonating throughout the entirety of the town square. A smile graced upon Lanie's lips as she stared down at everyone, a look of contentment evident in her green eyes. These people—she wanted them to stay safe and unharmed. Their laughter was something she wanted to hear everyday, but with the war going on in other regions...

It was hard to find.

And Lanie didn't want to hear maniacal laughter either—she wanted to hear true happiness ringing in her ears. Maybe with all that was going on, she was being delusional. Yet the wish still remained within her as she leapt off of the tall building. Once again, that peaceful moment everyone was sharing was ruined.

I hate doing this, she thought as she readied her weapon. A look of horror passed everyone's features as she aimed her gun towards an innocent citizen.

"I'm sorry."


Another life lost.

Another day gone.


sorry about it not making sense.
i actually added more, but
it didn't feel right to me so
this is what you get.
Lanie's actions contradict
with what she wants to
do because there's
something at stake.
imagine what you want.
but there is something to
be lost if she just quits whatever
she's doing.

Best wishes,