Title: Max.

Rating: T

Summary: /And when he cried, his mother cried and he hated that./ Giving you an understanding of Max Collifield.

Max Collifeild didnt know what was wrong with him. He didny know why his father glared all the time or why his mother cried when she thought he was asleep. He was thirteen years old- much too innocent to know the cruelness of the world. Much too young to try and understand.

But Max was one of those boys that were curious about positively everything, and he loves his mother every much and hated to see the blotchy cheeks and bloodshot eyes that would accompany her in the early mornings of a sleepless night. So Max asked questions, which his father didnt like and which made his mother cry harder. And when he finally found out one day, after his mother and father had fought over the red welt on Max's left cheek, Max was horrified, because gis darling angel mother didnt deserce the things she had gone through.

And maybe his reaction to his friend Monica trying to kiss him a few months later was a bit extreme- but Max didnt want his lovely, pretty friend to go through what his mother had gone through. But he had hurt Monica's feelings and soon they began to detest each other, and Max told himself he was glad, because at least she wouldnt have to hide bruises when she woke up in the morning, and lie about how she was fine.

But Max, no matter how much he tried, couldnt help that ache for intimacy. And when his father caught him in bed wiyh another boy, shirts off and hands everywhere, Max was genuinely afraid. But not for himself- his swet mother, kind, gentle mother, threw herself in te firing line. "Boys his age go through things like this," and "Its just a phase, he'll grow out of it". And later, she would come into Max's room and tell him he wasnt in trouble and that everything was okay. But it wasnt, and Max told her so, and gently brushed his trembling fingers over her bruised cheek and then they both began to cry harder then they had before. Because it just wasnt fair.

And then the new girl, Trinity arrived at his school, and boldly asked him during class when they were supposed to be learning about the Trojan War how he got his bruises, eithout even knowing his name first. And Max got mad, and then very sad and Trinity asked if Max could escort her to the sick bay, because she could see the pinprickle of tears in his eyes. And Max was grateful, and they became beat friends. Even when Max became cold, and always annoyed and harsh. Because he knew Trinity remembered that boy in histiry clas with his bottom lip trembling and his hands shaking.

And Trinity didnt mind that Max kissing boys wasnt just a phase, and she didnt mind that Max gave everyone the cold shoulder. And Max was glad, because he needed a new angel when his mother flew away.