Why me? Why do I have to be the odd one out of everyone? Well, mostly everyone. That's why I'm here. Why did my mom have to pass this one to me? I try not to look at anyone.

"Welcome!" A masked individual smiles and drags my attention to him. I think it's a guy but I'm not sure with the mask and all. "Let me help you with those." He lifts my luggage like they weigh nothing. To him, they probably don't.

"I need to be in the dorms." I point to the right building. He nods and follows me into the building. I look around. It's amazing that I'm actually here. My mother used to bring me here all the time when I was younger but I could never appreciate the beauty of the place. There are three main buildings. One to the left floats off the ground, a floating staircase leading up to it to match. I remember my mother showing me the clouds that lay underneath the stairs, making it extremely dangerous to climb if you didn't know what you were doing. The masked man tells me it is where the classrooms are. The dormitories building is bright pink. Or it was when I first saw it. It slowly started to change color the longer I watched it. The last building is between the two and a little behind, creating a commons area. My mom told me that inside the shape changing building, the student arena is set up. It is for preparing for crime fighting. She of course didn't let me go in but I was okay with that when I was younger. My mom taught me never to do anything against her wishes a long time ago.

"Faster, Tora, faster!" Mom screams from the side of the track. I huff harder, tripping over my feet in the dark. This is the only time I can practice on an actual track, due to my power.

"I'm trying!" I cry out to the stands. I try to stop the tears from tumbling down my cheeks but my efforts go down the drain. The wind tearing at my eyes doesn't help. My vision becomes too blurred and this time when I trip, I fall. And when I fall, it is like a catastrophic car crash. I slide across the ground, tumbling head over toes. My knees tear on the ground and I can feel the bruises forming on my stomach and legs. I finally come to a stop on my ankle and cry out in pain. I roll off of it and almost scream in terror when I see it twisted in an awful angle. Mom prepares to land in front of me, her feet are just touching the ground when I know that her wrath is worse. Dread is like a stone in my stomach. I crane my head up at her. Her face is absolutely emotionless. No anger. No sympathy. Not that I am expecting sympathy from her.

"Really? Tora, you could have tried not to hurt yourself. Everything could have been a lot easier on you." She frowns and pulls out her cell phone. Dialing one of the healers she knows. It's always the same. I train too hard under her advisory, I get hurt, she says it is my faults and calls in a healer so that we could start all over again.

"Sorry, Mom." I whisper. She freezes, her mouth open from still talking on the phone. Her eyes finally hold some expression but it is cold hatred. I never know why my own mother despises me. It's like I do something to offend her every time I walk into the same room as her.

"I don't think you are good enough to be taught by me." She hisses. "I'm sending you away, to a place that will help people who can't be taught by their parents. Especially for people who aren't ready to be heroes. Mostly for side-kicks." She spits the words out to me like they are meant to be a punishment. I have never been more grateful in my life. I would rather be a side-kick than let my mother teach me how to be some kind of twisted hero.

I blink hard to push the memory of my last lesson with her out of my mind. I follow the masked man a quickly. I go down the hall of the third floor until I find my dorm. 3D. Easy to remember. I thank the masked man and take my bags from him. I set them on the ground in front of the door and rummage around my purse until I come up with the key the school gave me. I put it in the lock and turn it. It unlocks, meaning that I am in the right place. I open it to reveal a plain room with only a stripped bed, a desk, and a dresser. I drag my luggage in. I have some serious redecorating to do in here. Luckily, I don't have to room with anyone. The school doesn't make people do that due to the...hazards the students are to one another. I grab my purse to leave. Might need to do the decorating later. There is a fair for all the clubs and classes down in the commons area. I want to see what I can sign up for. A girl walks by my open door.

"Excuse me!" I call out to her. She stops and stands in the doorway. She wears a red body suit with shimmering gold flames. Her black hair is in braids looped elaborately around her head.

"Do you need something, frosh?" She smirks, amused. Her dark eyes flash golden.

"Is the fair still going on?" I ask, grabbing my purse.

"Um, yeah." She replies. "What's your name? I'm Spica."

"Tora." Her eyes seem to be laughing now, even if her lips do not move.

"The feminine version of Thor. Do you have powers like his?" I think of the hero Thor. My mother actually introduced me to him a while ago. He had amazing lightning powers.


"Well, you have to have some power to get into a place like the University of Supers. I would know by how much I had to prove that I could make fire and bend it to my will." She snaps her fingers, causing a tiny flame to appear over her thumb. Her dark eyes sparkle in the flame light.

"Super speed." I say quietly. She gasps excitedly.

"No way! I always thought that way so cool." Spica squeals.

"Not as awesome as someone who can conjure fire." I say and shrug. Her first expression of amusement returns.

"I can tell we are going to be good friends, Tora." Spica says, throwing her arm over my shoulder. "I can show you around the fair." She says, guiding me out of the room and to the commons. We walk up and down the rows of booths. When we come up to the running booth, I sign up for everything. Then, Spica introduces me to two friends of hers at the last booth.

"This is Ethan and Eliza, they're twins. They are recruiting people for Hero Trainer at the arena. You should join!" Spica says, pushing me towards the sign up sheet. The twins have the same pale skin and dark hair. Their eyes are silver and open wide without blinking. They watch attentively as I sign up. Creepy but okay. Spica smiles and shrugs when I give her my help me look. We finally finish and head back to the dorms.

"Thanks for showing me around, Spica." She grins.

"No trouble. See you soon!" I smile back and go into my dorm, sighing at how drab it looks. A few seconds later, my walls are covered with blue and green swirls and my bed has green and white polka dots. Posters of several superheroes, many of which have signed them, hang around the room. Sometimes, super speed is just as awesome as Spica thought it was. The only reason I don't like it more is because of my mom. Of course she had to ruin everything good I had. I stand in front of the mirror I leaned on one of the walls. Everything about me reminds me of her. The super long, straight blonde hair that is always in my face is hers. The blue eyes are hers. The arched eyebrows. The fair skin. My tall, lean body. My smile(even though she didn't smile much). It is all hers. I scowl at my reflection. The scowl is even hers.

"Um, would you mind helping me unpack?" Someone calls from the open door. I look to see a girl with long and wavy brown hair. Her eyes are green like the color of grass. She has darker skin than mine but not as dark as Spica's. "Don't worry. My room is just next door." I twist my hair around my finger thoughtfully.

"Sure. Afterward would you mind helping me with something though." I reply. She smiles gratefully.

"Sure, whatever to rid my room of yellowing walls and plain bedding."