Melancholy Summers: Solstice Symphony

Prologue: Time and Eternal Rest

This is a subtle tale. It is the tale of how the wolf and fox hunt their prey.

This is an incomplete tale. A tale of how the hare got away from its predator.

This is a tale of hate, time, and intertwined fates.

This is our tale.

Small, star-like objects circled around in a vast and empty space. A space that was pitch black and contained nothing but void for miles upon miles. It was as if time itself had keeled over and died, it's fate eternally sealed away. Time was simply beyond saving. However, there was a small glimmer of hope somewhere in the vast and ever present darkness…

Suddenly, a short figure appeared in the darkness. It wore a cloak of turquoise, which seemed to generate its own pure light. The figure revealed herself under her hood. She was a small girl, no older than twelve. Her most notable features were her pink hair that matched her pink eyes. Overall, she seemed to be a pure maiden. Almost too pure.

Shortly after the girl had appeared, the vast darkness circled around her. As if it were trying to devour the girl's very existence. However it could not touch her figure at all, it violently slammed itself against the girl, but it was repelled by a single, untouchable barrier. The darkness shrunk back, in fear of the girl's soul.

"What is it you have asked of me, milady?" The girl called out in the darkness. It appeared as though no one had answered her, yet she reacted as though she had received an answer from someone.

"But milady… Is that really true?" The girl's eyes widened in suspense with a mix of fear, and she turned her back on the darkness.

"How many times do I have to see this… This miserable world?..." The girl started to walk further and further into the darkness, until the blessed light that surround her could no longer be seen.

-End of Prologue: Time and Eternal Rest