So here's the squel to Forbidden Book. If you haven't read the first story, please do so as it will help explain some things. Also I would like to point out that this will be the second of five installments. Anyway, enjoy.

A giant spaceship landed in the middle of a small village. The villagers ran away from the spaceship panicking. A bulky man in red suit of armor that his entire body and face minus his stone black eyes walked out of the vehicle. "Attack." He commanded with no emphasis in his voice.

A horde of spiky black haired men jumped out of the window raiding the settlement. Sakura rushes up to one of the men and delivers a powerful punch to his mid-section, kicking him back. She follows with a roundhouse kick, knocking the dark haired man to the floor. The pink haired girl brushes down her pink capri pants. She grabs her blue jean jacket. "Arashi, go!"

Arashi extends his arms as he dives down from the sky. Blue flames begin to surround his claws as he swipes them at another of one of the dark haired men. "Sakura, do you know what's going on?" Arashi wipes some dirt off his hands onto his red vest.

Sakura shook her head, "I wish I did."

The bulky man in red armor turns his right arm into cannon and blasts the village, smoke erupting from the attack. Arashi grunts, "Ai! Go take everyone inside and put up a shield!"

The White haired Magic Bakemono nods. "You got it, Arashi. Everyone, come on!" Ai runs leading all of the inhabitants, her waist length hair flowing behind her.

Another cannon shot fires killing most of the villagers. Ai pivots around, dirtying her black boots a little. "Oh no!"

"Just keep going!" Arashi yells. "Four of them are still alive."

Ai hesitates, "Okay." She runs leading the reaming villages into a safe house a green shield forming around it.

Sakura turns to face Arashi. "Okay, let's do this."

A handful of the black haired men charge towards Sakura. She plummets her fist into the ground, causing rock and dust to rise up and blows them all away. The man in the red armor appears behind Sakura and Arashi and shoots them with his cannon.

"Nice to meet you both." The man picks them up by their shirts. "My name is Jiro. And I will be in charge you two from now on." Jiro takes the unconscious Sakura and Arashi to the spaceship followed by the horde of black haired men dissolving into one and flies off into the clear blue sky.

A girl about thirteen with a frail figure stood before Sato. He couldn't make out her face, but he saw she was wearing an orange minidress, black boots and a black scarf wrapped around her neck. "Sato. Please help us. Help me. Bakemonia needs your help again."

"What are you talking about?" The purple haired teen asks. "Who are you?"

The girl begins to fade, "I'm running out of time. Sato, you have to remember!"

Sato shoots straight up in his bed as he wakes from the dream. "That same dream. Again." Sato gets out of bed. He puts on his black jacket over his orange t-shirt. He tightens his belt to hold his blue jeans up. Sato coms his purple bangs sweeping them downward to the side, "Good to go."

As Sato walks into the kitchen, his mom looks up from her newspaper. "Good morning Satoshi."

"Morning Mom." Sato responds as he grabs a donut. "Hey Mom. Do you think dreams have a meaning?" Sato asks before he bites into the donut.

She puts her finger to her lips. "Hmm. It depends. Why?"

"I've been having the same dream for two months now." Sato tells her. "Some girl with these big huge angel wings in an orange minidress keeps asking me to help her and this thing called Bakemonia."

Sato's Mom has strange look on her face. "I'm sorry, Satoshi. I can't help you."

Sato sighs, "Right. Alright later, I'm off to school!" Sato runs out the door.

A apprehensive look shadows over Sato's Mom's features. "I have a bad feeling. Your real journey is about to begin. Good luck, my son."

A couple of hours later, Sato is walking through the hallways with Kenji to the school's dojo. "So." Kenji starts, "Why Martial Arts? Couldn't we have tried out for Baseball or something instead?"

Sato shakes his head, "I tell you this every year, Kenji. Something just feels right when I'm in a fight, giving it my all."

Kenji sighed, "Yeah that's why you're a 9th degree black belt manic who no one even wants to take on anymore. Seriously man, ever since you got back from the hospital; two years ago, you've never been the same. You used to be more of a wimp than I was.

Sato laughed rubbing his neck. "What can I say? It's just feels like its second nature to me somehow."

"Hey, big brother! I'm a freshman now!" A feminine voice spoke.

Sato immediately turned his head noticing a blonde girl talking to her brother.

"Now we're both in high school." She giggled.

Sato reached in his pocket and took out an orange yoyo. He stared sentimentally at the object."

"Aren't you a little too old to have a yoyo, Sato?" Kenji teased. "But seriously you should throw that thing away."

"No way!" Sato shouts. "I feel like there's something special about this yoyo. I don't remember where or when I got it, but still. It's important to me."

Kenji stared blankly at Sato. "Um, o-kay."

Sato turns the yoyo over and notices a name on it. "Ai." He reads.

"Who?" A confused Kenji asks.

Sato gasps, "Ai! AI needs my help!" Sato runs out the school. He sees a green portal behind the building. Sato races to the portal, "Hang on, Ai. I'm coming!" Sato jumps into the portal. It spirals around him and shoots him out. He lands in on mist grass. He notices black boots in front of his face."

"Well, it sure took you long enough, big brother, Sato." Ai smiles brightly.

Sato gets up dusting off his blue jeans. "Ai, is that really you? You look different now. Did you do something with you hair?"

Ai sighs, "Big brother, Sato. This isn't the time to be joking around." Ai's expression darkens, "Sakura and Arashi have both been kidnapped and brainwashed by a man named Jiro."

Sato grunts, "But why?"

"I don't know. I worked my butt off practicing dimension magic. But you took forever to come." Ai frowns.

"Well, sorry." Sato says sarcastically. "But my memory was erased."

Four kids run up to Sato and Ai. A green haired girl, about seven with dog ears stares at Sato in awe. "Whoa, so you're Sato of the Heroic Four?"

Sato smiles, "Yep, that's me."

"Move out of the way, Hoshiko! Another girl with black hair, about nine with a long black monkey tail pushes Hoshiko and walks up to Sato. "Ai was right. You are cute!"

Ai blushes, "Kikyo, shut up! Don't listen to her, Sato! She's just a kid, she doesn't know anything!"

Sato laughed awkwardly, "Well, thank you Kikyo, I'm flattered."

A brown haired boy about twelve with a snake like tongue, complete with a set of fangs spits. "I don't see what's so great about this guy. I could take him down anyday."

"Yeah, sure you could, Hotaru." Kikyo says mockingly.

Sato looks over at a blue haired boy, about six. "And who's this one."

"That's Yuuki." Kikyo informs him.

"He doesn't talk much." Hotaru adds.

The blue haired boy stares at Sato with his icy blue eyes. "You're supposed to be a hero right?"

Sato nods, "Yeah, I guess."

"I hate heroes. They're all the same, selfish." The blue haired boy walks off leaving a trail of ice behind him."

Sato turns to Ai. "Okay, Ai. So what are we gonna about Sakura and Arashi?"

Ai frowns, "I can only think of one thing. After the invasion two months ago, all seven of Bakemonia's Kings have been overthrown by Jiro's assistant Kaoru. He rules over all of them by using his clones."

"So what are we gonna do?" Sato questions.

"Right now he's powerful because he's in possession of six of the seven sacred keys." Ai continues. "If we can manage to steal them from him we should be able to fight back and get a lead on where Jiro has taken Sakura and Arashi."

Sato nods, "Right. So then, let's get going."

Ai turns to the kids. "Hotaru. You're in charge for now."

Kikyo grabs onto Ai's arm. "Ai! Please don't leave!"

"I'm sorry Kikyo. But I'll be back soon, okay?" Ai assures her.

"Okay." Kikyo lets go of Ai's arm.

Sato and Ai walk out of the village. "So where are we headed to first?

"The Kingdom of Sihalia." Ai answers. "But it's not the same."