Where I Once Belonged (Aug 16)

After five years
I'm finally returning
to the old soul
where I once belonged.

Where I had one guilt
and only one guilt.

It's not a pretty place
but it's a prettier place
than the place I'm in now.

Because at least I know
that I'm not deluding myself
into thinking
that there's roses
when there's no roses.

There were never any roses.

A broken love
that I carried
for five years,
five long years.

And to be honest,
they felt like a thousand to me.

It's time to bury that bone
even though I said that
quite a few years ago.

And yes,
there were so much things I could've done
to change the outcome of time
but now's not the time
to blame yourself for all of that.

I've done that enough times.

Goodbye, my love.
I'm sure your soul will glow
as it has always glowed.

And it'll always glow.

The Thousand Year Depression is over.