For A Change

by C. S. Raine (aka battousai24, The Cheshire Cat)

Chapter 1

Hayley stared outside the window. The branches of the trees were swaying to the strong breeze. The sky was full of clouds and looked gloomy. It was about to rain again, she thought. She sighed and turned her attention back into the room. She was in a classroom. Her Medical Physiology professor was discussing about how a muscle contraction is initiated. It was the same old lesson. She had this same lecture last semester. It was the same professor too, just some different classmates this time. She sighed again. She dropped this class to avoid failing it, but now she just wanted everything to be over. She was a medical student. Both her parents were doctors, like everyone else in her family. She remembered wanting this too, back in kindergarten, but now, it doesn't seem so exciting anymore.

She looked down at her notebook. There was a bunch of notes scribbled. She stopped writing minutes ago. She just didn't have the drive. The professor didn't help either. He was so boring that every time he started lecturing, Hayley felt her eyes droop. If only he could lecture to her at night so she'd get some proper sleep for once, that is, if there weren't loads of readings she had to do. Again, she sighed. Moping around really wouldn't help. She took a deep breath, grabbed her pen, and started taking down notes again.

After what seemed like ages, the class was finally over and done with. The students all had relieved expressions on their faces. One of Hayley's friends, Carmen, looked at her and gave her a tired smile.

"Finally, we've got a few hours to relax before Anatomy Lab," said Carmen, the tired expression never leaving her features. Hayley just nodded and started to pack her things. She looked towards her other friends, Jonathan, Peter, and Katie. They were done packing their things and were just waiting for her and Carmen.

"Come on, Carmen. Let's go get some lunch. Where do you guys want to go?" she asked, turning to the others.

"Let's go to the mall. We've got lots of time today. Perks of being an irregular student," said Jonathan, grinning. Peter and Katie agreed and Carmen was a bit excited too. Being medical students, they didn't have much time to go out. Most of the time they spent together were in study groups. In a way, they liked their schedule now. It gave them enough free time to have a good time every now and then and still have plenty of time to study.

Hayley was pretty excited too, but she wasn't feeling so upbeat lately. She just didn't have the energy to keep smiling. She nodded to her friends, agreeing to accompany them, but the look on her face told them she was mostly spaced out. Katie frowned and poked her in the forehead. Hayley snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her friend, confused.

"Hayley! Come on. Are you gonna be depressed about your ex forever?" Katie knew that her friend was understandably upset about her break-up, but that had been more than a month ago. She knew it took time to heal, but it wasn't doing Hayley any good. She could barely concentrate in school and was always so quiet now when she used to be so happy and full of energy.

Hayley sighed and apologized. She knew her friend was right. She had to move on, but it was just so hard to forget. That relationship lasted for two years. It wasn't easy.

"Yeah, Hayley, you really shouldn't bother with that girl anymore. She broke your heart. She cheated on you. There are a lot more girls out there who could treat you better," said Peter and then continued, "And if you even want a guy, there are decent ones too, you know." Hayley smiled at him. It was small, but she really meant it. Peter was such a good friend. He was sweet and caring to everyone. He was like a brother to her. It was no wonder too, that he had the most amazing girlfriend. They were the sweetest couple she had ever seen.

"Now that's more like it," said Katie, then gave her friend a hug. Hayley hugged her back and thanked her for cheering her up.

"Okay, since everyone's happy again, let's finally get going," said Jonathan, obviously excited about eating out for a change. The food in the cafeteria wasn't bad, but it was nice to leave the school. It was like a breath of fresh air. Carmen shook her head and hit Jonathan with rolled up paper.

"You really should pay more attention to our Ethics class! Oh wait, you failed that one too, didn't you, so you're taking it again this sem. Well, you better listen this time," said Carmen with a smirk. Jonathan glared at her and mumbled some incoherent curses, which earned him another bonk on the head. Hayley, Katie and Peter laughed at their two friends.

When the laughter died down, they finally grabbed their things and left the classroom and walked towards the parking lot.

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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and any similarities with real people, places or events is just purely coincidental.