Chapter Two- Somewhat of a Princess

Voices chattered away in the corner of the room. Her eyes slowly opened up. Everything was blurry. She sat up, rubbing her eyes. She was on top of a soft bed, staring at a white ceiling. Perhaps she was at home, and everything was just a dream.
"Ah! You're awake." She looked to the corner. Queen Marie stood up from a chair she was sitting in. Ludwig was standing next to her, leaning on a wooden cabinet. She sighed. Clearly this was still reality.
"What happened? Where am I?" Queen Marie smiled.
"You passed out," she replied. "Ludwig brought you to this guest room." The girl's gaze shifted to the king. He'd be so handsome, she thought, if he didn't have such a menacing glare.
"Well, you were in the way. No one can function around a girl lying unconscious on the floor," he said, shooting her a glance that sent chills down her spine. The queen sighed.
"Anyway, you never introduced yourself to us," she said. "What is your name?" The girl sighed. Her name. She was named after her mother. That narcissistic bitch. All she ever heard was "Oh, so you were named after your mom?" or "Wow, you look just like your mother too. It's like you're a copy." Her eyes narrowed. A copy. She was nothing like her.
"My name is Evelyn," she finally said.
"Oh? That's a beautiful name," Marie said. Evelyn half smiled.
"Thank you." Ludwig started walking to the door.
"You should change for the party. I don't want people thinking you're some weird looking peasant," he said.
"I-I'll lend you one of my dresses," Marie said quickly.
"I would really appreciate that, thank you," Evelyn said, slipping off the bed. Ludwig left, slamming the door behind him.
"I apologize for his behavior," the queen sighed.
"That's quite alright," Evelyn said, forcing a smile.
"Well," Marie said, smoothing her skirts. "I'll ask for one of the maids to bring you a dress and fix your hair." The queen smiled and left the room. Evelyn sighed heavily. There was a mirror on the opposite side of the room. She dragged her feet across the floor to look into it.
There were dark circles under her gray eyes, mostly likely from lack of sleep. Her hair was an awkward shade of brown, with odd hints of red and blonde. She never wore makeup. She had no interest in it, no matter how much her mother pressured her into it. She ran a finger across her chapped pink lips. As she leaned closer to the mirror to examine the blemishes on her cheeks, there was a loud banging on the door.
"The maid?" Evelyn murmured, hurrying to open the door. However, it certainly was not the maid. A seething young man was slouching in front of her.
"You're not the maid," Evelyn said, puzzled.
"You're not Ludwig," the man said in a gruff voice, equally confused.
"C-can I help you with something?" Evelyn stammered. He shot a horrid glare at her, not unlike Ludwig's.
"Just keep the damn door open," he spat. "I don't like closed doors." He then looked her up and down. "Where the hell are you from that you're dressed like that?"
"Eh... It's a long story... Sir..." Evelyn replied quickly, not wanting to explain her unexplainable situation again.
"My name is Otto, not 'Sir'. Remember that," the man sneered, whipping around and walking down the dark hallway. From the other end a young lady in a maid's uniform came trotting towards her with a dress in her arms.
"I have your dress, ma'am," she said, curtsying. Evelyn grinned.

"Thank you."
The maid helped her into the dress and fixed her hair into a complicated looking bun.
"Well don't you look like a princess," the maid said, clapping her hands together. Evelyn spun around. The dark violet skirts swished gracefully around her ankles. Long, fitted sleeves covered her arms down to her wrists. The neckline was a bit low, and she felt slightly exposed. She wore a pair of black heels that complimented the dress.
"Come, I'll take you to the parlor where the others are waiting."
The maid led her through a series of dark halls. There were paintings on either wall, most likely family portraits of past generations. The maid finally led her to an open room with a high ceiling. Chairs and couches were scattered about. The queen was sitting in a wooden chair and Ludwig was standing in the corner farthest from her mother, staring at the ground.
"Aren't you beautiful!" Marie said, standing up. "Ludwig darling, look at her! Doesn't she look like Sophie?" Ludwig's gaze shot right up. He clenched his jaw. Tense silence hung in the air. His eyes were wilder than ever as he dragged himself towards her.
"She looks nothing like Sophie," Ludwig hissed. "Not with her plain face and lack of breasts." Evelyn gasped. Stopping only once to give her a look of disgust, he abruptly left, slamming the door behind him.
"W-who's Sophie?" Evelyn cautiously asked the queen.
"Ludwig was engaged to her six years ago. The wedding was continuously postponed, and he ultimately cancelled it. She later married someone else," she replied.
"I'm so sorry."
"It's quite alright, dear. He'll be over it in a while. Anyway, how are you liking things here?"

Evelyn thought hard. She'd gotten sidetracked again. Instead of trying to figure out a way to get out, she'd gotten herself into a party she wasn't even invited to. What was she going to do?
"Don't worry, Evelyn. After the party, we'll get you back home safely," Marie said reassuringly. As Evelyn opened her mouth to express her gratitude, there was a loud banging at the door. Evelyn rushed to open it. A man she recognized as Otto was on the other side, raging. He seized her by the neckline of her dress with one hand, and held a knife to her neck with the other. Her heart pounded hard in her chest.
"You bitch," he seethed through clenched jaws. "What did I say about closed doors?"