**I updated the Prologue since some inconsistencies were brought to my attention. Check it out and as always let me know what you think.

Dear Readers,

I'm going to go ahead and start writing the second book to the Ash. Please keep in mind that I have not finished editing Ash: In Training so everything I have written here is subject to change. Also the time frame for this book is about 10-12 months.

I will try to edit this story more often so when it's finished it won't be as much of a mess that In Training is.

As before, I own everything in Ash's world: the characters, the storyline, plot, etc. Don't plagiarize.

Also, like before I will post any updates to this chapter verus in the story so check here frequently.

Enjoy and review!

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Don't scared off by the prologue, I promise this book will not be solely or even mostly a romance story. It'll be much the same as In-Training, where the romance stuff takes a backseat to the action scenes.