Now we return to the heroes of this barren land some three years later. The people of this hell may not speak a word of god or they think outside of their own desires, but they have learned respect and fear the C-3 their dark heroes. The time has once again come for the mighty C-3 to push their power to their limits. Something that has not been done since the great fire. A new evil has spread through-out the small world they call home but this one is not of nature or of man. The devils army march through the streets reaping the souls of gods rejected people without discretion. Now when their world needs them more than ever, where are they? The C-3 has never allowed so many to die.

Meanwhile at the outskirts of the damned city lies the home of the C-3. Here they stay locked away from the people and their cries for help. The house is two stories tall but sleek and vary small. Around it lie condemned buildings that have far since past their prime. The small town home is full of old books more so than anything. Only candles light the rooms and old rusty scrap metal made the doors and most of the roof, the tables and chairs were all hand crafted wood but designed rather poorly.

"Riya, shouldn't at least one of us be watching over the citizens? I know you can hear the screams too!" questioned Wolf as she sat carelessly on the windowsill.

Wolf took out one of two revolvers from holsters under her arms and begun cleaning it.

"No, the darkness we face is different. Judging from these old texts we're missing something… it's as though the ones from the Crystal government foretold this day many years ago." Said Riya, who is sitting in one of the crudely made chairs in the center of the room with an old book in her lap. "The Crystal government said in the final days of this world Hell's army will march through the streets and the demons will slay every man, woman and every child."

"Hmm, I like to see them try and kill me… honestly it sounds kind of fun." Said Wolf as she looks over to Riya. "Bang," she shouts. "Since we took down that drug dealer gang six months ago it's been so boring"

"Wolf I did not expect for you to understand, I don't even know why I waste my breath on you sometimes." Riya says as she closes the book, "not everyone has your powers you know. Think of others for once blooming twit!" she walks over to the guard rail. "Raven, Raven, come up here it's time for a family meeting. I know you hear me girl!" She yelled down to the bottom floor.

After a couple of minutes Riya heard the creaking of someone walking up the metal spiral staircase. Seeing that Raven was on her way up, Riya retired back into the room. Soon after Raven walked into the room. It was immediately obvious that she was interrupted from a nice rest. Her sandy brown hair was sticking up in a million different directions in the front and matted down in the back. Her silver eyes were full of exhaustion. Her gray jacket was zipped all the way up covering her mouth as always. In her arms were four chocolate muffins that she salvaged from the downstairs table.

"Nice to see that you finally joined us, there's a lot we need to go over about the safety of our citizens and ourselves." Said Riya as Raven takes the seat next to her and unzips her coat. She gobbled down one of the muffins. "As you can plainly see we're not dealing with ordinary humans that we can just slay and be done with."

"How would you know?" Wolf asks. "We haven't so much as fought they single one of those bloody things! As soon as they appeared you order us to retreat back to base!"

Riya sighed and took out a comb from under a book on the reading desk beside her then walked over Raven. She combed out her hair when she saw Raven was still half asleep.

"It's because I feel as though I've seen them before. That is why I know our powers won't work on them and we won't be enough ourselves." Riya responded.

"Was it a memory… did you remember something about who you were?" Raven wailed and turned around to face her.

"I'm afraid not," Riya said as she turned Raven back around so she could finish doing her hair. "But I heard of another in a nearby town that has powers just like us. I didn't manage to catch his name though."

"His? So we're talking about a guy?" Wolf questioned. "There all the same all bark and no bite. I doubt there is a man alive that can match our strength."

"I am by the stories I've heard. His powers would put ours to shame… and one last thing he might know my true identity," Riya admits.

The room fell silent except for the sound of Raven who chewed away another muffin.

"So," Wolf clears her throat. "All we have to do is find some stupid guy, defeat an evil army of bloodthirsty demons and stop the Apocalypse. Maybe you'll get your memory along the way! Sounds fun… so let's stop wasting time and get to the interesting parts!"

"Okay then." Riya pulls out a small map of the town she heard the man lived in the group got together and discussed the next move.