Chapter Seven: Toyomimi's Killing Game

Time is indeed cruel. It binds us all to a certain fate.

Fate can be fought, but the battle not won.

There are individuals who can.

We must find them. For they are gold.

- Nanako Rite

"And that is only the beginning of Aya's sad story." Lady Destiny closed her eyes, as though some sort of sadness had overcome her character. Moving her finger slowly, I felt an odd sensation fill my body. It was as if I was being sucked through a vacuum cleaner, and then spit out in the middle of a tornado.

Shortly after this situation occurred, I was suddenly right next to Lady Destiny. In fact I was so close I could smell the expensive perfume she even put on. Why was she so close anyways?... I could even feel my cheeks begin to flush as she squeezed me tightly.

"Rin don't leave me, I don't have the right to rely on others very often... I feel lonely." Lady Destiny's eyes began to water, and I could feel her embrace only tighten. What was this? Could a goddess really have feelings like this? She was all powerful, all mighty. She could do whatever she wanted... and yet she felt lonely. Weird.

"My servants only see me as some sort of dictator... they only expect to get orders then leave. They refuse my tea party invitations, and seem nervous when I want to talk to them. Even Felicitia..." Small, diamond shaped tears fell from Lady Destiny's vermillion colored eyes and landed on my head. Each and every droplet was like some sort of holy water, and was soothing, but I could only imagine what she was going through.

"I-I can keep you company I guess..." I didn't know what else to say. I had a crying goddess wrapped around my neck. Squeezing me like a stuffed toy. I suppose I would be kind to her... After all she did seem like she wanted to help me.

"Wow! What is this?! Are the master and servant secretly in love? Disgusting!" A vile, ear piercing voice rang through the air. Where that voice came from, I really couldn't tell, but Lady Destiny stopped embracing me and backed away. Her eyes widening in a sort of fear, her face crippled in this very fear. It was something I thought I would never see from the goddess of time.

"Rin... get behind me now..." Lady Destiny quickly teleported me behind her, the whizzing sensation came over me again, but it was much quicker this time. Lady Destiny changed her stance into that of a knight, a knight holding a cobalt colored spear. A spear decorated with several diamonds, and clock faces also...

"Oh really? You intend to shield her? Wow... Honestly I thought you were getting old and senile. But I guess you still have some fight left in you, old hag." The voice rang out again, but this time it came from a single figure who appeared out of thin air. And that very figure had a crazy look on their face, and a wide smile too. As though she were receiving some kind of pleasure from our fearful expressions.

The figure was a short and stout looking girl, her hair was rather short, and only went to her shoulders. The strangest part of it was the color, the girl's hair was a sky blue, decorated with blue highlights. She wore a simple kimono, it was almost an indigo color, and lastly she wore open toed sandals. Though the part about this girl that stood out the most, was her black and curly imp like tail. Just who in the world was she?

"Oh is this your new toy? Can I play with her too? Or is she just for you to use, old hag?" The girl laughed mercilessly, throwing her head back as she did so.

"Begone! You filthy being! Weren't you sealed away long ago?" Lady Destiny kept her stance, keeping her spear ready for whenever the strange woman would attack.

"Are you an idiot? Damn you're really getting old. That seal you put on me? I broke it in two years, I just didn't have enough power to come here and kick your ass." Toyomimi grinned maliciously, then hovered in mid air. It was truly a sight to behold, but to be honest I wasn't so surprised, there were many abilities and powers n my world after all. Toyomimi outstretched her hand, and a large blade covered her fist. It had a yellow glow to it, and it looked as though it was ready to kill at any moment.

Toyomimi leaped through the air at an alarming speed, appearing right in front of Lady Destiny. There was a clashing sound, the sound of metal on metal, as Toyomimi's hand blade clashed with Lady Destiny's spear. The impact was insane, like that of a tornado, and I was knocked back, my body was like a paper airplane in a hurricane.

Pain seared through my entire being, and I winced, trying to keep it from getting to me. I also realized I couldn't move my body, there was nothing I could do but watch as the two goddesses battled it out.

Spear clashed against hand blade, and cobalt and yellow sparks flew through the air like daggers. Finally, Lady Destiny quickly changed her paced, twirled around twice before shooting two cobalt colored orbs out of the tip of her spear. They moved at incredibly speed and had a dense misty composure to them. Toyomimi had no time to react whatsoever, and a large explosion erupted in mid air, the flames engulfing the figure of the tiny goddess. It was a horrible sight, she looked as though she were a paper pinata that had caught on fire. The flames wrapped around Toyomimi like a terrifying sash, and embraced the goddess in a violent hug of cobalt colored flames.

Lady Destiny closed her eyes and sighed heavily. She seemed to acknowledge the defeat of her opponent. Was it actually over though? Toyomimi was a goddess after all, surely she couldn't be defeated so easily.

"Sleep long in the eiother. And may you reincarnate into a beautiful-" Lady Destiny didn't finish her sentence, in fact you could say it was impossible for her too. A long, thin blade with a yellow aura appeared through her chest, and blood quickly hit the crystal floor of the cobalt room. Red rain erupted through the air, and formed a somewhat beautiful river on the blade itself. If it wasn't gruesome it would've been beautiful, but my friend was dying, and that was not beauty in the slightest.

Desperately I tried to scream out several words, but my mouth could no longer move. I wanted to reach out and pull the blade out of the woman who was tried to help me. I wanted to strangle the person who had also stabbed her so violently, the person who now wore a crooked smile on her face. She seemed to enjoy the pain Lady Destiny was currently going through.

"Y-you... Toyo-" Once again Lady Destiny was cut off, as Toyomimi pulled the yellow blade out of her chest, the vermillion goddess fell to the ground. Done the goddess went, and she lay in a red puddle of her own creation. Red was everywhere...

"Well what do you know... You were pretty old after all, but hey this is way better than putting you in a nursing home, eh old hag?" Toyomimi let out a maniacal laugh as she stared at the body next to her feet. The corrupt goddess cupped her hand over her ear, and extended it to the sleeping corpse below her.

"Whats that? Oh sorry... I couldn't hear you Miss Destiny. SPEAK UP SPEAK UP! "Toyomimi kicked the corpse over and over again, howling in excitement and pleasure as she did so. It was an insane scene to watch. How could someone act like this? They just brutally murdered a being, and this is how they treat their corpse?

"This is all you had to offer me? What a few fireworks? Scarrrryyy! So scary I almost shit my pants! You're weak! Weak! Weak Weak! Weak!" Toyomimi continued her kicking episode, then began to step on the corpses face. I tried closing my eyes at the sight of my friends body being mutilated, but I couldn't... I could do nothing but watch.

"How's it feel? How's it feel little Miss Precious?~ This is really nothing compared to what you did to me! You stupid... little... B-" Toyomimi was cut off, by who or what, I couldn't tell exactly. Then I finally realized my body had began to move on it's own.

My own hand was outstretched in a protective position. As though I was trying to shield myself and others with some sort of spell. To my utmost surprise, several pure silver chains wrapped around the corrupt goddess, razor sharp spear heads had decorated the chains in a horrible fashion. Desperately the chains tried to swallow the goddess in a violent sphere like shape, but it was to no avail. Toyomimi simply outstretched her small arms to the sky, and the chains fell to the ground.

"Hoh? And what's this? Did the goddess' pawn finally grow a pair?~" Toyomimi giggled at her own dull sarcasm, then lunged at me at the speed of a sonic boom. Before I knew it her small hand was wrapped around my throat. Even though she looked like a little girl, she choked me with the strength of ten thousand human men.

"What's wrong? Huh? Did you think a crappy little trick like that would actually work on me? Think again! You red haired sap!" The corrupt goddess dropped me to the ground like I was trash, I began to cough instantaneously as I tried to regain my breath. Daggers of pain clawed at my throat.

I wanted the luxury to recovery, but I knew it was way too much to ask for from this corrupt being. With a single kick of her foot, Toyomimi sent me flying far against the crystal floor. Pain once again shot through my body, and I began to cough up blood. A metallic taste entered my mouth, and my vision began to blacken.

"What the hell... is this?" I thought to myself. I felt pain in a dream, and I had even witnessed death. Lady Destiny... Would I die like her too? A fitting end I suppose. A fitting end for someone who had no goals, to be killed in such a manner would be simple for someone like me. I didn't deserve to live until I died of old age. I treated my mother like crap ever since my father had died anyhow. Friends? I don't even know if you could call the people I met friends... they were just acquaintances...

"Kill you? Oh get real you stupid ginger! My god do you even still have a brain in there?" Toyomimi had appeared in front of me once again, and sneered at me with yellow snake-like eyes. Then a thin, sadistic smile appeared on her face. She looked like a demon, a crazed woman who was out for blood, blood, and more blood.

"grahhh..." I tried speaking, but I began to choke on my blood as I did so, and noting but odd sounds came out. I was pitiful.. truly I was.

"No, you see Rin... I'm quite fond of entertainment. Gotta kill time y'know? So I thought of something fun! Do you want to hear?" Toyomimi had a serious look on her face, as though she was a little girl asking me to hear about her idea for a fun game... Which is exactly what was going through her mind. She was a sick twisted little bitch, but there was nothing I could do about it for now. My mind buzzed after the beatings I had received, and I could barely stand up, let alone stay conscious. I simply shook my head in an obeying manner, like a dog.

Toyomimi clapped her hands in a cutesy manner, and smiled like an adorable little girl would also. "I like it! I like it! You're a dog! A cute little puppy!" The goddess looked as though she had discovered a new ice cream shop or something. If I could roll my eyes I would have. But more importantly, she could read minds?

"Anyhoo... I want to have a little killing game! A killing game with the whole town of Olis! Your little friends, the Suzukis, Lily's, Tolt's, and of course your family! They'll have a one way ticket to my exciting wonderland! My wonderland of the dead!" Toyomimi clapped her hands together once again and did a cute little spin, as though she were glad to have thought of such a thing.

What... the hell? Who would think like this?! This witch wasn't normal at all! She was crazy, did she do this all for the sake of amusement?

"No, I have a plan. I plan I've wanted to set in motion for ages now. I wanted to create a new Lady Destiny you see! Now that the old one is gone, I can test you to see if you'll become an opponent worthy of me. Then I can kill you again and again, and resurrect you with one of my servants abilities. Just like how my killing game will work! Your friends will die, but the next week everything will reverse itself and they'll be just fine... However that is only if you can correctly tell me who all the culprits are. In each, and every. Single. Murder~" Toyomimi giggled sweetly and smiled down at me like I was a shiny new toy to play with.

"You're my toy Rin, my shiny, beautiful, sparkling new toy. A toy I want to play with~" Toyomimi giggled maniacally before snapping her finger in a rushed manner. Suddenly, all of my pain and grogginess had disappeared, and I had no wounds. The blood in my mouth disappeared all together. I think my ability to speak had appeared once again also.

Standing up on my two feet, I stared down at the goddess with my eyes. I didn't notice at first, but my vision had become even more clear, and an odd vermillion colored aura had appeared at the edge of my vision. I was tall, this being was not, and for some odd reason I felt as though I had a sort of power coursing through me. I had courage, after all I was human still. I don't know where humans got their courage in horrific situations like these, but it was the blessing of some god or goddess somewhere.

"And if I decline? "I stared down at the tiny goddess, and she stared back with the same ferocity. From now on we were official enemies, I don't care what it took to defeat her. If I had to become a goddess myself I would do so. I would pound this vile woman's face into the ground several million times before I was satisfied.

Toyomimi reared her head back and laughed, it was a mocking laugh. A laugh meant to take me off my feet and throw me off balance, but I stood my ground, and I kept my valiant posture.

"Rin, there is no declining. If you don't want to participate in my killing game, then I will tie you up... and make you watch me kill everything you care about for centuries..." Toyomimi sneered at me with those piercing yellow eyes. I began to hate these eyes now, but I had to do what she said for now, or everything would crumble beneath me.

My friends and family were my responsibility, I would save them. I wouldn't let a single one of them get murdered no matter what it took. I would defy this vile, corrupt goddess.

"Very well Toyomimi... for the sake of my dead friend, and my friends in the human world, I will play along for now." I started my first sentence with a nonchalant tone in my voice like I always did, but it became something more. I also blamed that on human courage.

"But when you let your guard down... I'll come and murder you with my own hands." I said this with full force, and full honesty. I meant every last word I said.

Toyomimi let out another amused laugh, throwing in her sadistic manner with it. "Very well Rin! Well then, back to your world! And let these killing games begin!" With this statement, Lady Toyomimi snapped her fingers, and the same similar tornado sensation came over my body once again.

I would destroy this goddess with my own hands, no matter what it took. I needed power, and I would find it. Before I disappeared, I stared at Toyomimi maliciously with my vermillion eyes... The very vermillion eyes that would kill her.

-End of Chapter Seven: Toyomimi's Killing Game