I smiled over the ice cream I was eating and waved. My friend Alexis waved back from across the road, and the door to the café opened and out stepped Percy, Alexis's elder brother. Long curly hair, eyes which are whirlpools of browns, perfect tan and lips stained brown from the drink, probably hot chocolate, he was drinking.

He turned and for a second our eyes met. I never knew what it was to turn three shades of red shades of red before, but now I knew it. My eyes flickered away and I stared at my ice cream so hard that I am sure passer-byes thought I was crazy or was seeing an ice cream for the first time in my life.

"Angel;" a delicious accent which entered my dreams almost every night called my eyes. My heart began to run a mile a second as I turned and found myself face to face with Percy Shell the most perfect guy on this planet.

"Angel Grinds, you are the most intelligent and stunning girl I have ever met. Can we be friends?" I was sure that my jaw was decorating the street at the moment.

I was about answer "Sure but friends mean only friends," when the ground began to shake and I began to sink. I was engulfed in darkness. When I opened my eyes I was in a purple room- my room. I had dreamt about Percy Shell again.