four hours later

Sophie awoke to her phone buzzing next to her face; opening her eyes, she felt the overwhelming memories flood back to her of what Devon had done, and she curled into a fetal position and started sobbing. Pain shot threw her chest, and she realized that her ribs had been broken. Still, it hurt no where near as much as her heart did.

Her vagina burned as if it had been ripped open with a hot poker, and large scratches littered her breasts and neck. Bite marks were all over her body, and the bed had a stain of blood underneath her. Sophie continued to weep and she felt her form over for more bruises; Devon had beaten her senseless. At least I'm finally free of him.

Her phone buzzed again, and she grabbed it. Did he put my phone next to me? Why? There were 37 texts from Masen, and 8 missed calls. She saw that it was a quarter past 7:OO.

God I hope you didnt go back with him


Please, at least text me back. im so worried I cant even eat.


omg, are you okay?


If he hurt you im going to fucking kill him. I will fuck him up so badly he wont even know what fucking month it is.


I love you, please text back


Why wont you answer your calls? Pick up the phone soph!


That's it, if you don't call back in the next ten minutes i swear Im going to walk over your house


Sophie thumbed in the words for a short reply.

Don't come.


What? Why?


It's too late. Don't bother.


She got out of the bed, walking over to the bathroom and stepping into the shower, turning it on scalding hot. The water burned her skin, and she could hear her phone vibrating on the counter. She sank to the floor of the shower, grabbing a washcloth and some soap.

Sophie scrubbed her skin until it bled, dying the water dark red as it ran down the drain. She started crying even harder, tears disguised as the water from the shower. Within minutes, she was laying in a blood and soap, the cuts all over her body reopening from the hard scrubbing. Slowly, she shut the water off and got out, grabbing a towel from the metal rack by the sink.

She looked at her phone.

What are you talking about?


I am scared shitless right now Sophie. Tell me what happened. Did you get back with him?




He raped me, Mase. I'm not going to do this anymore.


She walked into her room, putting on a black wife beater shirt and a pair of dark colored sweatpants. Her heart was heavy and broken; her whole body was numb.

Why does this shit happen to me? What did I ever do to the world? The people she had only wanted to love had hurt her. Her mom, her dad, and now Devon. Would Masen even want her now that she had been raped?

A few minutes past, and the phone didn't buzz. She grabbed a razor blade from her dresser and twirled it in her fingers. Sophie put the blade to her wrist and pressed down, running the blade deep into her soft skin with the intent to kill. The white flesh underneath her skin pulsed for a minute before black blood seeped from the wound quickly.

Dammit, too shallow. She hadn't cut the vein. She tried again, but still she could not get deep enough. Fuck.

She stood up, walking into the kitchen, a trail of blood dripping after her. There was a bottle of Ambien in the cabinet, and she grasped it with her good hand. When back in her room, she emptied it out and held the contents in her palm.

Why didn't he kill me? He could've at least spared me from doing it myself.

Her eyes hurt from crying, but still Sophie cried. Her cheeks were raw from the salty liquid. Her phone buzzed.



Sophie put down her phone, placing the little pills in a line on her footboard. She wanted to die so badly. She wanted to be out of pain. She wanted to go to sleep and never wake up. Taking the pills, she laid back against her pillow and covered up with the blanket.

The phone buzzed again.

Sophie, you are scaring the hell out of me. Answer your texts!


I'm sorry, but this is goodbye. I love you.


Her eyes felt heavy, and she felt eternal sleep fall over her.

He raped me, Mase. I'm not going to do this anymore.


Masen's body went totally numb.

No. Oh God no. It couldn't be. There was no way. Devon raped Sophie? No. He couldn't have.

Tears fell from his eyes, and he started to shake with rage. His Sophie. The monster he swore to protect her from raped Sophie. No. No!

Frightfully, his mind unwillingly imagined what might have happened to her in the past few hours. What Devon might have done. Oh God no!

Masen remembered the second sentence of that text. "I'm not going to do this anymore." What did that mean? Did she not want to be with him anymore? Oh God, why?!

He pictured killing Devon, torturing him. Fucking bastard should be castrated. I fucking hate him. I want to kill him. Pull out his guts and make him eat it. He raped her. He RAPED her. He raped my beautiful Sophie!

It occurred to Masen that he hadn't replied to her message, and with shaking hands he thumbed in a response.



He waited, his heart pounding. Poor Sophie. Just when she decided to stand up to Devon, he hurts her in the worst way possible. What will she be like now? He tried to remember what it happens to women when they are raped… would Sophie be afraid of Masen? Would she want to be with him?

Tears started falling down his face. He couldn't live without her. How could Devon do this to her? What kind of sick bastard does this?

Five minutes past, and she hadn't replied yet. Scared, Masen thumbed another message.

Sophie, you are scaring the hell out of me. Answer your texts!


The reply was instant.

I'm sorry, but this is goodbye. I love you.


With that, Masen bolted out the door of his house, grabbing his coat from the table. He put it on and started running down his street as fast as he could, ignoring the pain that grew in his side. He hurt her. He hurt her again. I should've been there; I shouldn't've listened to her. I should have come with her when she broke up with him. Oh my god I'm so stupid.

He wished he had a car to drive; his heart raced from the adrenaline that pumped through his veins. She was going to commit suicide, and he knew it. Her street was almost in sight, and it seemed as if time wasn't going fast enough. It was like there were heavy weights attached to his ankles, slowing him down. I love her so much.

Sophie's face came into his mind, and unwilling the picture of her being hurt again and again; taken by Devon. His mind clouded with rage. Why?! He hadn't told her the night before that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He saw himself marrying her in the future, making a life with her. Buying a nice little house, and maybe having kids. No. Devon wouldn't take that away from them. Masen wouldn't allow it.

Finally, her house was in sight, and small beads of sweat fell from his brow, freezing in the cold December air. His side burned from the exercise, but he ignored it. He had to get to Sophie at all costs. There was no way he was going to loose her. Not again.

He slammed open the door, sprinting to her bedroom. There was blood on the kitchen tile, and he stopped in the middle of the hallway, his eyes catching the open door of the spare room. Slowly, Masen's head turned, and to his horror, he saw the epicenter of Devon's rage.

Blood was all over the bed, dried and soaked into the pillows like someone hard cleaned a pig's carcass over the purple comforter. The room stunk of sex, giving Masen the urge to throw up. There was a trail of red that lead to the bathroom and into the shower, which still emanated steam. The smell of sex then mixed with the rusty, metallic odor of blood.

"Sophie?" his voice was small, and it faltered toward the end of her name. There was no answer, and he rushed into her room.

She was lying on the bed, and blood was flowing freely from her wrist; her face was purple and swollen from bruises. Masen grabbed her shoulders and shook her, screaming,

"Sophie? SOPHIE?!" there was an empty bottle of sleeping pills on her nightstand sitting next to a razor. He pulled out his phone, his heart all but jumping from his chest. "OH FUCK!"

Masen pulled out his phone and dialed 911. The operator's voice came on instantly. "911, what's your emergency?"

"My friend has ODed on sleeping pills. She's trying to commit suicide!" he screamed through tears, using his free hand to try and shake Sophie awake.

"Okay sir, what is your location?" The voice was calm and female; Masen tried to calm himself. NO NO NO NO!

"I'm at her house. 1422 Sherryfeild Way. Please come quickly. She was raped a few hours ago and she's trying to commit suicide."

"Okay sir, we have an ambulance on the way. Put her in the shower and let the cold water hit her face; it might wake her up," the operator said.

"Okay, bye." He clicked end, putting his phone in his pocket and scooping Sophie's limp body in his arms. She was so small and fragile; he walked into the blood soaked bathroom, turning on the water and stepping into the shower. He laid her on the floor of the bathtub, holding her desperately in his arms.

"Please, Sophie, please wake up. Please wake up! Please I love you Sophie! PLEASE WAKE UP!" Masen cradled her against his chest, rocking her back and forth in the cold shower. He was crying hysterically now, and trying to splash more water on her face.

"Sophie, you are the love of my life. I can't live without you. I love you so much. Don't you dare leave me, Sophie. Don't you fucking dare leave me."

As if miracles existed, her eyes fluttered open and she gasped for breath. Masen choked back his joy, as she looked around, disoriented. Her mouth moved as if she was trying to speak, and then suddenly her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her body falling limp once more.

Before Masen could react, the police busted the door open, and time seemed to go by slowly. Sophie was from his arms and placed on a stretcher, her head stabilized and a breathing pump inserted into her mouth. He followed the EMTs outside, and he watched as they performed CPR on his best friend.

"Son, what did she take?" asked a policeman who put his hand on Masen's shoulder. He looked up at him, dazed. His brain struggled to form the words.

"Ambien. I think it was Ambien. I don't know how much."

That information was told to a medic, and they loaded Sophie into the back of the ambulance. Masen stepped in with her, sitting next to an EMT. He took her hand in his and cradled it as they continued to pump air into her lungs. He fought desperately to hold onto her rapidly slowing pulse.

"We are two minutes from the hospital. We are going to pump her stomach and get her conscious again. It'll be okay, kid. If you hadn't of called so soon, she probably would be dead already." said the male medic that set next to him. Masen stared into Sophie's face, his heart broken.

Masen was directed to a waiting room as they pumped Sophie's stomach, and he called her grandmother. The woman was at a friend's house, and she drove to the hospital immediately. Together, they sat silently. Janice cried silently, and Masen stared grimly at the floor. Sophie….

It wasn't for an hour until a doctor came out to see them, his face tired but warm. The two looked up at them, their expressions fearful.

"She's awake," he said, smiling. "We pumped her stomach and tended to her wounds. There was evidence of sexual assault, so we did a rape kit."

Masen sighed in relief, the anxiety fleeing from his stomach at such a speed he felt he could vomit. Janice started sobbing, holding a small handkerchief to her eyes. Masen put his hand on her shoulder awkwardly. The doctor continued.

"A lot of the evidence was washed away; it seemed like she took a shower right afterwards. It's a common thing for rape victims to do that- there were hot water burns all over her body. We found seminal fluid though. We will run a DNA check on it."

He shook his head. "Sophie and I had sex yesterday. I came inside of her, so some of that is probably mine..."

Masen clenched his fists, and his stomach reeled again. "I think I'm going to be sick," he muttered, getting out of his chair and throwing himself onto a trashcan that was a few feet away, vomiting into it. The doctor sighed, handing him a tissue to wipe his mouth.

"Why Jesus, why?" muttered Janice. Masen shot a glare at her, looking back at the doctor.

"I need to see her." He said.