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"Alright, take your seats." The teacher walked in, taking his place at the front of the school. His eyes scanned the room in one swift motion, taking note of the empty seats of absent students. He clicked his pen and scribbled down several notes, pretending not to notice the whisperings of the several boys and girls in the corners of the room. Or, as Hikari liked to refer to it, a prison made for the sole purpose of wringing out every possible last drop of sanity inside her by surrounding her with the bitchiest of girls, mind-boggling douches for boys, and teachers who seemed like they didn't understand the meaning of 'shut up for a moment please'.

She yawned into her hand, breathing out an air of exasperation and tiredness. Half-heartedly, Hikari copied down the notes that were written down on the board, not even bothering to listen to the lecture of the day. She tapped the bottom of her pencil against the desk, a fast rhythm filling the room alongside with the scratches of lead against paper. Hikari hardly registered any noise until she heard her name being called.

"Hikari Miyazaki!" The teacher snapped, a deafening boom echoing through the room as he brought his hand down on his desk. All movement stopped, and all heads turned to her. She frowned, and did no effort to hide her distaste as she stared up at the towering male in front of her desk.

"Yes?" She asked venom implanted into that one word.

"Meet me once class is over, please." Even with the please, Hikari noticed the not-so-subtle fury that raged underneath the sentence. Dissatisfaction in her reply, Hikari quietly mumbled her agreement, glaring at the man's back as he walked back to resume the lesson.

"She's such a delinquent…" A whisper frantically said, somewhere behind her.

"I know right? Makes me wonder how she actually managed to get into this school…" Another responded in awe.

A quick glower ended the conversation.

Fuck this, she thought, glaring at the clock.

The tinny bell rang, and soon the students were up out of their seats and moving to their occasional groupies. Gritting her teeth a bit, Hikari scooted out of her chair and trudged on to the teacher's room.

She stuffed her hands into the blazer's pockets, not caring if the students chattered about her, or something else, casted a glance at her or someone else. She never had time for any of those things. She preferred solitude and quietness, aside from the noisy clatter of society and people. Everything was distracting her, and she hated it. Hikari opened the door to the teacher's lounge, letting out a sigh pass heavily through her nostrils. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a girl speaking with a teacher. Out of simple human curiosity, Hikari gave her an interested glance.

Blonde hair glowed softly, shimmering somewhat in the dull light of the office. It fell down her back in gentle waves, and her complexion was fair, yet not deathly pale. She held the softest and most demure of smiles, her eyes a hue of blue that held kindness. All in all, it was safe to say that she was the closest to an angel there was in this god-forsaken school. Or, so it was to Hikari. The said girl turned her head, her hair bouncing softly at the motion. Catching Hikari's eye, her smile grew a bit, adding a brief yet kind nod. A bit awkwardly, Hikari returned a smile, a bit dumbfounded.

Hikari had never been captivated by anyone, let alone a girl.

"Miyazaki!" A sharp call jerked her away from the girl. An instant frown planted itself on Hikari's face, and she trudged over to the teacher yelling her name. They kept hard eye contact, boring into each other's souls. It was a tense silence, and the conversations around them faded to nothingness in their ears.

"Yes?" There was a challenge hidden in her voice, bold (though almost stupid) conviction in her tone.

"Do you understand as to why you are here?"

"Not really." She mumbled, looking off to the side. Her eyes drifted off to glance at the teacher before she went back to staring at that invisible spot in the corner that interested her. "Kidding, I do. I screwed up, so that's why I'm here, am I right?" Hikari stated a bit too proudly. It rewarded her with another piercing glare that did no effort to trouble her.

"And exactly which part did you screw up on?"

"For not paying attention."

By then, Hikari had solid eye contact with the man, like before. His expression seemed to pity her, to be disappointed in her, but most of all seemed to say, "What the hell am I supposed to do with this girl?" The thought made a surge of rage to bolt through her body, before quelling down.

"Listen; I want you to be successful in life. So that's why I want you to pay attention next time, alright?" What a joke. It was an absolute and sick joke to Hikari; he was just repeating the same spiel as the yesterday, the day before that, the week before that, and so on and so forth. Did he honestly think that parroting the same line of wanting her to be successful will build up the illusion that he actually cared about her? That he wanted to help her? An involuntary scoff escaped Hikari; what an incredible lie.

Even so, Hikari forced her thanks and walked out of the door. Only when she was in a quiet corner did she punch the wall and yell out her frustrations.

All of them were the same. They were all just like him. Trying to make her believe false promises and trying to make her believe their little game. But she wasn't like them. Hikari knew so much better, and she didn't give a shit about what others thought. She was going to make it on her own. She wasn't going to be like that one man; never in her damn life.

"I'm home." Hikari called out later that evening, her voice nonchalant as she slipped her feet out of her shoes. There was no noise, aside from the click of the lock as Hikari closed the door. She's not home yet, Hikari thought as she plodded up the stairs. Strange…

Hikari flopped down on her bed, throwing aside her book bag to the side, the contents spilling on the floor. Not a sound was heard through the house, save for the quiet metronome that was her heartbeat. Hikari stared at the ceiling, not knowing on what to exactly do; the peaceful silence that the world offered to her was a treat that she seldom indulged in. She basked in the quiet for several long minutes before twisting her body to her side, stretching for the small handbook and pen that rested on her bedside table. Returning back to her former position, she flipped through the pages, looking at the dated and one-line entries.


Everything was the same; boring.

Hikari thumbed to another page.


Today was boring as usual; no surprise there.

Flipping a bit more, she reached the next empty page, and quickly dated the page.


Today was a bit more eventful than usual.

There was a girl.