"You seem…well today." Nanami commented, stacking her papers in neat and perfect piles. Hikari rolled her eyes and yawned loudly, stretching languidly as she did. Unlike Nanami who took care into placing her stationaries in her bag, Hikari stuffed them into the front pocket of her book bag before getting up from her seat. A crowd had begun to buzz around the blonde, bombarding her with questions and formalities. Hikari exhaled heftily through her nostrils, digging her hands into her pockets as she exited the room. She paid no mind to the conversing students that gave her fleeting glances and even frightened looks as she passed by. She could only jeer at them internally, but managed a passive expression as she made her way to the stairs that led to the roof.

Shoving the door open, Hikari had half-expectedly to see a head of blonde hair sitting, waiting to turn her head so that she could see those annoying blue eyes that pierced Hikari's black ones. But of course, she remembered the crowd that surrounded Nanami daily and Hikari rolled her eyes, plopping herself on the pavement. She grunted when the impact was harder than expected, but nonetheless remained mute.

Hikari fidgeted, not being able to find a comfortable position to stay in. She twisted her body here, adjusted herself there, and even got up several occasions to switch her place. Just when she would find a spot that she deemed perfect, there would be a small detail that irked her; the sun was showing too much, it was a bit too cool, it was too warm, and now the wind was pushing her hair around annoyingly. Letting out a small cry of frustration, she rested on her back, giving up. She glared up to the sky, the bright cerulean cloudless and empty.

There was something missing, but she couldn't exactly figure out what it was.

Realizing that mere silence and solitude was not going to give her the comfort she needed, Hikari rolled on her stomach, then to her previous position. She continued that motion for a while, before the metallic creak of the door signaled the appearance of a newcomer. Lifting herself up from her spread-eagle position, Hikari sat on her knees. Nanami closed the door, giving Hikari a soft smile as she made her way to the girl. Hikari waited patiently, but then decided she was bored of waiting and flopped back down.

"Were you waiting a long time?" Nanami mused, a smile clearly evident in her tone. Hikari made a face, rolling her eyes. Another breeze blew, but this time it was much tamer than the last gust, playfully brushing her cheek before running off to find another victim.

"Not necessarily," Hikari mumbled, raising her arm to block the sun from her direct line of sight.

There was a small pause before Nanami released a fit of giggles. Hikari frowned a bit, wondering what she had done to entertain Nanami easily once again. Deciding not to question it, Hikari relaxed , the unnecessary tension leaving her joints. She yawned loudly, which caught the attention of Nanami whom muffled a laugh.

Fed up with no answers, Hikari turned to her stomach, her obsidian eyes narrowing at the blonde. "What's so funny?"

She smiled. "You."

Hikari's eyebrow twitched up in annoyance. "What about me?"

Nanami tilted her head to the side, and then scooted closer so that her face was almost the only thing Hikari could see. "Everything in general. You're just so…cute." She murmured. Hikari's face became increasingly hot, and whether it was from the abnormally warm day or the small sliver of chance that she was actually blushing, she didn't know. But something in her chest was pounding, and it was irritating, confusing, and annoying. There was a finger on her cheek, and Hikari glared up at Nanami, the ghost of the poke still tickling her face.

"What?" She drawled, mustering up her venom as she went back on her back. She foolishly stared directly in the sun, and she hissed a bit at the sight. Hikari then decided to roll on her side, her back facing both the sun and Nanami. Her heart was leaping all around, skipping beats at large intervals, and she had no idea what the hell was going on with her. She tucked in her knees a bit, now in an S-like shape. Staring fixedly at the cracks on the roof, neither of them said anything, just listening to the drone of civilians going about their business. By then, the question Hikari had asked minutes ago was forgotten.

Deciding that she no longer wanted to be wading in an uncomfortable silence with the delinquent, Nanami shattered the silence. "What's the favorite part of your usual day?" She asked, turning her head to look at the mussed pile of brown. It shifted a bit, revealing a drowsy-looking Hikari, who had apparently dozed off again. Nanami smiled while Hikari scowled.

"What do you mean?" She asked her tone slow and unsure.

Nanami shrugged. "Like, just what's your favorite part of your day," Nanami repeated. She paused, placing a finger on her chin, digging herself deep into thought as she thought of a way to rephrase her question. "When you usually reflect on your day, which events stick out to you the most, you know?" An uneasy smile crossed her face, and it was quite humorous seeing such an expression on Nanami; it contrasted to her usual easy-going and confident attitude that she loved to showcase. A smirk climbed onto Hikari's face, a sound that was a hybrid of a gag and laugh emitting from her.

"Most of my days are uneventful, really," Hikari confessed, turning away from Nanami. That damned scent of vanilla was getting stronger and strands of blonde hair were tickling her face. Nanami was just hovering over Hikari, and she was torn on shoving the girl away or letting her do as she pleased. Going for the latter choice, Hikari hoped dearly that she wouldn't regret her decision.

There was a soft air buffeting her ear as Nanami giggled. "You're funny, Hikari," Nanami whispered. She came closer, and Hikari tensed up, tucking her knees in more. "You want to know my favorite part of my day?"

No, Hikari thought furiously, and I don't want to know you little cunt. Now get away from me.

"What is it?" She asked, no more than a whisper. Dammit Hikari!

There was a prideful air that exited Nanami, and the brown-haired girl couldn't tell if the blonde was sneering or smirking. "Talking to you."

Hikari stayed in her rigid position, long after Nanami had moved away with a smile planted on her face and returned to her previous spot. She couldn't relax, no matter how hard she tried; it was like Nanami's words bounded her wrists and feet together. She had no way how to cut herself loose from the ropes, and they were chaffing her skin raw. Something else was blocking her nasal passage, and she couldn't breathe right. Her heart was ravaging in her chest, like it was trying to get away from her chest. Hikari had no idea what was happening, but all she knew was that Nanami was the cause of it.

Taking a breath of air, all of the bindings seemed to become undone, and Hikari had control of her body once more. She twisted on her back, stretching her arms and legs. An annoying voice giggled behind her, and she sent a glare. Her vision was upside-down, but Hikari could clearly see that disgusting and sickening smile on Nanami's face. Initially, she had felt that normal annoyance at seeing her expression, but now it was watering down to something else. Her heart was starting to pound again.

Nanami's smile went away and her face furrowed into worry. "Are you alright?" She asked, reaching out a hand to Hikari. She sat up and nodded her head, without looking at Nanami.

"Yeah. Just…don't worry about it," Hikari mumbled. She almost ran off when she heard the bell ring.


Akio didn't call for me today. Surprise there.

Nanami tried talking to me on the roof. No surprise there.

Something's happening to me, and it's all Nanami's fault.

Surprise, surprise.

"Hikari!" Yuu called out from the kitchen, pulling Hikari out of her trance. Scrunching her nose, she stuffed her notebook underneath her pillow, knowing that she would most likely forget where she placed it and tear her bedroom apart looking for it. It happened once today.

"Yeah?" Hikari said with her tone loud and clear for her mother to hear.

"Go out to get some ingredients will you dear?" Hikari was about to protest, but was cut off with a, "Thank you, sweetie!"

"Let's make this trip uneventful, can we?" She whispered to herself.

Her dream died when she heard that familiar voice behind her, along with the scent of vanilla.

"My, if it isn't Hikari; what are you doing here?" Nanami said curiously, stepping in line beside Hikari.

"Why else wouldn't I be here, Saito?" Hikari rolled her eyes, holding up a plastic basket filled with various produce. Nanami did an understanding nod, a smile growing on her face.

"Oh, getting ingredients for your dinner now are we?"


"Do you cook?"

"I help out." Hikari turned her head away. "Sometimes," she said lowly under her breath.

"What was that?"

She cleared her throat. "Nothing." Hikari took a step forward, and placed her basket in front of the cashier, who began scanning the items.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a man with a woman. The woman was awfully familiar, and soon enough Hikari realized that the man was familiar as well. Painfully so.

"Damn him," Hikari cursed, slapping money into the cashier's hand. He looked puzzled for a bit, before brushing it off and said, "Thank you for shopping with us!" before bowing. Hikari said nothing in return and nearly bounded for the exit.

"Dai, isn't that the girl we ran into several days ago?" Hikari stopped in her tracks, throwing a vicious glare at the tramp and Dai. The girl gave Hikari a disapproving glower while Dai looked away, unsettled. Hikari opened her mouth to say something, to at least give a witty remark or a petty insult, but nothing came. She was gaping like a fool, and decided to say "Fuck!" over her shoulder as she stomped outside.

She kicked a nearby can onto the road, a small window to vent her burning anger. She ignored everything, trying to lose herself in her own world where everything was quiet, where everything was fine, where she had an actual father that didn't constantly raise her mother's hopes up in returning, only to stab her in the back and jeer as he goes on another affair with some girl he met in the streets.

Hikari didn't even realize her hands were balled into fists until someone placed a gentle hand on top. She whipped her head to the side, sending a threatening glare into those blue eyes that shone too damn bright even in the darkening lighting. Nanami still had a smile on her face, but it was soft, not like that energetic smile that she usually had.

"Are you okay?" She asked quietly, giving a faint squeeze. It managed to loosen Hikari's fist, but it was still somewhat curled.

"Somewhat," Hikari muttered incoherently, her nose now registering that familiar scent of vanilla now. It was a very obvious lie, because she knew that she was not okay physically, mentally, and quite possibly emotionally as well. But Nanami didn't question it any further, and just gave quiet support as they walked over to Hikari's house.

Everything was suddenly turned down to mute, and a faint smile managed to work its way on Hikari's face. She didn't know what it was, but something about being next to Nanami was more enjoyable than being alone.